Shop Numismatic Poland Katowice Banknotes catalogue Parchimowicz – Banknotes catalogue by Janusz Parchimowicz. Standard catalog of world coins ( – Date) (7th edition) – dokument G. Nielsen Janusz Parchimowicz Dick Parker Frank Passic Martin Peeters Marc. records The August Chicago ANA Auction, Ancient Coins, World Coins . M 10 00 B12 Parchimowicz Janusz 1 Katalog Monet Polskich pp ills.

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Banknotes catalogue Parchimowicz

Soft covers 21 x 15 cm. The most up-to-date reference catalogue for dutch banknotes. Includes a price list and supplement. Emergency notes from the early years of World War I. All designs pictured, described and explained. Dealing with British armed forces payment certificates from — Administrative and logistical data.

Dedicated to the issues of the Central bank of Surinam. A very fine work dedicated to to treasury notes – Compiled from original and contemporary sources, this book gives a definitive picture of British Military Authority kstalog currencies and the complexities surrounding their issues. Part one of a trilogy, describing the kahalog of the Bank of the Netherlands Antilles, this part loaded with info re the period – parcuimowicz Part two of a trilogy, describing the development of the Bank of the Netherlands Antilles, this part loaded with info re the period – Part three of a trilogy, describing the development of the Bank of the Parchiowicz Antilles, this part being a catalogue of all the bank notes issued from — Beschrijving van het papiergeld Bank van de Nederlandse Antillen, veel achtergrondinformatie Dutch text.


Loaded with data dutch text. The final answer to french paper money of all kinds incl. Elf artikelen van leden over o. Fist editionsoft covers 21 x 15 cm. A fascinating and at the same time obscure survey to money used in concentration camps.

Covering all state bank issues of the banking era from to Amount of research to guide the collector parchimowjcz counterfeits, altered designs and all state bank engravers. Introduction to Austrian paper money — Historical date and extensive descriptions. Amsterdampaperback 29,5 x 21 cm. Separate list of price-indications and abbrevations used. Very nice comprehensive work dealing with the fascinating field of paper emergency notes.

Thousands of smallsize city ‘Notgeld’ described. Volume II covering paper money as of -pages.

parchimowic All notes illustrated in colour. Hardbound 22 x 15,5 cm. Included two separate price-guides, stapled, 48 pages each. Very nice and specialized work. The second editonhardbound, pages, illustrated.

Library – Numista

First matalogpaperback 21 x 15 cm. Second editionhardbound 28,5 x 22 cm. Detailed listings of All Polish banknotes from the early 19th century to present days; including Danzig. Cuhajsoftbound, While volume II focuses on legal tender issues, this volume gathers the obscure and more limited circulation state, provincial and commercial bank issues. Edited by Tracey L. Offering coverage of all paper money from -this new edition has been updated with prices, varieties and parchimowkcz illustrations.

Based on the original work of Albert Pick. Offering coverage of all official modern paper money from to the present, this new edition has been updated with prices, varieties and fresh illustrations. Coins, banknotes, treasury notes, emergency issues – Stockholmparchimowlcz Spine loose from contents.


Highly specialized work on the first Swedish banknotes. First volume of a in-depth catalogue dealing with emergency notes of regions surrounding nowadays Poland.

This volume describing the notes of Galicia and Czech Silesia. Volume two dealing with the emergency notes under Russian occupation. Volume three dealing with the emergency notes of the province Poznan Posen. Oatalog four dealing with the emergency notes of the region and the city Gdansk Danzig. An unparalleled survey to this strange substitute of small coinage during the second half of the 19th century. A complete survey of Swiss paper money as from onwards.

Liechtenstein, replacement notes, emergency notes, trials, forgeries etc. Grabowski, paperback 21 x 14,5 cm. Valuations for each note and varieties in euro. Including formerly DDR and colonies.

History of the Wright family with the notes printed for French colonies. Extensive historical background parchimowiz. In Russian and English. Emergency coins and paper money from — incl.

Confederate state paper money issued between — Greek, English and German text. Separate pricelist of 16 pages and supplement 16 pages.

Katalog monet polskich obiegowych i kolekcjonerskich od – Janusz Parchimowicz – Google Books

Covering paper money as from onwards. Dutch emergency notes issued during W. List of terms in English and German.