before everyone starts flaming me i want to make sure that im not asking why Hatsumi does not teach these. thats up to him and his decision. Kumogakure Ryu Ninpo. This ryu is also a complete fighting system also one of the three Ninjutsu ryu of Bujinkan. Founded by Heinaizaimon Ienaga Iga. I know that the taijutsu of Kumogakure ryu is very similar to that of Togakure ryu, however there are alot of techniques, like survival and.

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Brad EllinFeb 12, However, mumogakure there any written source about why this has happened? Hi they are taught some times in class some times at Taikai. Gyokushin ryu, and Kumogakure ryu? I know that the taijutsu of Kumogakure ryu is very similar to that of Togakure ryu, however there kumogkure alot of techniques, like survival and otherwise, lighting fires in different climates, headbutting with a demon mask, maybe even the story behind the masks themselves that I never heard anyone learned.

It’s budo, it would be taught like budo, with spirit, not stupidity, right? Results 1 to 11 of I am reading that the art is almost in extinction due to the kumigakure that “he doesn’t want to teach it. Hi it will have your name and date as well as rank on it.

Secret Ninja Densho: Kumogakure Ryu – eBook by Shidoshi Yoshihide | XinXii

Maybe you could write to him and ask him yourself? A member of the Bujinkan demonstrating kenjutsu in kumogkaure demon mask whilst Soke Hatsumi witnesses.


It’s part of what was handed down to him, so why not include it?

So anyone outside of Japan saying they are teaching kumogqkure is flat out lying. Any ideas as to why? If the answer is simply because Hatsumi says so then i suppose thats ok but im just wondering if anyone knwos of another reason why they are still considered part of the bujinkan if no one but hatsumi knows them and he doest teach them.

Kumoga,ure specialty of this ryu is the Demon mask sometimes worn by members of the kumogakute. Whether this is true or not, who knows. One of the special weapons of the school is the kamayari a cross-bar spear. Discussion in ‘ Ninjutsu ‘ started by chowFeb 11, I don’t have the definitive answer, but some reasons may be: Nintai Jisei – Be Patient All things come to those who wait.

The time now is This is of course very similar, if not identical to Wing Chun Kung Fu. George I’ll PM you Garth. Despite the close feet, the Kumogakure is known for its great leaps during close combat.

Gikan ryu uses expansion and hira no kamae Log in or Sign up. Both schools teach that violence can basically be avoided. All times are GMT.

The Togakure Ryu teaches that violence is to be avoided. In the 15 years I have been here I can only remember two occasions doing Gikan Ryu. Maybe it’s in the works for next year, or the year after. He is, just not to us. Originally kumogakurr for climbing up the sides of ships, it was also used when fighting against swordsmen. Hatsumi teaches 7 of the 9 ryuha that make up the bujinkan, but why are the 2 that he does teach still considered the bujinkan?


As to why it’s still a part of the Bujinkan, why not?

I don’t think Hatsumi wants more idiotic people tarnishing the art using knowledge that should be treasured. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

I heard that it was reserved only for thos over 10th dan and that it wasn’t presently being taught.

Secret Ninja Densho: Kumogakure Ryu

The ninja of the Kumogakure Ryu wore armored sleeves when going into combat to help protect them and also to use in attacking. I just reviewed the koppojutsu video Yes, my password is: Techniques of these two schools are demonstrated on the DVD “Bujinkan koppo-jutsu” ScociaFeb 12, Somepeople study one ryu for a life time we have 6 at this moment in time, its still way too much to cover without 3 more being added to the training schedule.

And Hatsumi clearly sayes that these arts have no named techniques This was originally a type of grappling device for climbing onto ships, but proved useful for combating sword bearers too.