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andi garcia meet the little fockers online

Little Fockers is a American comedy film and sequel to Meet the Parents ( ) and Meet when he sees him with drug representative Andi Garcia (Alba), who openly flirts with him, and the presence . A second trailer was released online November 10, attached with Morning Glory, Unstoppable and Skyline. Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower at an event for Little Fockers () Teri Polo and Ben Stiller in Little Fockers () John Hamburg at an All hell breaks loose when the Byrnes family meets the Focker family for the first time. . Andi Garcia . Amazon Affiliates. Amazon Video Watch Movies & TV Online · Prime Video. Little Fockers is the latest, eagerly awaited instalment of a trilogy of films that started ten years ago with Meet The Parents.

Jack always says that Greg's job is "male nurse" rather than just "nurse". Even though Jack is one of the best examples of a Knight Templar Parent, his favorite song is the one that exemplifies childlike innocence: Pam's entire family, in fact, except Dina and Pam herself.

Even his cat is a Jerkass. The redneck cop in the second movie. The Lawful Stupid airline employees that Greg had to put up with in the first film.

andi garcia meet the little fockers online

Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Jack - he clearly loves his daughter and wants only the best for her, but his extreme Papa Wolf personality makes it difficult for her to have any successful relationships. Jerk with a Heart of Jerk: That said, he does push it with how much he tortures and refuses to reason with Greg and his family.

The "Circle Of Trust" and control-freak tendencies make it clear he's pretty difficult to live with. All 3 movies revel in being this. In the third movie, Andi Garcia drunkenly forces herself onto Greg while at his house, despite knowing that he's married and he objects. She never gets her comeuppance for it; she doesn't even get fired, despite acting unprofessional for the entire movie. Jack in the first film never faces any real consequence for bullying Greg. The second film is better about this.

You could say the two heart attacks in the third film are Jack's karma. He would at least have to learn to keep his composure and temper under control from that point onward, or risk a third, and likely fatal, heart attack.

Little Fockers

Denny, Pam's pothead brother, never gets any comeuppance for framing Greg for smoking marijuana in the first film. In the second however, Dina mentions that he was sent to military school, so it seems that karma caught up with him off-screen. Jack, who dotes on Jinx like crazy. The "kindhearted" part is extremely debatable to say the least, though. This describes Jack Byrnes to a T.

The Koshers - er, Fockers, oh damn. The airline employees, particularly the one who makes Greg wait until his row gets called for boarding The redneck cop in the second film. He is following the standard list of what to do if an officer pulls someone over and the driver turns hostile—the problem being that this means he won't listen to what Jack, Greg or Bernie have to say when they try to explain themselves and pretty much brutalizes them when they turn "uncooperative" which is when they try to insist and raise their voices, otherwise remaining peaceful.

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Let Her Grow Up, Dear: Pam's mom is definitely more supportive of her relationship with Gaylord than Jack ever will be. This scene was heavily used to promote the film.

Jack places his thumbs on Greg's wrists as an impromptu lie detector in their last major scene. Which may border on to research failure as using your thumbs to take a person's pulse is not correct; your thumb has its own pulse and thus may give a false reading.

Some have speculated that Jack was counting on Greg not knowing that, and getting distracted from hiding other signs that he's lying. See Ethnic Menial Labor above. The Maiden Name Debate: In the second movie, Pam confirms that she will indeed take Greg's name, she doesn't care how embarassing it may sound. Inverted; although Greg scored top marks in medical school, he chose to be a nurse so he could spend more time with patients.

Jack and the rest of the Byrnes family which include several doctors themselves grill him on why he just didn't become a doctor and even refuse to believe he passed his MCAT with top marks.

One of the plot points of the third film. The headmistress of the school in the third film mistakes Greg and Jack for being married. Happens to Greg when he gets kicked off an airplane in the first movie. Towards the end of the third film. Greg tries to present a peace offering to Jack, who looks like he's about ready to accept, until he punches Greg in the face. Jessica Alba shows a lot in Little Fockers.

This is Murphy's Law: Greg by the third movie, able to stand up for himself against Jack's usual misunderstandings. Dina's the only member of Pam's family who is remotely nice to Greg. Overly Long Gag - see Punny Name below.

When he's finally called out on his crap, Pam points out that every man she's ever dated was highly nervous when they were around her after meeting him.

Jack to a disturbing degree. Bernie Focker when he finds out that Jack drugged Greg with truth serum. Greg's suitcase gets lost in-flight. A suitcase is found matching the description and delivered to him at the parents of his girlfriend.

He attempts to open it but can't and leaves for the day, leaving his prospective father-in-law alone at the house. We see a neon beer sign in a bar window. People drink in a bar, including Greg who has a drink while Andi has wine. After saying she can't believe she slept with a guy there in the past, following drinking tequila and rum chasersshe asks Greg to order her a margarita.

We see a tattoo of Pam's face on Kevin's lower back, with him saying he got that during a drunken bender. Greg sarcastically refers to Kevin's "bubble butt" girlfriend and doing shots off Deepak Chopra's butt.

andi garcia meet the little fockers online

Andi stops by Greg's under construction home with food and wine. After they finish one bottle, she opens another and then takes some ED medicine to get her even more aroused for Greg and shoots two shots of some nasal medication up her nose. She then aggressively comes on to him in that state.

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Dina holds a tropical looking drink at a party, while Roz also has a drink. After Greg persuades his son to eat some food at dinner despite Pam saying the boy is queasythe kid projectile vomits all over his father's face.

Suddenly distracted while carving the turkey, Greg accidentally slices his finger. We don't see the actual cut, but do see blood squirt everywhere, including onto Jack played for laughs. We later see a bloody bandage on Greg's finger. We see a brain being handled by a teacher in a science class. Greg tells a white lie to his young son that he was helping Jack make "wee-wee" about the boy seeing him administering an adrenaline shot to Jack's penis to alleviate a chronic erection -- not seen.

Meeting Prudence, young Henry asks her to pull his finger, so she does and he lets out a fart. Greg has a little bit of blood on his face temple, cheek and lip after fighting Jack. Bernie shows young Henry and Sam a whoopee cushion, explains what it is, and has Jack lift his leg as he Bernie compresses the gag item, which makes a farting sound.

Bernie then says they all need to laugh at what makes them human, including gas, burping and picking one's nose and flicking the buggers, although he adds those should be the dry and not wet kind.

He then says he snipped some of Jack's "pubes" while he was out in order to do hereditary testing. Jack tells Greg they should plant an explosive in his other son-in-law's stove to make it look like an accidental gas explosion for the man cheating on Jack's daughterbut then adds that he's joking.


Jack lets Randy know he thinks the latter is taking advantage of Greg in terms of leaving a huge hole in his backyard when they're having a party there in two days.

The two men get into it and Greg has to separate them.

andi garcia meet the little fockers online

Roz talks about her son's sex life on her TV show without his permission. Young Sam refuses to talk to her father and instead blows raspberries at him. Too proud to tell Jack that he Greg might be a spokesperson for ED medication, Greg tells a white lie to him about going to a dinner. Jack tries covertly to follow Greg when he goes out for the evening, and tells white lies about why he's out.