Cml sml relationship between

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cml sml relationship between

What is the difference between Capital Market Line and Securities Market Line? Security Market Line (SML): SML estimates the return of a single security. CML consists of efficient portfolios, while the SML is concerned with all 11 The SML can be used to analyze the relationship between risk and required return. Riskless ReturnCapital Market Line (CML) vsSecurity Market Line (SML) by Riskless Return• According to CAPM, CML and SML are both.

Every investor has their own utility function representing their risk and return preferences i. These utility curves are upward sloping reflecting that more risk will only be taken in exchange for more return. The steeper the slope the more risk averse the investor.

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We can map these indifference curves against the capital asset allocation line CALwhich is the set of all efficient portfolios. The point of tangency is the utility maximizing, or optimal portfolio more detail for the CFA Level 3 context in this post.

Combining a Risk-free Asset with a Portfolio of Risky Assets We just established the capital asset allocation line as the line plotting the possible combinations of the risk free asset and a portfolio of risky assets.

If investors have different expectations of expected return they will each have a different CAL. The capital market line CML is the specific instance where we define the risky portfolio as the market portfolio.

Combining a Risk-free Asset with a Portfolio of Risky Assets

In this case investors can combine the risky market portfolio and the risk-free asset portfolios in-line with their risk preferences to build superior risk-return portfolios. Graphically, the CML shows expected portfolio return as a linear function of portfolio risk.

The y-intercept is the risk free rate and the slope is the market risk premium. Any point up and to the left of the CML is not achievable.

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With the CML we assume that every investor can both invest and borrow at the risk-free rate. Why does the risk-free asset allow us to build better risk-return portfolios? Remember that the availability of a risk-free asset allows investors to build portfolios with superior risk-return properties. By combining a risk-free asset with a portfolio of risky assets, the overall risk and return can be adjusted to appeal to investors with various degrees of risk aversion.

The capital asset pricing model The CAPM Capital Asset Pricing Modelderived using principles of diversification with simplified assumptions, is the equilibrium model that underlies all modern financial theory.

Because it builds on the Markowitz portfolio model, it requires the same assumptions, along with some additional ones: Investors only need to know expected returns, variances, and covariances in order to create optimal portfolios.


Investors have homogeneous expectations: All assets are marketable. The market for assets is perfectly competitive.

cml sml relationship between

Individual investors are price takers. Investors can borrow and lend any amount of money at the risk-free rate of return. There are no taxes or transaction costs involved in buying or selling assets. The CAPM equation is: It uses the SML or security market line to compare the relationship between risk and return.

Unlike the CML, which uses standard deviation as a risk measure on the X axis, the SML uses the market Beta, or the relationship between a security and the marketplace.

cml sml relationship between

The use of beta enables an investor to compare the relationship between a single security and the market return, rather than a single security with each and every security as Markowitz did.