In fact, argues Kay Redfield Jamison in An Unquiet Mind, the newer name may be the less precise. Is depression really “unipolar” while manic. Kay Redfield Jamison (born June 22, ) is an American clinical psychologist and writer. Jamison wrote An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness in part to help clinicians see what patients find helpful in therapy. J. Wesley Boyd . Johns Hopkins psychiatry professor Jamison, whose Touched with Fire addressed the link between manic-depressive illness and creativity, offers a poignant.

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When you’re high it’s tremendous. Jan 01, Britta rated it liked it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jamison is redundant and self-centered.

An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness by Kay Redfield Jamison

Her arguments flow from a view of major mental illnesses as the downstream biological effects of genetic disorders, and she perhaps underplays environmental factors. Jamison moved to California during adolescence, and soon thereafter began to struggle with bipolar disorder.

A lot of people seem to have a negative reaction to this book, which I totally get. This frustrated me extremely and made it difficult to actually finish the book. Yes, she shows great appreciation for her loved ones and their unflagging support. It becomes clear through her ordeal that recognizing and accepting the disorder is tantamount to successful treatment, and that denial is a roadmap to hell.

I am tired of hiding, tired of misspent and knotted energies, tired of the hypocrisy, and tired of acting as though I have something to hide. Return to Book Page. Also, the memoir skips back and forth in time and it’s irritating. Archived copy as title link St Andrews Graduation: And really, in this book, that’s how Jamison seems to think it should be. Kay Redfield Jamison is a psychiatrist, an authority on bipolar disorder, and suffers from the condition herself.


Instead of delving into her relationships that were injured by her bipolar disorder, she glosses over them. Her work has centered on bipolar disorderwhich she has had since her early adulthood.

An Unquiet Mind

Her accomplishments speak to how mental illness should not be construed as a crutch that will inevitably handicap all those affected by it.

Even though Jamison contended with manic-depressive illness for several of the most important years of her life, she still earned success and acclaim. jwmison

It is also tiresome. In a Kaay King Live interview she said of bipolar disorder, “We have known for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years that it is genetic”, but the most that could have been known was that it sometimes ran in families, and even in modern scientific studies the extent of genetic and environmental influences is debated.

Inspired by Your Browsing History. Because I honestly believe that as a result of it I have felt more things, more deeply; had more experiences, more intensely; loved more, and been more loved; laughed more often for having cried more often; appreciated more the springs, for all the winters; seen the finest and the more janison in people, and slowly learned the values of caring, loyalty, and seeing things through.


Also by Kay Redfield Jamison.

View all 11 comments. Her seminal works among laypeople are her memoir An Unquiet Mindwhich details her experience with severe mania and depressionand Night Falls Fast: LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. That only reads as a compliment the first few times, then it becomes a sledge-hammer of obligation and guilt.

An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness

Kay prefers the ajmison manic depression to bipolar disorder because it is both more expressive of her experience and, ultimately, more clinically accurate. Everything All at Once. Then there’s couples therapy, because this disease puts a mighty strain on a marriage.

Think of this book as an autobiography and you can’t go wrong. And I am, by nature, too mercurial to be anything but deeply wary of the grave unnaturalness involved in any attempt to exert too much control over essentially uncontrollable forces. There will always be propelling, disturbing elements, and they unquift be there until, as Lowell put it, the watch is taken from the wrist. She made it through a PhD in psychology and became one of the foremost authorities in her field before finally getting the consistent treatment she needed.