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As for the experience of precognition itself as opposed to the theorythe material is persuasive without allowing a fixed view. He had thought that his rational analysis was burying any “universal mind” and was astonished to discover it arising as a necessary consequence. Each philosopher often has a theory of time, but there isn’t any other which intrigues so much the imagination, as the obscure and, at the same time proved in mathematical diagrams, theory of this forgotten aeuronautical engineer.

But it’s something that makes sense no matter how far fetched it sounds As you know, sometimes this will trigger a dream that echoes aspects of the original experience.

If a singular person can dream the future, he will not predict only his own future, but of whole humanity. To give an example, here is Dunne: A previous reviewer believes that “the main problem arises with the writer’s assumption of time having an unlimited number of dimensions. Sep 27, Guy Inchbald rated it it was amazing.

Exprrimento challenges out everyday view of time! Peligro rated it really liked it May 17, Dunne refers to the beginnings of quantum theory and we now know that the nature of matter is far more complex than anything he or say Eddington might have expected in the interwar period so contemporary scientists are just a little less certain of their ground in rejecting unusual possibilities than previous generations might have been.

Un experimento con el tiempo : J. W. Dunne :

This is something of a mixed bag. What a fascinating book, one that is now mostly forgotten but that inspired a generation of early- and mid-twentieth-century writers, including Flann O’Brien, J.


Jul 28, Aagave rated it liked it. Sep 06, Denniskenny rated it it was amazing.

Could dreams be a blend of memories of past and future events? Mathematically Dunne describes time as flowing along the dimensionally relevant projection of the time vector i. A thing that happened, as mediated mentally, happening mentally again? Claire rated it really liked it Aug 03, I did feel from that moment onwards a great sensation of comfort and a truer knowledge of serenity than I had ever obtained before.

So the question becomes, what if we paid more attention to our dreams and were even able to remember them in minute detail?

The book has remained in print more or less ever since and its attraction to every new generation never seems to dull. It’s fun to read as a lucidly written occult thriller if you suspend disbelief over the core premise. It is not merely for show; it ignites our interest in the text and sure enough the text does not disappoint.

Oct 19, Andrewcharles rated it it was ok. Jul 04, Robert Stewart rated it it was ok. Sep 17, David rated it liked it. Lists with This Book. Unless you’re highly motivated, I would not recommend. Dunne discusses his experiment. This is an amazing book. He left out the visions and voices as he felt, quite rightly, that they would put off the average sceptical scientist These were described in his later book, “Intrusions? The evidence is strong, the tale enticing, the motifs perhaps ironically timeless.

John William Dunne

Thanks for telling us jd the problem. May 08, Robert Stonjek added it. Wells accused of him of taking the first chapter of his “The Time Machine” pub. Sep 10, Anthony Devine rated it it was amazing.

A series of strange, troubling precognitive dreams including a vision of the then fu J. The first half of the book is pretty interesting: Published February 1st by Hampton Roads Publishing first published Jul 17, Candy Wood added it. So, what if the same thing happened for future events? If time has dimensions, then it will take time to measure any unit of time, and one will need another unit to measure the measuring time, coj so on, until infinity.


As for his famous contribution to the theory of the simultaneous experience of time, subjective and universall, is very well known, by so many examples in history. As a pioneering aeronautical engineer in the early years of the ttiempo century, Dunne worked on many early military aircraft, concentrating on tailless designs, producing inherently stable aircraft. I cannot evaluate this in the slightest but the work – from someone who tiejpo an engineers’ determination that his analysis should be logical – does have the virtue of ensuring that this ignorant reader is not automatically dismissive of any thesis that does not accord with obvious sensory impressions of the material world.

He first presents episodes he experienced that he believes show how his dreams predicted what would happen in his life, then he explained in mathematical terms his theory, and then I was reading the third edition of the book he responded to common criticisms of his theory.

Priestley called “one of the most fascinating, most curious, and perhaps the most important books of this age.

I need to record my dreams more to see whether it truly has merit, but Experimfnto suspect there’s a lot of normal coincidence involved. The mathematics of dreams, time and eternity. A regular person can easily understand the text; it’s not all heavy-handed scientific terms. His idea that dreams blend images of both past and future This book is experimentp between science and pseudo-science, written for general readers in the wake of relativity theory.

Perhaps we selectively remember the times when we’re right though he describes experiments where this can be accounted for. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Preview — Experiment with Time by J. These two issues drove him to investigate his dreams scientifically and to come up with a rational theory.