The Cambridge Companion to Brentano, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, ____ (), Immanent realism: an introduction to Brentano. The word itself, which is of medieval Scholastic origin, was rehabilitated by the philosopher Franz Brentano towards the end of the nineteenth. Intencionalidad y verdad en el juicio: Una propuesta de Brentano (Publicaciones de la Facultad de Filosofía y Letras de la Universidad de Navarra. Colección.

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How can a person correctly believe that Pegasus does not exist?

The question is whether this move saves intentionality from epiphenomenalism. Philosophical Issues 7Northridge: How can one reconcile the local and the relational characters of propositional attitudes? Intenciona,idad, one might make a distinction between states with a stronger and states with a weaker intentionality. Chisholm took this conclusion to show the correctness of Brentano’s second thesis that intentionality is the mark of the mental.

Sections 4, 5 and 6 described three moves made within the orthodox paradigm in analytic philosophy in response to puzzles raised by the intentionality of singular thoughts about concrete particulars. This issue has nothing especially to do with ontological dualism: Now the following questions arise: Science Logic and Mathematics.

As such, abstract objects may well exist. If there is a law relating current flow to voltage intencinoalidad, then by indicating the former, a galvanometer will indicate the latter.

After this occurs, Otto and twin-Otto have different beliefs about the location of the MOMA, but their brains are physically indistinguishable. As we saw in section 8, Quine, a leading critic of intentional objects in the sense of section 7agrees with Chisholm that the intentional vocabulary cannot be reduced to some non-intentional vocabulary.


Let two identical twins both simultaneously believe that the cup in front of them contains coffee.

Aquilina Satue Alvarez, La doctrina de la intencionalidad en Franz Brentano – PhilPapers

Even though two metal disks might be physically indistinguishable, one might be a genuine Euro coin and the other might be a counterfeit. Other anti-intentionalists, like John Searleand Galen Strawsongo one step further and reject both Brentano’s thesis and the dual view of the mind.

Notice, however, that whereas biological organs have functions that may fail to be fulfilled, they do not ipso facto exhibit intentionality in Brentano’s full sense: Mauro Antonelli – – Pitagora. This strategy is brenntano to the assumption that intentional relations whose relata are concrete particulars should have primacy over intentional relations whose relata are not see section 6.

One influential strategy for showing that non-mental things can exhibit intentionality has been Fred Dretske’s, information -theoretic proposal that a device that carries information does exhibit some degree of intentionality. Arguably, as noted above, they might accept the thesis that intentionality coincides with the mental, but they hold the view intenciknalidad intentionality derives from consciousness.

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Frege’s theory faces two problems. Lionel Jospin is a Socialist.

On this view, sentences of natural languages have no intrinsic meaning of and by intenclonalidad. Thirdly, the metaphysical and epistemological underpinnings of singular thoughts and singular propositions have given rise to a rich discussion of the contrast between two broad perspectives: Fred Dretske has argued that the intentionality of many of an individual’s beliefs and desires results from an ontogenetic non-intentional process of selective learning.


Secondly, the ontology of non-existent and abstract objects has seemed difficult to square with the ontology of the contemporary natural sciences according to which the world contains only concrete objects that exist in space and time.

Brentano y los problemas de intencionalidad

I shall illustrate two distinct proposals for implementing this common goal. Adriano Bausola – – Vita E Pensiero. The relational nature of singular thoughts 4.

Clark and Chalmers further assume that at some later point in their lives, all memory traces in the respective intencionalidxd of Otto and twin-Otto are wiped out. Some accept the requirement that only if it supervenes on the intrinsic physical properties of an individual’s brain can the intentionality of a mental state be causally efficacious.

Visit our Help Pages. Thus, Dretske has espoused a componential view of behavior according to which an individual’s behavior is not to be brebtano, as on the functionalist conception, with his or her bodily movement: In fact, Russell’sheld a dual view of acquaintance: In particular, the dispute between the theory of direct reference and either the Fregean distinction between sense and reference or the Russellian assumption that ordinary proper names are disguised definite descriptions can be seen as internal to the orthodox paradigm according to which there are only existing objects, i.

Why is that so? New Philosophical EssaysOxford: