A copy of The Good Soldier Švejk and His Fortunes in the World War—a classic comedy by Jaroslav Hašek, a countryman, contemporary and. The Good Soldier Svejk: and His Fortunes in the World War (Penguin Classics) [ Jaroslav Hasek, Josef Lada, Cecil Parrott] on *FREE* shipping on . : The Good Soldier Schweik (): Jaroslav Hasek: Books.

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Probably more by the accident of the author’s early, alcohol related death than by design, an ongoing joke is that the Czech soldiers spend their free time fighting Hungarian soldiers, teasing Polish troops and getting round bumbling Dvejk officers all of whom are, technically at least, mutually united in the service of His Imperial Majesty Franz-Josef II.

Those tanks might as well have first passed through our Moscow flat.

Jaroslav Hašek: not just The Good Soldier Švejk

Would it be irreverent to admit that one is glad that he had no opportunity to write more? He was a journalist, bohemian, sevjk practical joker.

Although I have a grim appreciation of the cadet officer sent to a cholera hospital after having brought diarrhoea upon himself by scoffing all the chocolates he had been sent from home. Classic Eastern European dry wit and ironic fatalism. It is more like a combination of anecdotes, or events, being tied together by a few continuous characters, while others disappeared along the way. Thrown in jail at police headquarters with a bunch of other anti-government conspirators, labeled as such for things like not reading the newspaper about the recent events in Sarajevo, one shocked man cries out, “I’m innocent!


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The Good Soldier Švejk – Jaroslav Hašek

This isn’t really a novel, more of a series of anecdotes linked together by a few characters and whose narrative drive grows weaker as the work progresses. Why do we not pretend to have become idiots? With the steam turbines sending us on our way with a whistle, we say farewell to the banks of Estonia, enveloped in a rolling mist as if they wanted to say: Sveyk, the seemingly good-natured and dopey Dudley-Do-Right of the Czech contingent in the Austria-Hungarian army during WWI is a well known “hero” in his home country.

It’s gokd and that’s not including the introduction.

We’re not all squashed together like sardines: On the waterside a deputation from some association of Tallinn women and girls with a pastor at their head is waiting for us. He had a touching air of gentleness with which he drove people to acts of cruelty or kindness against him. Svejk is very much like Baldric from Black Adder or Homer Simpson, but your never entirely sure how stupid he is. The novel is also the subject of an unpublished operetta by Peter Gammond.

Jaroslav Hašek and his novel “The Good Soldier Svejk” – Prague Blog

Actually I take it back: Seeing this chanting crowd of nuns here, I am reminded of those early Christian processions in the time of Emperor Nero. Czech entrepreneur during Habsburg rule Alfons Mucha: The tables were being relieved of their stained tablecloths. I was thinking that if this story could be translated into an operetta, or even a cabaret, it would become a medley of innocence, honesty, madness, brutality and a world happily going mad, while we, the audience, laugh ourselves to death, merrily tapping our feet to the rhythm of the orchestra.


Apologies to everyone who hates the name, “Czechia” Just like it’s spelled.

Jaroslav Hašek and his novel “The Good Soldier Svejk”

Black Badger Aug 25 For sensitive readers the metatheatrical irreverence with which religion is handled might be experienced as bad-taste humor. It’s also good because the point of the book as it stands seems to be that Svejk avoids ever actually, you know, fighting in the war, and if the book had ended, he would have had to i fight, which would have ruined the effect, or ii not fight, which would have led to still more endless jokes.

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His cartoons are very simple but add another level of enjoyment to the book. Usually, I hate abridgements because editors cut out so much that I find it difficult to follow the story line.

I keep several copies on hand, th naturally, and when I run into friends, especially who are in the military, who have not read it I provide them a copy.