We stock a large range of cable management system from Lanric. The Lanric products that we stock were designed for exterior set up to support electrical power. Products catalog Syarikat Lan-Ric Industries, Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia, – enterprise page. Contact information Flushfloor Trunking System. Contact supplier. LANRIC. Uploaded by Arthur Gonzales. Copyright: Attribution Non-Commercial ( BY-NC) Documents Similar To LANRIC Southern Cable Catalog.

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Steel surface trunking BS EN So, strength is achieved by the addition of other elements to produce alloys. Specification for metal channel cable support systems for electrical installations. Cable trunking systems and cable ducting systems intended for mounting on walls and ceilings.

Products catalog

Particular requirements for cable trunking systems and cable ducting systems intended for mounting underfloor, flushfloor, or onfloor.

Metal Cable Tray Systems. Catalouge, dealer, stockist, agent. Steel Conduit, bends and couplers. Cayalogue Hot Rolled Coil can be found on the market in coil or or in sheets and is further processed into finished products by the manufacturer. Applications include domestic applications; building applications for example, wall elements, roofing applications, automotive applications for example, body in white for vehicles under body auto partslightning fixtures, drums and various kinds of sections applications, profiled sheets.

Catalogke management, cable tray systems and cable ladder systems. Specification for metal channel cable support systems for electrical installations Lanric Cable support and system distributor stockist agent supplier dealer.


It is generally used in parts where rust proofing is not critical.

Steel becomes very mouldable when heated at high temperatures, but is extremely strong and almost impossible to mould when at room temperature. Galvanized steel is widely used in applications where rust resistance is needed, and can be identified by the crystallization patterning on the surface often called a “spangle”. Conduit systems for cable management.

This article focuses on the alloys cataligue used by DSM in precision sheet metal.

Stainless steels have sufficient amount of chromium present so that a passive film of chromium oxide forms which prevents further surface corrosion and blocks corrosion spreading in the metal’s internal truking. Stainless Steel is a very versatile and useful material used in a wide variety of applications.

Hot Rolled sheets have the most flexibility regarding how parts are welded together as catalpgue. Deltric Sdn Bhd Tel 1: Steel Conduit and fittings for electrical wirings.

This is why there are many shapes to hot rolled steel products, and relatively few Cold Rolled Steel Shapes. DELTRIC supplies products to a diversified customer base of professionals who buy, install and use electrical equipment in a range of infrastructure projects and works programs of all sizes.

In yearLanric was updated products quality and standards comply with ISO Cable Trunking System BS Hot Rolled steel is heated at a very high level over o F and is pressed into shapes. Steel Conduit and fittings for electrical wirings Yrunking Cable trunking systems and cable ducting systems for electrical installations.

Specification for steel conduit and fittings with metric threads of ISO form for electrical installations. When exposed to the atmosphere, pure zinc reacts with oxygen to form zinc oxide, which further reacts with carbon dioxide to form zinc carbonate, trunling dull grey, fairly strong material that stops further corrosion in many circumstances, protecting the steel below from the elements. Leong Hing Electrical Engineering Sdn.



Further strengthening is possible by means which classify the alloys into roughly two categories, non-heat-treatable alloyed with manganese, silicon, iron and magnesium and heat-treatable alloyed with copper, magnesium, zinc, and silicon. Galvanized steel can be used in extreme heat. It is do used in the Architecture, building and construction field.

LanRic join the ISO Quality Management System in year to provide quality services and products to their valued cataloguw as well as trunkijg improve their internal quality control. These are generally used to manufacture bodies of vehicles, railway coaches, earth moving equipments, material handling equipments, consumer goods like washing machines, bicycles and its parts, office equipments and furniture.

Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. Carbon steel rusts when exposed to air and moisture. Lanric Cable support and system distributor stockist agent supplier dealer. Cable trunking systems and cable ducting systems intended for mounting on walls and ceilings.

Hot-dip galvanizing is a form of galvanization.