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It may be a couple cycles: By DonWorrell in forum Iseki. Remove the air filter cover and filter, and aim the hot air down the manifold. The voltage drops on my battery from They certainly are not getting hot up on top, but with this much current draw I would have to think they would be heating. Have never tried cranking the engine with the glow plugs not functioning at all so I have never experienced the black smoke issue at starting.

Popular Vintage Tractor Makes: Displayed below are 1 out of items in this product category that match your search criteria. More Stock Expected Soon. Considering you touched your glow plugs and felt no heat, it sounds as though you somehow may have damaged the electrical system supplying the glow plugs when the fuel line was fouled or possibly disconnected something while working on the fuel ttx2140.

I noticed that I can keep my fingers on the tops of the glow plugs which doesn’t seem right but I didn’t have any meters to check current draw with me. More Stock Expected Soon.


Iseki TX2140 – dimensions

As the engine approaches the point it will run, the smoke turns darker. I can’t have them open or capped I assume. It should fire up after a little bit of cranking.

Make sure to run it and get any residual bubbles out of the system. I agree about that there would not be smoke if it was not getting fuel, and it may be that it is not getting enough fuel, or has bad compression?

I have the Mitsubishi K3A 3cylinder engine. But I am now thinking I didn’t pay enough attention yesterday. Hx2140 tractor chugs as if it is going to start and I get some black smoke but it will not start.

Clutches & Flywheels for Iseki TX2140 (T Series)

I wonder if it is possible that my injector pump is not putting out enough pressure or that I still have a pocket of air in one or two injectors and it is providing enough “cushion” that those injectors are not opening. View Order Form Close. Is there some other bleed procedure on these engines I am missing?

To really boost the probability of it firing, a hair dryer set on high flow and high heat aimed at the intake manifold and cylinder head while you work will warm things up if you can’t get it in the hot sun.

One time the wire that heats up the glow plugs simply became unhooked and on this tractor it has a glow plug meter that shows when the glow plugs are functioning. Hit return or click search to show results.


He specializes in Bolens and Iseki repair so he should be able to help. I have the same problem as before, a lot of black smoke and it “almost starts” until I stop cranking so I don’t over heat the starter motor. View Order Form Close. Basically, all the normal things to restart a diesel.

Water pump for Massey Ferguson Shipping costs are not available for this item. Its sounds like it may be another issue. You could try emailing Sam from Sam’s Bolens.

FLK Oil Fuel Filter Kit ISEKI Tx Tx Tractor | eBay

Could it be possible that the valve is partly closed from when you took the fuel line off? I have that Manual in printed form but it is at home and my tractor is at my remote farm. Water pump for Massey Ferguson Then crack the injector lines at the nut, and crank the engine. Example Searches By Part No: Water pump, oil sump, steering arm By Product Name: Homepage Today’s Posts Search.

Showing 1 – 2 of 2 items found, sorted by: Example Searches By Part No: Maybe we should have gotten a crankcase heater in the L! Narrow Your Search Refine by Category. The meter did not move. Useki time now is Also, it may be the glow plug issue that you think. I didn’t crank the engine prior to locating the problem.