Colliepops meet the collie club

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colliepops meet the collie club

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Within ten years it had spread across the country. Disease-carrying mosquitoes are found in the lower 48 states and the District of Columbia. West Nile is spread by the bite of an infected mosquito. In 80 percent of people there are no symptoms.

In the other 20 percent the first Symptoms of infection are a mild fever and a skin rash along with conjunctivitis and muscle or joint pain. According to the World Health Organization the virus has been associated with a steep increase in the number of babies born with microcephaly a rare condition that is associated with smaller-thannormal head size and incomplete brain development to mothers who were infected while pregnant.

The CDC has advised pregnant women and women planning to become pregnant to delay their travel to nearly two dozen countries where Zika virus is present and if they do travel to talk with their health care provider and take precautions to avoid mosquito bites. These include frequent application of insect repellent wearing clothes that cover as much of the body as possible and avoiding exposure during times when Aedes mosquitoes are active.

Serious cases can lead to inflammation of the brain causing disorientation convulsions and paralysis. West Nile is easy to diagnose with a blood test and is treated by managing the symptoms. To avoid West Nile disease use insect repellents containing DEET wear long sleeves and pants from dusk to dawn eliminate standing water around your home and support your local mosquito control programs. Chagas disease Once considered an exotic illness Chagas is starting to take hold across the country.

This disease is caused by a protozoan parasite and is transmitted by kissing bugs or triatomine bugs.

The bugs bite a sleeping person who then scratches the bug s feces into their bite wound. Early symptoms include fever body aches eyelid swelling nausea and swollen glands. Many people initially have no symptoms but left untreated Chagas can cause serious cardiac and digestive system complications including sudden heart failure decades later. It is treated with anti-parasitics and by managing the symptoms.

These are trips especially designed for women and geared toward meeting women s needs. You have to understand that you are your own entity and we somehow lose that when we wear the multiple hats of wife mom sister friend etc. I want to bring a level of serenity and composure back to your world where you can rediscover yourself without the guilt and understand that it s okay to take care of yourself while also giving a bit of yourself to other like-minded women.

When you choose AdventureHER Travel you choose a service-driven company that cares about you personally as well as professionally We can custom create a travel experience for you and your group and solo travelers are encouraged and welcomed. We believe in paying it forward and when you book with us a portion of your fee is donated to the Assistance League of Denver to support their programs for women and children. Women travel differently and we cater to those differences. Women who choose this company are looking to connect with other women.

They need time to play and relax they love nature and adventure. Health and wellness are among their interests and priorities. Our trips and tour director are fun Kim Beaupre owner of AdventureHER Travel is a graduate of the International Guide Academy which prepared her for success as a qualified tour manager.

Prior to founding AdventureHER Travel Kim worked for 30 years in the fields of education and business the knowledge and skills she gained from those experiences serve her well as a professional in the travel and tourism industry. Kim s easy-going yet dynamic personality and positive attitude resourcefulness and commitment to service will make your tour a success.

It still is I ve evolved from using prepackaged instant oats the ones you can zap in a microwave in just 30 seconds to steel-cut Irish oats that require a good half hour of slow simmering on the stove. This savory summer salad blends bulgur with olive oil lemon juice herbs spices and vegetables then it s chilled to let the flavors meld. Bulgur is high in fiber at about 18 by pat t y cook grams per serving. It is also a source of mangahe convenience of quick-cooking grains such as oats and rice means they ll always have a place in the pantry.

Hownese niacin iron and vitamin B6. Quinoa is a popular new ancient grain. Grown in South America quinoa provides complete protein it contains all nine essential amino acids and is gluten and cholesterol free.

Said to promote a healthy immune system quinoa provides 8 grams of protein per serving fiber riboflavin thiamin and niacin. It also delivers 20 percent of the daily requirements for iron and phosphorus together with 9 percent of potassium and 2 percent of calcium.

