Prose Edda is called The “Tricking of Gylfi” (or, in Old Norse, Gylfaginning). Since Gylfaginning is very long, only sections about the Sun, Moon, and seasons . Gylfaginning^ conceived in the true antiquarian spirit, supplies the mythological and . that the highly technical nature of Hattatal forbids translation into English. Snorra Edda: Gylfaginning. Gylfaginning ยท Gylfaginning The English translation chosen for the Prose Edda is by Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur, from a.

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Let Hel keep what she has! Loki turned her into the shape of a nut and grasped her in his claws and flew his utmost. A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. Har answered as follows: For this rea- son must he be called Allfather: Thus it was before these things were made. The Wolf thought that no overwhelming odds, and let them do with him as they would.

Their daughter was Gerd, the fairest of all women. They took his skull and made thereof the sky, and raised it over the earth with four sides. Thereupon they built a forge; made hammer, tongs, anvil, and with these all other tools. The eleventh is Syn, who guards the door of the hall, and closes it against those who are not to enter.

Prose Edda/Gylfaginning – Wikisource, the free online library

He is so good an archer, and so fast on his skees, that no one can contend with him. The wolf was fostered by the asas at home, and Tyr was the only one who had the courage to go to him and give him food.

Then all the Powers strode to the seats of judgment, The most holy gods council held together: My son’s I know the most. But Sigyn, his wife, stands near him and holds a basin under the venom-drops; and when the basin is full, she goes and pours out the venom, but in the meantime the venom drips into his face. Fire flashes from his eyes and nostrils.


Thor replied that they were just then about to go to sleep; then they went under another oak. He put it to his lips and swallowed with all his might, thinking that he should not have to bend over the horn a second time.

Prose Edda/Gylfaginning

It is said that to the south and above this heaven is another heaven, which is called Andlang. And from that time on, the spot whence the land had been torn up is water: He is so rich and wealthy that he can give broad lands and abundance to those who call on him for them.

Of this verse, Vigfusson states: Surtr is attested in the Poetic Edda, compiled in the 13th century from earlier traditional sources, and the Prose Edda, written in the 13th century by Snorri Sturluson.

The mountain I brought before the blows without you seeing it.

It is strong, so that it stirs great seas, and it swells fire; but, strong as it is, none may see it, for it is wonderfully shapen. Heimdal rode his steed Gulltop and Freyja drove her cats.

Then to the Goddess a second grief cometh. They drew nearer and came to the burg-gate, which was closed. When he had put on the ox-head for bait, he cast it overboard and it sank to the bottom. The following are also named: Thus it happened that they lost the name of God; and throughout the wideness of the world the man was not found who could distinguish in aught the trace of his Creator.

His wife hight Sygin, and their sone, Nare, or Narfe.

When the fire-brand, glowing. Balder’s horse was burned with him. The hammer sank up to the handle. Thor discovered this, and declared that the husbandman or his household could not have dealt wisely with the bones of the goat: And Frigg took oaths to entlish purport, that fire and water should spare Baldr, likewise iron and metal of all kinds, stones, earth, trees, sicknesses, beasts, birds, venom, serpents.

Gylfaginning – Wikipedia

Yet in this sea- flood Naglfar shall float. Whenever Allfather sits in that seat, he surveys all lands.

Log In Sign Up. Where the chiefs, with thoughts of valor Imbued, marched into Thorn’s house, A mighty crash resounded Of the cave’s ring-wall; the slayer Of the mountain-reindeer-people On the giant-maiden’s wide hood Was brought in bitter peril: Best it is to be in Gimle, in heaven.


There dwelt the gods and their kindred; and many tidings and tales of it have. A most powerful man is Utgard-Loke, though he deals much with delusions and sorcery. She lends a favorable ear to men who call upon her, and it is from her name the title has come that women of birth and wealth are called frur.

A very great wrong did Loke perpetrate; first of all in casing Balder’s death, and next in standing in the way of his being loosed from Hel.

When he came to Frey and asked him why he was englsh sad that he would not talk, Frey answered that he had seen a beautiful woman, and for her sake he had become so filled with grief, that he could not live any longer if he could not get her. Night rides before with the horse named Frosty-Mane, and on each morning he bedews the earth with the foam from his bit.

Odin and his wife, Frigg, are the rulers of Asgard. Of him it is said that he gave to a wayfaring woman, as a reward for the entertainment she had afforded him by her story-telling, a plow-land in his realm, as large as four oxen could plow it in a day and a night But this woman was of the asa-race; her name was Gefjun.

Hymir rowed forward in the bow, and the rowing proceeded rapidly; then Hymir said that they had arrived at those fishing-banks where he was wont to anchor and angle for flat-fish. The next thing was that when the engllish melted into drops, there was made thereof a cow, which hight Audhumbla. Then he twists his body so violently that the whole earth shakes, and this you call earthquakes.