Jean-François Lyotard Translated by Georges Van den Abbeele. The Differend. “ This work is of vital importance in a period when revisionism of all stripes. Expressing the Inexpressible: Lyotard and the Differend Jacob M. Held Marquette University Department of Philosophy Coughlin Hall P.O. Box Jean-François Lyotard in Continental Philosophy. (categorize this paper) Shifting the Ground of the Moral Domain in Lyotard’s Le Ophir –

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This region is material like the body, but it is not yet organizedthus the figure of dismemberment. Lyotard rejects the claims of any discourse to be grounded in truth. Toward the Postmodern, ed.

Thee different roles that a phrase can fill are called ph rase regimens. Lyotarv In Sign Kyotard. Situation takes place when the instances of the phrase universe are fixed through the concatenation of phrases.

Firstly, postmodernism is said to be the avant-garde movement always at work within modernism itself. Of course this proposal goes counter to much of what Lyotard says in hi s work, but ultimately it is the only viable solution to the problems he has add ressed.

Jean Francois Lyotard The Differend Phrases In Dispute

Lyotard insists that phrases lyotars, of necessity, follow other phrases – even silence is a kind of phrase, with its own generic effects. Setup an account with your affiliations in order to access resources via your Vifferend proxy server Configure custom proxy use this if your affiliation does not provide a proxy.

It is that which is so new and different it can only be called modern in retrospect. Nested inside this procession of propositions are intermittent series of paragraphs which discuss, in a smaller font, related writings of other philosophers and this internal progression of the argument dirferend its own numbering system.

He champions paralogy over performativity, since it contributes to healthy research in the sciences and undermines the hegemonic control capital attempts to have. Affects are structured and interpreted in systems made up of dispositifslibidinal dispositions or set-ups, and society is composed of multitudes of different dispositions that compete to exploit the energies of libidinal events.


However, different phrase regimens can be brought together through genres. Difderend, Ashley, Nihilism lotard Postmodernity: Their continued existence already necessitates the coldness, of the basic principle of capitalist subjectivity, without which Auschwitz would not have been possible: Phrase regimens fix the instances of the phrase universe within a concatenation; these regimens are syntactic types of phrases such as the cognitive, the descriptive, the prescriptive, the interrogative, the evaluative, and so on.

Expressing the Inexpressible: Lyotard and the Differend | Jacob Held –

The Marxist metanarrative gives science a role in the emancipation of humanity. The differend, therefore, cannot be phrased. Furthermore, Lyotard introduces a notion of ‘terror’ that he develops more fully in his later works, indicating the suppression of Algerian culture by the imposition of foreign French cultural forms. Events always exceed interpretation; there is always something “left over” that an interpretation does not account for.

When he returned to France in the early fifties, Lyotard arrived in a nation that had allowed itself to forget the Holocaust and the fate of French Jews at the hands of the French collaborationists and had rewritten the story of the Occupation as one of brave resistance and victimhood.

The Davies Group, The Assassination of Experience by Painting, Monory, trans. Gaming and the Question of Morality: After his break with Marxism and rejection of totalising theory, he sought to develop a theory that will take account of multiple and different forces and desires at work in any political or social situation, from the writing of theory to revolutionary politics to global economics.

Algeria In the fifteen years between his first two books of philosophy, Lyotard devoted all his writing efforts to the cause of revolutionary politics.

The Differend

Lyotard then defines reality as this complex of possible senses attached to a referent through dicferend name. One becomes a victim if one loses th ese means. In a schism erupted in Socialisme ou Barbarie over Castoriadis’ new theoretical direction for the group.

In the near future, he predicts, education will no longer be given “en bloc” to people in their youth as a preparation for life. One must, in the end, diferend a self-reflective solution that does minimal violence.


However, to attempt to solve the differe nd by phrasing it or addressing it in any way is to do further violence to the v ictim. His prime concern is that the structures that exploit libidinal intensities tend to become hegemonic. Remember me on this computer.

If you have found this material useful, please give credit to. Sheilds, Rob and Heidi Bickis eds. A Lyotardian Critique of the Democratization of Knowledge. State University of New York Press, What he is denying is the possibility of a discourse that will give us adequate criteria for judgement in each and every case.

The differend is experienced as a feeling of not being able to find the words to express something; it signals the limits of one language game or phrase regime and the attempt to move on to another one.

A differend is opposed to a litigation – a dispute which can be equitably resolved because the parties involved can agree on a rule of judgement. In a litigation, the plaintiff’s wrong can be presented. If this in fact is the c ase, then one quickly recognizes that Lyotard either has not found the adequate solution to this problem, or his philosophy precludes any solution whatsoever.

The problem of course is that a feeling is by definition subje ctive, so one must be able to distinguish between a true differend and a mistake n reaction or feeling.

Certainly much of what Lyotard foresaw has come to differedn Both are concerned with the unpresentable: If one attempts to occupy the position of the victim one will always misrepresent that victim since one can never fully grasp the nature of th e injustice given its inexpressible nature. Aesthetics and Theory of Art, ed.

For him this case is the archetype of a differend; a violence done without witnesses without the possibility of resolution or expression. Different types of utterances, as identified by Wittgenstein, pertain to different types of language games.