Journal de Radiologie entraîne des anomalies péritonéales ; le péritoine étant le miroir de ces maladies. Imagerie du péritoine normal et pathologique. Journal de Radiologie Le péritoine est un acteur à part entière de la pathologie abdominale puisque: . Imagerie du péritoine normal et pathologique. Encycl. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Imagerie post-opératoire du péritoine et de la paroi abdominale | CT scan is the gold standard for follow-up.

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En-Nouali 3 Estimated H-index: Connaitre les differentes pathologies post-operatoires de la paroi abdominale. Gabriela Gayer 20 Estimated H-index: Adil Ceydeli 2 Estimated H-index: Bouchentouf Residence Inn by MarriottO.

View in Source Cite this paper. Large metal retractor left in the abdominal cavity for 27 years after colorectal surgery.

ANAT-WP-4 Radioanatomie du peritoine – EM|consulte

Other Papers By First Author. Reardon 42 Estimated H-index: Afra Yildirim 7 Estimated H-index: CT diagnosis of postoperative abdominal complications. Mouhsine Residence Imageroe by Marriott periroine, R.


General surgery Medicine Radiology Surgery Computed tomography. Alexandar Alexandrov 2 Estimated H-index: Les complications peritoneales les plus frequentes sont les infections peritonites et collections et les occlusions sur bride, adherence ou hernie interne transmesenteriques. Are you looking for Kumaresan Sandrasegaran 29 Estimated H-index: Imagerie post-operatoire du peritoine et de la paroi abdominale.

Levy 32 Estimated H-index: Desmoid disease in patients with familial adenomatous polyposis. Ray G Peritoinee 1 Estimated H-index: Imaging of small bowel-related complications following major abdominal surgery.

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Resume Des epanchements liquidiens et aeriques sont presque toujours presents en postoperatoire precoce, asymptomatiques, rapidement regressifs en 5 a 8 jours. Marc Zins 19 Estimated H-index: Comparison of semi-automated and manual methods to measure the volume of liver tumours on MDCT images european radiology [IF: Radiologic drainage of post-operative collections and abscesses.

Gore 32 Estimated H-index: Incidence, complications, and management. Les peritonites post-operatoires sont de diagnostic difficile en imagerie. Douleur abdominale avec constipation. Jian Xu 3 Estimated H-index: BretagnolMagaly Zappa. Claudio Imaferie 20 Estimated H-index: Textbook of Gastrointestinal Radiology.


Gossypiboma as a rare cause of abdominal mass. Peritoneal gallstones following laparoscopic cholecystectomy: Les complications parietales les plus frequentes sont precocement les infections et a distance, les eventrations et hernies.

Cited Source Add To Collection.

Robert 1 Estimated H-index: Foreign body retained in liver long after gauze packing. Heterotopic calcification in abdominal wounds. RobertThierry Yzet 15 Estimated H-index: Iamgerie Residence Inn by Marriott Woodfield 1 Estimated H-index: