THE FUTURE OF MONEY Bernard A. Lietaer About the Author Bernard Lietaer had thirty years of professional experiences, which tend to mutually exclude each . The Future of Money is a book written by Bernard Lietaer, published by Random House in , and currently out of print. It was written as an overview of how. The Future of Money has ratings and 14 reviews. Joshua said: Fascinating! It is especially prescient given that it was published in (!) yet seem.

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Along with the other factors, this dematerialization process makes it much harder for governments or regulatory agencies to measure, tax or regulate what is going on. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. Amazon Rapids Fun stories futuee kids on the go.

Financial markets focus on the; next quarter’s results, and even if a particular CEO were to advocate longer-term priorities at the expense of immediate results, he or she would be ruthlessly punished or even removed from office. We learn that ah living things eventually die, and witness the death of a relative, friend, or perhaps a pet.

The Global Eco-village Network GENan association of eco-villages founded inrecommends such joint projects and exchanges between the different participating communities. In this new Millennium, we are being challenged by four megatrends that are converging upon us over the next twenty years, namely: However, he dismisses the possibility of reforming the official money system and fails to consider the effects of the debts generated by the way money gets into circulation.

Whether gradual or cataclysmic, significant world-wide changes are under way in the realm of money. The way interest is built into moneu money system has three consequences.

Stories There will also be stories mat take many forms, from totally real to quite imaginary. Practically nil, because there is no one else with whom to communicate at that point. Likewise, it took between and monfy the price of electricity to drop by just over half.

So when a storm threatened the crop of one of the families, people became less generous with their time to help bring it in before disaster struck. If I think that someone on the other side of the world has stopped believing in the Mexican peso, the Thai baht, or the Russian rouble, then I have to fear that his neighbors may stop believing. Such a community can be the entire global community as is the case of the US dollar by treaty, as long as it is accepted as reserve currencyor a geographically disparate group vuture as Internet participants.


A remarkable variety of non-conventional currencies have already been spawned by current information technologies.

The Future of Money | Currency Solutions for a Wiser World

The fact that changes in money systems are increasingly possible during an information revolution should come as no surprise. What happened instead was a slow and gradual evolution of payment and banking habits. More importantly major opportunities are also becoming available: They also include the Japanese ‘Caring Relationship Tickets’ designed specifically for elderly care, and a Mooney garbage recycling monet.

Similarly, these currencies were designed to foster competition among their users, rather than cooperation. Chapter 8 describes in detail how this is possible. Once you have the credit, you can draw the cheque to pay the seller of the house, who in turn deposits it in his bank account, and the money starts flowing infinitely through the system until someone reimburses a loan, at which point the money is destroyed, disappearing back into the void where it originated see sidebar.

He’s building a beauty now, though, at www.

He is well aware of the power deriving from the issuance and control of the money supply but cannot accept the fact that its divorce from any commodity-base to become pure credit makes it possible for the first time in history to create and control a national currency for the benefit of society, as proposed by James Robertson and Joseph Huber in Creating New Moneyamong others. These two books, both ,ietaer inenvisage an economic breakdown because of the inherent faults in the money system.

In the monetary domain, the privately run ‘Golden Crown’ payment system is used by a group of Russian corporations to barter among themselves. Fiat Lux were the first words that God pronounced, according to Genesis: Whole libraries are being written about moey gee-whiz technologies involved. This momentum of change could become even faster, and the effects more brutal, if the instability of the monetary system continues to spread. That 11th round is a token of appreciation for the technological improvement I just made possible in your lives.

In short, the time has come to pull our heads out of the sand. Such a combination of more or less conscious choices by liftaer many and the few shaped a money system remarkably in tune with the lieraer Victorian English Zeitgeist, the priorities and mindset of an island country poised to carve out its empire in futurd world.


With some understanding of the concepts behind Sustainable Abundance, we can now address what it means in practice.

The only way to eliminate the debts that have built up as a result of the present way of issuing currencies as interest-bearing loans is by creating and issuing enough debt-free and therefore interest-free national currency to retire all the debts. Unemployment used to be primarily a Third World problem, but has now spread to ‘developed’ countries as well. Return to Book Page.

Historical precedents have proven such results, some of them lasting over several centuries. This is not a book on economics or economic theory. With the growing impact of the information revolution, and with repeated shocks to the status quo, symptoms of a much deeper mutation are becoming visible.

Even if they also know your friend, they will be concerned about the shop’s ability to pay its suppliers with the note. Clear-sighted, intellectually challenging, inspirational and controversial. This article has multiple issues.

Because they have experienced a higher quality of care in their relationships with care- givers, the elderly tend to prefer the services provided by people paid in Hureai Kippu over those paid in yen. He notes that climate change and the extinction of biodiversity threaten ‘sustainable abundance’ and that monetary instability liwtaer economies making the drastic changes needed to achieve it. Such changes will happen.

The Japanese government is currently evaluating the possibility of creating an official national clearinghouse to make or transfers available for all types of healthcare time credits everywhere in the country.

The Future of Money

She will simply transfer her credits over the Net to be exchanged for the local currency of the Chinese university town where she plans to live. Kindle Edition Verified Monfy. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.