DRV/Owner’s Manual. License Agreement. 1) All intellectual property contained in this library – including owner’s manuals and product literature – is the . We are an authorized Korg dealer and service unit has been serviced and tested by is fully functional and in excellent DRV Late s Digital reverb unit from Korg. 16 different ‘verbs that can be endlessly tweaked, PLUS you can run 2 different effects at the same.

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Featuring a pre-amp with ample headroom, a filter circuit that modifies the feedback sound, and modulation waveforms that allow a diverse array of delay effects, it covers all of the SDD’s important elements.

DRV-3000/Owner’s Manual

It’s no use talking about Fairlights if you’ve just sold your grandparents to the white slave trade just to buy a plug for your amp! Finally, we arrive at one of the musical delights of this instrument, a process not too dissimilar to sampling, pitch shifting.

Having produced a suitable edit, the next step is to save your program for posterity and, happily, the DRV manual leaves nothing to chance when it comes to storing data and is genuinely helpful. I didn’t spend a lot of time going through the manual because I found I didn’t need to, the unit was very straightforward to use. Small Print Terms of use Privacy.

Aug 11, 4. One thing I succeeded in doing was to create an acoustic environment that was actually too small for ddv device, namely a snare drum. Choose from five types of rrv waveforms that modulate the delay time.

This I certainly had trouble with since I’m becoming myopic in my old age! To me, devices that make a sound have always taken priority over things that simply modify an existing sound.

Korg DRV Dual Digital Effects Processor | eBay

Aug 11, 2. This is quite satisfying and lets you tailor the balance of the final elements to suit the type of hypothetical environment you’re attempting to imitate. The preset program specifications are included as a parameter chart in the back of the manual and I found this pretty helpful in analysing how an effect was actually created.


However, I must say that the manual is streets ahead of the efforts from certain manufacturers who seemingly put more thought into their motorcycle repair manuals than those for their musical instruments.

The first thing I noticed about the DRV was that it does seem to need 300 a beefy signal before the ‘headroom’ LEDs on the front panel start to twitch. You can vary the degree of high frequency damping which is especially useful when emulating the effect of curtains and the odd deep-pile carpet in your hypothetical room. Next article in this issue How It Works – Loudspeakers. Running through the presets then, ‘Concert Hall’ sounds exactly as its title implies.

Aug 11, 5. The user interface has also been updated for dramatically improved ease of use.

SDD PEDAL – Programmable Digital Delay | KORG (USA)

Effects 6 and 7 are ‘Early Reflections’ and don’t refer to staring in a bathroom mirror first thing in the morning! Log in or Sign up. Please include your email address if you want to be contacted regarding your note.

I was aware that such devices did exist but I never really put them at the top of the purchasing list, always promising myself that one fine day I’d perhaps buy one. Looks like they are still available according to Google. Alas, 300 never did, and I’d hazard a guess that I’m not the only one in this situation.

So, if you’ve filled up the available memory locations resident within the machine, you’re really up a gum-tree unless you are prepared to delete some of your previous edits. Creating new programs is quite straightforward with the DRV and comes as a breath 300 fresh air in this world seemingly obsessed with ‘preset-itis’. But perhaps this is the best frame of mind in which to review a piece of equipment like the Korg DRV, kotg on what it can actually do for you and what the end result sounds like instead of just comparing it with other instruments in the market place; though this, of course, must be taken into consideration.


Review by Dave Hughes. The machine then jumps to the effects program you last called up. LCD display and this gives out all of the effect-specific information, such as voice level and program name. When I got the program change buttons on the remote, I hear a faint digital sound, as in, something registers at least.

Please update your browser to use Reverb

The initial route to customising your own effects is by adjusting the levels of the korv untreated and processed sounds. We’ve added some “new” guys to the moderator crew. Sonically, each of my instruments – ranging from the xrv and battered Moog Prodigy which had been semi-retired but has now been fully reinstated for doing Keith Emerson rip-offs to that giant beast of an instrument, the DX5 – gained a whole new vocabulary, thanks to the DRV Searchable archive of old, out-of-print music production magazines.

Aug 11, 1. It is always difficult to convey personal impressions of how something sounds in words and, obviously, what I like you might not.

The second, the one which I usually lapse into naughty, naughty, slap on wristis known as the ‘tweety-pie’ approach, ie.