: Be Still My Vampire Heart: Love at Stake, Book 3 (Audible Audio Edition): Kerrelyn Sparks, Donna Rawlins, HarperAudio: Books. When a beautiful mortal starts slaying vampires in Central Park, the Vamps Be Still My Vampire Heart is the third full-length novel in the Love at Stake Series. So far, I’ve really been enjoying Kerrelyn Sparks’ Love at Stake series. engaged in fun and exciting stories, and Be Still My Vampire Heart is no exception.

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Emma is one of my jy types of heroines. I bet he is hotter than when he was adorable: The way he treated Emma sometimes make me laugh, but its adorable too. We meet the characters in the previous books in this one – Roman and Shanna feature quite a bit, and Shanna’s baby is part of the story; Austin and Darcy appear briefly.

Obviously it already does so this question is irrelevant. Ueart would’ve been 5 stars if the name of my country was used correctly. At least before I joined Goodreads. Kalau buku-buku seblmnya penuh situasi kocak, di buku ini sudah berkurang jauh situasi komedinya, tapi digant Demi melindungi Emma dari para vampire Malcontent, Angus berusaha membujuk terus wanita gahar ini utk berhenti membunuh vampire.

I’ve noticed Sparks has a habit of kind of leading the charas i This is my second time actually reading this book; the first time was about a year ago, and was my entrance into Kerrelyn Sparks. It was more serious and less silly then the previous books have been but the very mild -singular- sex scene was the same as the others.


Didn’t see that in the other books. I usually read a series from the start, but since these books are pretty much stand alone, it’s not necessary. And it’s her job to kill him.

He was the perfect gentleman, honor bound, respectful and driven to make his woman happy.

Be Still my Vampire Heart — All About Romance

Liz Zink Review Date: Surprisingly, she came to terms with all that a little quicker than I thought she might, so her constant insistence that she and Angus couldn’t have a future together made her seem a tad too stubborn at times. Most Helpful Most Recent.

Love sacrifices itself for the good of others. They also share wickedly witty banter that I loved.

Be Still My Vampire Heart

He’s a gentleman but also a ruthless warrior. That scene just scorched me. The war is on, but will it end in the destruction ge one or both of them. Even when Emma was trying her level best to kill him at first, he still protected her.

Be Still My Vampire Heart Audiobook | Kerrelyn Sparks |

Phineas was the life of the party even when he was scared for his life. I really liked this one. I would definitely recommend!!! I adore Angus’ habit of checking under his kilt to make sure all his ‘bits’ are still there and in order after transporting, and the way both Angus and Emma know each other for what they are right off is m.


What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Set up a giveaway. Angus MacKay is my new favorite Highlander.

Kerrelyn Sparks Narrated by: In those moments, I couldn’t help wishing she’d lighten up a little and just give in, but overall, she was a well-drawn heroine who I liked. The only way Angus to fill his thirst, is drink Emma’s blood. The accents were terrible, and for spqrks love of God Emma is supposed to sound British!

Ok, so far the best in the series. From Publishers Weekly The third entry in Sparks’s contemporary vampire series, following the kicky Vapire and the Cityraises the stakes—in more way than one—as a vampire hunter unwittingly pushes the vamp underworld to the verge of war.