Rapidly Varied Flow â The Hydraulic Jump Use of hydraulic jumps Specific force revisited Sequent or conjugate depths Types of jump Uses of. View HIDROLIKA SALURAN from SI at Bandung Institute of Technology. HIDROLIKA SALURAN TERBUKA SAADAH MEILUFI, ST MT. Hidrolika saluran terbuka (open channel hydraulics): Bab I: prinsip-prinsip dasar hidrolika saluran terbuka; Bab II: aliran seragam / disusun oleh Martono.

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Kondisi aliran pada culvert Documents. This oscillates from bed to surface and back, producing waves of irregular period downstreamAvoid in design.

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A step in the bed is used to control the position of the jump, ensuring that y3 is artificially raised to the required level to force the jump. The downstream channel is rectangular, 3. Stilling BasinsIt is often necessary to control the location of a hydraulic jump. The maximum allowable headwater depth is 2.

Hidrolika Saluran Terbuka Documents. Step-down; use to move jump downstreamHorizontal Expansions and ContractionsSimilar principles apply.

Hidrolika Saluran Terbuka

Type varies with flow so multiple analysis required. What vertical expansion would be required to ensure the jump starts at the vena contracta, and what is the corresponding height of the jump.

The energy dissipation may require the bed to be protected against scour and it is necessary therefore to know what length to protect. Can connect to chart recorder or satellite etc. Baffle blocks terbukka often used to increase energy dissipation.


Determine the flow through the gate and the horizontal force on the gate. Published on Nov View 23 Download 0. Hidrolika Terapan Sal Terbuka Documents. The depth upstream of the gate is 5. Locating a Hydraulic JumpThe location of the hydraulic jump is controlled by the downstream depth typically normal depth.

Example 1Considering the previous example on a hydraulic jump, determine the size of the step required to bring the start of the hydraulic jump to the vena contracta after the sluice gate. There is a trash screen at the inlet with 12 20mm diameter bars in a 1.

CulvertsDefinitionDesign of culvertsAnalysis of existing culvertsDefinition of CulvertsCovered channel or pipe carrying a watercourse under an obstruction such as a road. Free flow and surcharged conditions. The six possible types of flow as shown.

Then, for a wide channel: Aliran Dalam Saluran Terbuka – Gunadarma menganggap bahwa jumlah debit aliran sama dari masing Typically made from precast sections.

ExampleFlow enters a channel through an undershot sluice gate. This is a step-up; use it to move or fix jump upstreamVertical ExpansionSimilarly: Also, the coefficient of discharge Cd can be defined as: Modular limit occurs when downstream level rises above this limit and flow over weir is affectedCan use Villemonte formula if downstream depth y3 hidrolka be estimated.

Hidrolika saluran-terbuka – Wen-te Chow – Google Books

The depth upstream of the gate is 2. Determine where the hydraulic jump forms. Definition SketchDesign Principlesadequate size to pass debris thus avoiding need for a trash screenself-cleansing debris and silt removal avoid slope or cross-section changes which might reduce capacity, catch debris or lead to silting upvisual appearanceease of constructionlow maintenancerisk to children, drunken hidrollika etc.


Aliran melalui saluran terbuka Documents. Determine the capacity of the culvert.

Hidrolika Saluran Terbuka Download Report. Pratikum Hidrolika Saluran Terbuka Documents. To dissipate energy after a spillway etc and so prevent scouringTo recover head downstream of an obstructionTo induce mixing and aerationSpecific Force RevisitedOver a short reach of channel, external friction forces can be ignored and if the slope is mild the downstream self-weight body forces can also be ignored.

Stilling Basin DesignThere is a lot of empirical workA good source of design guidelines is the US Bureau of Land Reclamation USBR Typically the length of a hydraulic jump will approximate to 6 y2-y1where y2 and y1 are the downstream and upstream conjugate depths. This type of weir is cheaper to construct and more resilient than sharp-crested or V-notch, but V-notch is more sensitive at low flows.

Various values and formulae for CD, which can vary particularly at low flows when viscosity and surface tension come more into playSubmergenceModular flow is flow when downstream level is too low to affect flow over weir you design for this.

Design and AnalysisFlow that a culvert must pass depends on upstream catchment. Chapter 13 on Hydraulic Structures is all worth a read.