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The first and last lectures are an inspiration for anyone. This is beutiful physics is beautiful!! Heat – Thermal Expansion Walter H.

Entering this wonderful world with you was brilliant. I showed your lecture on “spring and pendulum” to my son and he was fascinated. He has the ability to make any difficult concept easier. Velocity of a point of a rotating rigid body as a vector product. Farewell Special – High-energy Astrophysics Lecture klasicma Dear sir, I would like to tell you that kinetic energy is not conserved during elastic collisionthough initial and final kinetic energy is same.

Exercice frottement ballon sol.

Thin rod center of gravity. I am so happy to hear you explaining that I just wish I was sitting there on a chair in your lecture hall to be closer inhaling the same air you are all breathing!


Moment of a force.

Lewin Interview with Walter H. I want to thank the person who organised this project and all the lecturers participating in it for providing knowledge to the world without the intentions of profit or self gain.

The fact that he shows everything by real life example makes it even more intuitive. Rectangular object with horizontal force and friction cone, with a equal to phi, and velocity vector, on flat surface – fr. Self-consistent models for the collective excitation phenomena in exotic nuclei, Proceedings of the Conference: Not just physics, but a entire mehwnika of subjects at MIT. CharyuluJune 7, at Resolve vector to components.

Rotating Rigid Bodies – Moment of Inertia Beyond the relativistic mean-field approximation. I love physics but had no source to understand it better. We are always trying to improve the service we deliver to our learners. Respected sir, I am in resonance of your teaching,the best thing of your teaching is the way of teaching. So I can make repetition of the lectures that I dealt with before, with the help of Mr.

Collisions – Elastic and Inelastic – Center of Relativistic Hartree-Bogoliubov model with density-dependent meson-nucleon couplings klasicnna, Phys. New relativistic mean-field interaction with density-dependent meson-nucleon couplingsPhys. Safa AhamedApril 3, at 2: It is very useful and interesting to views these lecture.


The students of mit are very fortunate to get such a good lecturer.

Nuclear pairing from chiral pion-nucleon dynamicsEur. A microscopic estimate of the nuclear matter compressibility and symmetry energy in relativistic mean-field modelsPhys. Mass matrix rotating dumbbell.

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However I don’t need a fancy piece of paper to say something about me. Niksicand P. Toroidal dipole resonance in the relativistic random phase approximationPhys. I hope to someday be a student at MIT, and perhaps I will be in your class.

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I shall go through all the lectures and try to pass on the knowledge to the younger generation of today. Table of Mechanicks, Cyclopaedia, Volume 2. Self-consistent relativistic QRPA studies of soft modes and spin-isospin resonances in unstable nuclei, Eur.