Craft project: Instructions and patterns for making hexa-hexaflexagons. Flexagons are folded paper polygons that have the neat feature of changing colors as. How to Make a Hexaflexagon: This is another magic pocket study tool I teach my students how to This is also an awesome lesson to use for math instruction. Easy Hexaflexagon: There are some instructions on making a hexaflexagon but I have found them (sorry to anyone with an instructables on here) not very.

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Do this for each of the 19 triangles of the hexa-hexaflexagon. Cut equilateral triangles from poster board and tape them together in a strip.

Fold it down hexafleexagon glue the pieces together. They were first discovered in by Arthur Stone, who set up a Flexagon Committee to investigate their properties.


How to Make a Hexa-hexaflexagon Read all of the steps before starting. Use a ruler and the empty ballpoint pen or bone folder to make an indent along the fold lines. If it doesn’t pop open, flatten the flexagon and try again with the other three corners. Hexaflexagons instrutions paper polygons with a surprising number instructiona faces.

A sturdier hexa-hexaflexagon can be made by taping 19 triangles together. Now try to find all five faces! Penta-hexaflexagon Bonus Patterns Enlarge Tip: Not Helpful 5 Helpful 2. Not Helpful 20 Helpful 7.


Under your fourth one, make another fold: Fold the strip back on itself matching two 6s, then two 5s, then two 4s, on like this for the entire strip nine folds. A hexaflexagon is a paper hexagon that is folded from a strip of paper. Cut a strip of paper and mark ten equilateral triangles as shown on the left.

Hexaflexagons | Vi Hart

The hexa-hexaflexagon has six faces with 3 different arrangements each, for a total of 18 possible faces. The fourth 2 is the one right before 1, 1, 3. Thanks for letting us know. Make a fold between the two: Hexahexaflexagons A hexahexaflexagon has six different faces.


Fold back on the line between the next 2 and 1. Yes, there are many templates with different designs online.

Refold and glue together for a double thickness. Leave a little space between each triangle for easier folding. Repeat this 19 times.

How to Fold a Hexaflexagon: 12 Steps (with Pictures) – wikiHow

Choose a Pattern and Print It Choose a hexa-hexaflexagon to make. Take the center of these triangles and open them to reveal the face of your hexaflexagon. Fold the strip back along the line marked ab.

Construct a hexahexaflexagon as follows: Learn how to make a really fun geometric toy—a six-sided, six-faced flexagon called a hexa-hexaflexagon! The trihexaflexagon has three different faces. Featured Articles Origami Shapes In other languages: Fold so that the triangles labelled 4 face each other, as do the triangles labelled 5 and the triangles labelled 6.


You can find hexaflexaagon at most stores where school supplies are sold. Fold the flexagon to bring together three alternate corners of the flexagon.

Melipat Hexaflexagon Print Edit Send fan mail to authors. Article Info Featured Article Categories: The one toward the bottom. The committee consisted of the famous Mathematicians and Physicists, B. Can you name them?

Wait for the glue to dry before flexing your flexagon. Geometric Toys to Make. Use six different rubber stamps to decorate your numbered hexa-hexaflexagon.

Follow the folding instructions in the Flexagon project to assemble the flexagon. Do the same on the opposite side and push the corners toward each other. Hexafexagon many different patterns can you make? Can you find them all? Not Helpful 2 Helpful 0.