English Version of Standard Specifications for Concrete Structures – Specification during the plan, design, execution, maintenance and repair phases as. Specification for Irrigation and Land Drainage Works – Sri Lanka 2nd Edition ( Revised Bidders may purchase same if necessary, from ICTAD, “Savsiripaya”, . Detailed Specifications Of Building Works (Civil). Page 1. Specifications of Building Construction (Civil) Works. 1. General. The Work shall be carried out.

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With considerable deliberations taking place on considerabledeliberationstakingplace speicfication, contractor. Show full item record. ICTAD Specifications for Works Specifications are intended to ensure that the users essential requirements of performance, quality etc.

ICTAD Specifications for Works

Rejection of unworkably low tenders and thereby elimination of over competition rejectionadoptagenciesunworkablytenders. Specifications are intended to ensure that the users essential requirements of performance, quality etc.


Some features of this site may not work without it. Document Type Year Conference Proceedings. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. The overall quality assurance system ICTAD is advocating could be used as a check list which would prevent employers to issue flawed or poorly ixtad tender documents.

Institutional-Repository, University of Moratuwa. By considering all the above action was taken to review the ICT AD conditions of contract mainly through literature survey, questionnaire survey and the comparison of selected conditions of contracts.

With considerable deliberations taking place on. Use of a single document to cover the both construction works is not practice in the international construction scene. Contact Us Send Feedback. The ICTAD conditions of contract is a document far from perfect and there are plenty of scope for improvements, because this was prepared based on the FIDIC conditions of contract Third edition octad is 17years old document.

To ensure that the building contractor is responsible for adherence to the following Institute for Construction Training and Development ICTAD specifications which will be included in the contract documents: It spells out and recommend standards of materials and methods, procedures, workmanship, tests, good practices etc.


ICTAD Specifications for Works – Free Download PDF

Since the building and civil engineering construction works have some differences in their character and contract administration, which are described in chapter 4, the use of one document is not a desirable approach given the diversity of practices and traditions prevailing in both works. The objective of this research project is to review the ICTAD conditions of contract suitable for local building construction works. Rejection of unworkably low tenders speecification thereby elimination of over competition.