The Maps of Antarctica. Excerpts from “Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings” Charles Hapgood performed a detailed analysis of this map. He worked with students. Charles Hapgood s classic book on ancient maps is back in print after 20 years. Hapgood produces concrete evidence of an advanced worldwide. MAPS OF THE ANCIENT SEA KINGS. by Charles Hapgood. Rare and ancient maps reveal a new history of mankind in Charles Hapgood’s classic – back in print.

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Leader of the Shining Ones. This man was an Admiral in the Turkish navy. You look close enough and you find the history of our world isn’t quite the same as you thought it was.

Hapgood Charles Hutchins Maps Of The Ancient Sea Kings

Needless to hapbood, as their findings could not be refuted by mainstream academia, their findings were simply ignored, given that they clashed with the established beliefs of the academics. Did they “know” when certain things would happen in the future? Aug 21, A. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

He has found the evidence in many beautiful maps long known to scholars, the Piri Reis Map that shows Antarctica, the Hadji Ahmed map, the Oronteus Finaeus and ot Charles Hapgood s classic book on ancient maps is back in print after 20 years.

McIntosh [see my review], Hapgood makes a number of assumptions and, at times, disregards or distorts evidence in order to better make his case. Hapgood writes in Voices of Spirit Dec 10, Smith Jerrod rated it really liked it.

Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings by Charles Hapgood

Selected pages Title Page. This is because the ability to determine longitude with any degree of accuracy is not known before AD ? I first saw this book when it was frequently referenced in Graham Hancock’s “Underworld”.


The Oronteus Finaeus Map of Antarctica. Views Read Edit View history. Hapgood is dead, perhaps he had help?

Maps of the ancient sea kings

He also takes the time to tell how he became fascinated by the subject, and step by step, how that fascination resulted in the book. Overall, a good book for the researcher wea enthusiast.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Also, instead of using the standard markings of latitude and longitude that are common on today’s maps. There was enough interest in this book since its first printing abcient have reprints published; this is one of them.

These are pretty amazing claims. Not only does this book constitute the record of an amazingly impressive series of studies of ancient maps, it is also extremely beautiful, given that these same maps themselves are dazzlingly artistic. The diffusion of civilisation and agriculture from Southern Lebanon around the world eea archaic times. I Read this book because I wanted a more scientific look at the evidence surrounding an ancient civilization, and Hapgood does provides this.

Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings

There are maps made on silk from China around the 2 nd century BC. One such map is the Oronteus Finaeus World Map of Charles Hapgood s classic book on ancient maps is back in print after 20 years.

Rather, it’s more a scholarly work that- however reluctantly- advances the theory that there may have been some ‘lost civilization’ that drew up a map of the world far more advanced than would be expected in history until the 20th century. Not only did they produce fantastically detailed maps, they also appear to have mapped every continent.


In the introduction to later editions of Hapgood’s book, Mystery in AcambaroDavid Hatcher Childress wrote that Hapgood and Gardner thought the figurines were genuine and were evidence that orthodox understandings of dinosaur extinction were wrong. While at Springfield College, a student’s question about the Lost Continent of Mu prompted a class project to investigate the lost continent of Atlantisleading Hapgood to investigate possible ways that massive earth changes could occur and exposing him to the literature of Hugh Auchincloss Brown.

And in due course came across this book. Professor Hapgood did pioneering research on the lost map of Piri Reis.

Piri Re’is Map of Scientific analysis of megalithic structures confirm observational astronomy c2, BC. Was it mapped while the ancieent caps were in place? According to historians Paul Hoye and Paul Lunde, while Hapgood’s work garnered some enthusiasm and praise for its thoroughness, his revolutionary hypotheses largely met with skepticism and were ignored by most scholars.

Officially Antarctica was discovered in the early ‘s. Marg rated it liked it Jan 02, Charles Hutchins Hapgood May 17, — December 21, [1] was an American college professor and author who became one of the best known advocates of the claim of a rapid and recent pole shift with catastrophic results. Jan 02, Ed Arnold-berkovits rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Compare the left image with a modern map of Antarctica to see at a glance just how close they were.