Klingon Covert Operations Manual by David Christensen. (Paperback ). (FASA reference: ”Klingon Ship Recognition Manual”) .. interest in this planet because of the dervish hormone (see below), and a covert operation to the. Cathy Doser is the author of Klingon Covert Operations Manual ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews, published ).

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During the course of the investigation, reports were made about unknown advanced starships in Romulan manaul. The warriors often viewed I.

As Paramount does not make an effort to normally look at, let alone use material from fan publications, this was likely done for the following reason Ships of the Line.

Klingon Covert Operations Manual, David Christensen. (Paperback ) Used Book available for Swap

I am the co-author of the ‘Klingon Covert Operations Manual’. It was known to be a feared governmental branch which clvert responsible for the well being of the Empire. I had sent Majel Barrett a copy of my manual in appreciation of her help in past matters and she had shown it around and obviously someone took note of the pins and used them.

Star Fleet Intelligence Manual. This led to it becoming a watchdog agency that reported klingoh the activities of the other house lines as it maintained its allegiance to Emperor Karagg. Retrieved from ” http: Please visit the Forums to begin a new topic in the relevant location. At the time of the publication of my manual, I was running the worlds largest Klingon fanclub, called ‘Klingon Strike Force’ which I ran from to and which is klnigon running but now online and under someone else’s command.


Through the support of the Emperor, Imperial Intelligence quickly became the power behind the throne itself. I was hired as a consultant to Paramount Studios during which time I was permitted to submit ideas to the show. Retrieved from ” http: Klingon Imperial Intelligence or I.

Cathy Doser (Concept of Klingon Covert Operations Manual)

I put together all the computer art, the Llingon text and produced the final print run and then sold it thru ‘New Eye Studios’ publications until Paramount Studios stopped me from selling the commercial version under copyright infringement.

InI. Some years later after Karagg was deposed, the agency was nearly removed of its imperial mandate by the successive Emperor. Beverley Crusher in the medical office and he talked about a new weapon which he didn’t mention by name but which he cited principle’s of operation from my weapon which used trans-warp engines to seek out external warp displacement signatures in order to home in on that signal and destroy the object.

That several of you noted that rank pins were seen in the series operrations off my use of them in my own manual is much appreciated. However, agents of Imperial Intelligence threatened the new Emperor with information they were opertaions to provide to his rivals which would have sparked a long as well as bloody civil war.

It was common for them to operate above the law when necessary in order to ensure the future of the Klingon Empire. At the time, Karagg was a relatively new Emperor and his power base was unstable. Klingon Empire series, the Klinggon video game: This started a relationship between the two with Imperial Intelligence supporting the Emperor that supported the intelligence agency.

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Imperial Intelligence

The body was first created under the direction of Klingon Emperor Karagg many years ago. The only key item I’m aware of that I submitted that was mnaual in the show was in the first season of ST: This article or subsection has an associated category. Thus, he formed his own intelligence service which was to function officially as a central bureau mabual the coordination of both civilian and military agencies. The mission of Imperial Intelligence was the collection and analysis of information concerning the enemies of the Klingon Empire; be they external or internal.

This lead to a great deal of institutional friction between I. When the audience heard I was there, a majority left the auditorium to come take pictures of me and Shatner got upset and asked security to have me leave till he finished speaking.

For more info, contact: Klingon Secret Service Operation Report for translation, click on image. Upstaging William Shatner here in Seattle.

The Art of the Impossiblethe Star Trek: Sign In Don’t have an account? Sign In Don’t have an account?

As such, a symbiotic relationship developed between high ranking officials within the Klingon Empire and Imperial Intelligence. In the years that followed, the organization had solidified its position and had strengthened the position of Emperors and even members of the Imperial Council.

He was speaking at the Convention center when I appeared in costume.