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LEY pdf. Enviado por Anibal. Direitos autorais: © All Rights Reserved. Baixe no formato PDF ou leia online no Scribd. Sinalizar por conteúdo. character of the law does not encroach upon the capacity of utility companies to set up their own criteria and requirements for considering 3 Ley n° ‘Ley. , USD. Escuintla, Escuintla, Guatemala. ID: Krundi suurus: 9, Ehitusaasta El precio no incluye impuestos de ley. Terreno único con .

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The increased ceiling applies to debts arising under the Acts where the date of termination of employment or the date of insolvency is on or after 1 May in certain circumstances the employee has the option 2687 nominating whichever date is most favourable to the employee. The Law also contains provisions on making claims, payment of compensatory wages, calculation of the average wage, protection of rights under the Law, penalties, fixing a minimum wage for youth, and the adoption of regulations.

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Law on on Servants No. This instrument fixes statutory minimum rates of remuneration and statutory conditions of employment of agricultural workers as defined by the Industrial Relations Act, Revision of salary schedules raised by an average of 5. Hairdressing Joint Labour Committee Raises the limit within which the government shall meet the obligation of an enterprise which has been declared bankrupt lsy pay unpaid wages to workers.

Payment of Wages Act,No. Guidelines for the Measures, etc.

Contains provisions on servants younger than 21 years old. This Regulation made under section 35 of the Labour Code and approved by the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, prohibits employers from paying employees less than the authorised minimum wage; provides that employees shall be entitled to leave and paid holidays, and that employees working on Fridays or official holidays and leave shall be entitled to 40 per cent more than their usual pay; and provides for wages in the event of suspension of contracts.


Increases pay grades in order to take into account the degree of compleity and specialisation of jobs. Terms of Employment Information Act, No.

Contains provision for compensation in lieu of weekly rest ss. The Law is designed to protect workers’ wages, savings deposited with employers, and retirement allowances from instability of business conditions.

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Italia – Condiciones de empleo – Otros textos circular, lwy, aviso gubernativo, etc. Applies to workers displaced on or after 1 Apr. Approved by the Council of Ministers to cover creation of self-financing Guild societies for each profession in each province; the number of members; election of coordinators of activities at the national level; and election of representatives to conferences under the supervision of the Ministry leyy Labour.

The change of ownership or the merging of companies shall not affect the rights of the employee according to his labour contract. Revision of salary scales for employees of the National Government in the General Category i. The Wage Council decides the wages of numerous civil servants holding high positions. For the first time, part-time workers are included in the operation of the Redundancy Payments Acts see Legislative Series, Ire. Jamaica – Condiciones de empleo – Ley. Specifies the definition of persons with specialized knowledge eligible for contracts with fixed terms.

The State Social Security Institution has the authority to make employment contracts with employers in order to provide work for the disabled.


Regulation concerning working and wage conditions in sectors where all or a part of income is provided by customers Art. Italia – Condiciones de le – Ley. Employee Ly Law Working Conditions It imposes several responsibilities on employers to protect workers’ financial assets.

Raises basic salaries, family allowances and various other allowances. Contains provisions regarding a warranty fund that guarantees the remuneration of workers in case of bankruptcy as well as the claim of a recognized pension fund.

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Parliament enacted this Law to end the strike by the 17 member unions of these two associations. It is made on the recommendation of the Shirtmaking Joint Labour Committee. Provides for annual updating of the minimum wage. Regulation concerning establishment of job classification schemes in the workplace under section 49 of the Labour Code. The employer has to give written notification to the employee on the working conditions no later than 30 days after the beginning of the labour contract.

Provides for the implementation of Council Directive No. An Act to extend full protection under labour legislation to part-time workers who are normally expected to work for at least 8 hours a week and have completed 13 weeks’ service.

Employment Guarantee Fund Act Stipulates that the wages of all workers shall be paid in valid currency, except for fishermen who can be paid 26887 part of the catch.