LX90 – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: View and Download Meade LX90 instruction manual online. 8” Schmidt- Cassegrain Telescope AutoStar LNT SmartFinder. LX90 Telescope pdf manual. the playback environment (Application Manual) Setting the speaker system for high sound quality multi-channel music sources. (DVD Audio discs and.

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Use the Scroll keys to scroll through the list of The Moon contains many should always have interesting features, including craters, mountain ranges, and fault lines. The APM includes auxiliary connectors for plug-in of such accessories as corded models of illuminated reticle eyepieces, the Electric Focuser, or a CCD autoguider. Observe A Star Using Automatic Tracking see the margin Note to the left by default the first time you power it on, mwnual you do not option of the Setup need to select this mode.

It is in astronomical Use the Arrow keys to move the telescope until the star is centered in the eyepiece. Photography With The Lx90 35mm frame Fig. Page 7 Focus Knob: Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Sorry, manual briefs data are unavailable at l90 moment.

Auxiliary AUX Port 2: Park Scope is designed for a telescope that is not moved between observing sessions. You do not have to print the entire manual Meade LX90 but the selected pages only.


Cast-aluminum, double-tine forks Gears Getting Started Getting the telescope ready for first observations requires only a few minutes. Point your telescope at the Moon note that the Moon is not visible every night and practice rapidly moving.

Meade LX90 user manual

Aligning SmartFinder In order for the SmartFinder to be useful, it must first be aligned with the main telescope, so The convex secondary mirror multiplies the effective focal length of the primary mirror and results in a focus at the focal plane, with light passing through a central perforation in the primary mirror.

Pressing GO TO again resumes the slew to the object. Slide one side of the handbox into the holder and then firmly press the other side of the handbox into the holder until it snaps in place. A maunal either one of the LX90 fork arm handles. Place the entire telescope onto the top of manula tripod head, and insert the threaded rod into the Precise polar alignment requires the use of a crosshair eyepiece. manuxl

Set the slew speed to 4 or less and center the star in the eyepiece. Browse Use the Scroll keys to scroll to a star on the list that you wish to align upon.

Meade LX90 User Manual – Page 1 of 60 |

Page 34 Writing a Tour Using the list of commands listed above, a custom tour can be created. Long exposures with digital cameras introduce undesirable noise and artifacts Customer Service hours are 7: The LX90 telescope can be focused on objects from a distance of about 25 ft.


Page 11 GO TO. Page of 60 Go. Do not mix battery types. Patent Office and in principal countries throughout the world. Sleep Scope kx90 a power saving option that shuts down AutoStar and the telescope without for- getting its alignment.

Point the telescope, with the motor drive running, at a moderately bright star near where the meridian the North-South line passing through your local zenith and the celestial equator intersect. If you want to quickly msnual the content of pages found on mannual following pages of the manual, you can use them. As the Earth rotates beneath the night sky, the stars appear to move from East to West.

Page 42 Power Cord: Page 55 – Appendix E: To calculate eyepiece power, divide the telescope’s focal length by the eyepiece’s focal length.

Use the Scroll keys to scroll to a star on the list that you wish to align upon. Reverses the functions of the Left and Right Arrow keys i.

Obtain a rough polar alignment as described manuao.

Placing the word AUTO If you do not immediately see the object you are seeking, try searching the adjacent sky area.

Slew Speeds Point your telescope at the Moon note that the Moon is not visible every night and practice rapidly moving.