Tazkirat al-Awliyā also transliterated as Tadhkirat al-Awliya or Tazkerat-ol-Owliya , is a An abridged version of Tazkirat al-Awliyā was translated into English by A.J. Arberry, entitled Muslim Saints and Mystics:Episodes from the Tadhkirat. Buy Hilyatul Awliya wa Tabaqatul Asfiya By Shaykh Abu Nuaym Ahmad ); Language: English; ASIN: BOQBR1E; Average Customer Review: Be the. Hilyatul Auliya Li Abi Nu’aim,. Ibn Asaker,. Ibn Abi Dunya,. Ibn Abi Hatim. More than 8 times in Kanz Ul Ummal on the authority of Ibn Mardwaiya (Kanz Ul.

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Allah has inscribed faith in their hearts, and He strengthened them with a spirit of His own. In fact, they are God’s proof on earth and His witnesses.

I am their sole hope by which they call upon Me, and thus, hilyatil you meet them, humble yourself to them. Messenger of Allah, who are such people? Such true believers attain their exalted yilyatul elevated stations as a reward for their brief endurance, determination, and a few short hours of patience. The hereafter is the commonly used term in modern English to describe the end of life in this world, and the beginning of a permanent existence thereafter.

Hasten to your friend!

Hilyatul Awliya (Beauty of the Righteous) Preface

O Mu’ath, knowing the revealed Qur’an has subdued the believer’s desires and wants, and by God’s leave, the Qur’an stands to save him from his possible demise. The learned shaikhs have expounded on a variety of complex questions concerning asceticism, and they used distinct expressions.

Today you are required to do deeds where reckoning is deferred, and tomorrow you will face reckoning where the reward for deeds mirrors the past. Nevertheless, they will certainly come back to this cemetery, time after time, and until none of them is left in this world. The admonitions and warnings of the glorious Qur’an deprive their eyes from resting at night; and understanding the words of the benevolent King humbles to submission their body, mind, and gaze.

Some have fulfilled their vow, while others are awaiting their end, yielding to no change. When someone they love visits them, they slaughter it, broil some to serve their guest, and then hang the leftover to dry.

A betrayal on the part of the host ri e of Najd ended in a battle near the well of Ma’unah. Only a profligate will take lightly the status of such exalted beings, and only a wimp will falsely claim to have attained their station. By virtue of one’s sincere striving, spirituality becomes a new nature through which the seeker’s character, conduct, and clarity become refined. Al’ala commanded us to charge through as he took the lead in driving his own horse across the water, and we followed him.

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On the third evening, we were in bed when God’s messenger came to us. If they acknowledge, then inform them that Allah has enjoined upon them five times prayers for each day and night. On that day, the shin shall be laid barren, the sun will be eclipsed, the beasts grouped, the gathering land laid flat, the secrets exposed, the evil ones destroyed, the hearts shaken, and the dwellers of hell-fire will receive a most humiliating blow, and a most painful and lasting punishment for their sins.

They often contemplate the vastness of Allah s creation.

Beside his spiritual distinctions, al-Zubair was a stern challenger, as well as resolute and prudent warrior, however, he was submissive to his Master, and he was totally dependent on Him. Pursuing the prophetic example, the adherents to the path of inner traditions, sometime use allegories isharat to describe a phenomenon, though at other times they may depict the nature of sainthood, or viceregency wilaya as a blessing which is conferred upon one who lives by the dictates of the divine command revealed in the magnificent Qur’an, englosh who emulates the sunna traditions of God’s messenger 46 upon whom be peace.

Only the third, and even that is too much. The Medinites pledged to return the following year to Mecca, during the pilgrimage season. It is also said that spiritual purity means to exclusively and happily seek one’s beloved for all of one’s needs.

His consciousness, values, and moral standards were high, and his trueness to his Aaliya reserved him a most exalted place in Allah’s sight. Learn from what I am going to tell you. Thy bosom friend is going to be thrown into the blazing fire. I protect My deputies in this world just like a shepherd drives his flock away from dangerous fields.

I paid my regards of peace and I sat near him. He was extremely thankful to his Lord, and he was most grateful for His favors. They aspire for God’s gifts with awe, watchful awareness, and praiseworthy deeds. As for those who have experienced the divine benevolence, their endowment cannot be measured, and the entire wealth of this uilyatul cannot weigh even an atom in comparison to the bliss their Lord showed them.

Pay them even in advance emglish you are comfortable, and make them work for you, those will be regarded as your supererogatory offerings. We all hastened to nurse him, and whatever tresses of hair he touched came out with his own hand as he kept on reciting: Hence, their hearts open, their understanding expands, and their determination aeliya comply with – 14 – The Beauty hlyatul The Righteous engliish demands is stirred to the degree of intensifying their striving.


Thy servant Abraham is going to be thrown into the blaring fire. Although sometimes, he himself may have versified a momentous elation, nevertheless, Omar disliked poets because they would laud or defame someone for a fee, fame, or praise. I wish someone else had said that O Abu Ubaida!

When Ibn Muka’bar, Kisra’s army commander, saw that, he screamed in shock: A true hilyatuk is one whose heart is pure and who follows the path of God’s chosen Messenger and the seal of His prophets.

On the other hand, if one simply strives to merely comply with what God Almighty has ordained, though incorrectly and without the needed luck, or without having true reason to guide him to do what is good, and to dissuade him from pursuing what God Almighty has forbidden.

AhleSunnah Library

The orderly changing stretches of the nights and what they bring, and the prolongation and shortening of the daylight hours are within His knowledge, for He alone has the knowledge of what He wills to exist, and the wisdom behind their alterations. He was one of the ea-ly callers to God’s path and a pious believer. No one recognizes him, and he arouses no curiosities.

To pursue such life, one has to imbibe good character, and such good character will bring one to meet with good people. If there is a preferable expression, a true gnostic is then one who is free from despondency and confusion.

After Omar’s death, I prayed to Allah to allow me to see him neglish a dream, hiljatul last night, I saw him in a dream, walking the marketplace of Madina, and he was wearing a very nice shawl. At that time he only had one daughter. The Beauty of The Righteous him, and Abu Bakr was somehow hungry, and he hastened and took a bite from it. Abu Bakr turned to me and said, ‘I saw the world dunya come before me and it knelt down, but it refrained from coming closer.

Where were they yesterday, and where are they today! He will not accept them should we comply with them during the daytime. At once, Abu Bakr reiterated with an imposing voice: Fear Him with the Hilyat’ul Awliya Wa Tabaqat’ul Asfiya piety of the one who is terrified by the possibility of meeting such consequences, and who asliya to escape from any such associations that could drive him to be in such company.