How To Be Black, the enhanced e-book edition, contains 14 author-conducted video interviews with individuals who exemplify “how to be black,” an audio clip o . How to Be Black is a book written by the American comedian Baratunde Thurston . It is an autobiographical account of Thurston’s life and upbringing and. This interview was originally broadcast on Feb. 1, How to Be Black will be released in paperback on Oct. It’s no coincidence that.

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This is for everyone who wants to learn more about what it means to be black in the USA. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. This is thurstoon somewhat uneasy mix of genuine memoir and satire about black stereotypes, and I found it enlightening, mostly goodhearted, but more amusing than laugh-out-loud funny.

Quite possibly it would be funnier to me if I were black and had shared some of the author’s life experiences — though I did spend a fair bit of time wondering, “Oh man, am Uow that asshole he’s talking about?

In case you missed it the other million times I mentioned it, this book is funny. He remembers his mother telling him his father was dead after receiving a phone call from the police. People should call me that. I almost returned to book and demanded my money back, but it was pretty funny up to that point so I kept reading. Unfortunately, this page made very little sense to me because, apparently, I was not aware of a common stereotype which the author fails to mention that black people LOVE watermelon.

The book drips with irony, such as declaring November National American Indian Month and promoting the benefits for all races of the position of The Black Friend. tgurston

How to Be Black Quotes

I am awed that Baratunde Thurston can talk about race and yet maintain a sense of humor, hope and forgiveness. Not bad for my first nonfiction book in like years! Some of the chapters baratunxe a little but that’s to be expected. What more can you want from a non-fiction than to actually come away educated and more understanding of others?


I ve it is bad for America and little girls. This is what makes this book so great is that all of these elements are necessary for a thoughtful discussion on race in America.

The author’s mother’s biography would be truly interesting – somehow bartaunde carved out a superb education for her kids despite being a single mother and living in inner city Washington DC during the crack wars. Return to Book Page. Books by Baratunde R. Nevertheless, it is enterta Reviews and more at The Teen Bookworm!

It’s casually mentioned in the book, probably to deliberately understate it, but I really must be out of touch because I wouldn’t find it believable if bagatunde happened in fiction. I also was hoping it would teach me how to dance and elevate my freestyle skills. This is probably because I’m more of a fiction guy then an autobiography guy. Towards the end of the book he talks to Kamau Bell about the “Distributed Struggle: And, there are the wonderful stories and recommendations.

Despite being raised by a Pan-African single mother in the inner city of Washington, DC during the drug wars, Thurston not only stayed out of trouble but also graduated from a private, primarily white Sidwell Friends School and later form Harvard University.

On learning how important it is to have a black friend if you’re a white person, and vice versa. And I also have a very particular memory of watching some of my friends walk down that road [toward drugs that] I didn’t walk down. Those problems come from us being humans, so demonizing anyone based on their particular skin tone is foolish. I swear I am going to tk the book at my desk just to revisit the How to Be The Black Employee chapter and remind myself why I am really there!

Or maybe the title is an ingenious marketing scheme because I had I don’t always read Baratunde Thurston books in public, but when I do I get asked about it every time.

Everybody is different but that brings different things to the game, what a boring world this would be if we all stuck to one unshakeable path for our entire lives.


I swear I am going to keep the book at my desk just to revisit the How to Be The Black Employee chapter and remind myself This book should be required reading for anyone who is black, wants to be black, is unsure if they are black, knows at least one black person, thinks they know black people, or simply just has heard of black people.

In every single one of those awkward discussions I told someone to pick up the book.

How to Be Black

Baratunde Thurston regales readers with hilarious anecdotes about his childhood and growing up black.

It is an autobiographical account of Thurston’s life and upbringing and discusses stereotypes of African Americanstheir social identitiesand their relationships with their white peers. Dec 02, Camille rated it it was amazing. It is a collection of stand-alone essays addressing issues of middle-class African-American life. I really enjoyed everyone on the Blackness Panel, too.

Technology is amazing and quite a time-saver.

How to Be Black by Baratunde R. Thurston

Open Preview See a Problem? Anyway, this is a long way of saying that the comedic parts needed some barathnde and editing, and they detracted from the very interesting memoir and points of view in between. Funny, insightful, entertaining, sweet. In all, I would highly recommend How to Be Black to anyone.

Baratunde Thurston Explains ‘How To Be Black’ : NPR

View all 6 comments. At all three things he succeeds. Finally, I love how he and some of his guests talk about the difference between the perception of black people in America vs. This could be a problem specific to me, because I can’t watch shows like South Park or Family Guy or even the Simpsons. Dec 16, Vanessa rated it really liked it.