Barley is an ancient grain most familiar to Americans as an ingredient in soups and stews. With origins in Ethiopia and Southwest Asia barley is thought to enhance immune properties as T ever whole grains have had a place in pantries since ancient times. These grains must sometimes be soaked much like beans and often take longer to cook. They also deliver more nutrition than their quick-cooking cousins.

Let s explore eight grains that have been a source of nutrition for hundreds or even thousands of years with a look at how each one stacks up in nutritional value. Bulgur wheat is the main component of tabbouleh an Arabic dish that dates back about 4 years. COM well as improve metabolism.

This grain is high in fiber B vitamins iron copper manganese and selenium. It s also low in calories and has less starch than pasta or rice. When you re cooking with barley you ll find it absorbs a lot of liquid so pay attention to cooking directions.

Barley should be rinsed well before cooking and it requires at least three cups of liquid for every cup of barley. Polenta is an Italian grain made from ground corn.

Polenta can be used in the same way as corn meal boiled baked fried or grilled. This grain delivers more protein than a large egg at about eight grams per serving and is high in vitamins A and C. Polenta made from whole-grain corn is also rich in minerals such as iron thiamin zinc phosphorus and magnesium.

Farro is also known as an Italian grain but it was used in bread baking in ancient Egypt. This dense grain is also known as Emmer wheat. It s high in fiber and protein as well as niacin magnesium and zinc. It can be cooked as a side dish and used in soups and salads.

Spelt is a grain similar to farro in many ways. It dates back to medieval times and although it is a member of the wheat family people with wheat intolerance issues are sometimes able to tolerate spelt. This is another grain that is high in fiber protein magnesium zinc and iron. It can be used as a side dish in pasta and as a substitute for wheat flour in most recipes. Kamut is a grain that dates back to ancient Egypt and Asia. Kamut is about two or three times the size of common wheat and has more protein and amino acids than common wheat.

In addition to being an excellent complex carbohydrate kamut is a good source of thiamin niacin folate riboflavin vitamin B6 vitamin E phosphorus magnesium and zinc. This is a grain that is best when soaked in water before cooking much like dried beans. Moving from one of the largest grains to one of the smallest we have teff the seed of an Ethiopian grass.

Ethiopian restaurants use teff to make injera bread the spongy flatbread that accompanies stews. Uncooked teff can replace grains and seeds in baking. It can also be used to thicken soups and stews. This nutritious grain is made up mostly of bran and germ and is practically gluten free. Teff is high in protein and fiber and delivers nutrients including calcium thiamin and iron.

If any of these grains are new to you look for them at grocery or specialty food stores. Try something new and enjoy meals with more diverse carbohydrates. These foods will deliver quality nutrition that home cooks have served up for thousands of years.

Johnson Superintendent of the U. Johnson has accomplished in her career with the United States Air Force. However what sets her apart and technologically cognizant. I realized that I could serve for a while and then get my education. When I showed up at the Academy in I never would have thought that in I would be where I am today she said. A National Merit Scholar in high school her knowledge of the armed forces was limited at first but excited about exploring more than just the corn fields she decided that serving her country was her passport to the world.

President Gerald Ford had signed a law in that opened doors for women within the military arena and Lt. Johnson lost no time taking advantage of that opportunity.

While there she grew from within while proving her worth in a male-dominated organization. She received extensive military training balanced with a solid academic program that allowed her to experience studies in both technical fields and the humanities. She also played intercollegiate sports and developed her leadership style. Yes she will speak her mind and enjoy the results and yes she does have a strong presence that commands respect but at the same time beneath the highly decorated uniform is a compassionate and down-to-earth woman who has always had her feet on the ground even when reaching for the skies.

While her current role as the 19th Superintendent of the U. Air Force Academy requires strict attention to detail Lt. Johnson all but glosses over her curriculum vitae. She gives the appearance that she has emerged from her achievements relatively unscratched that what she has gained and solidified over the course of her career is a long-standing respect for her country and those who proudly serve it while simultaneously giving a strong nod to people around the globe who stand in solidarity for peace and goodwill.

Johnson embraced a lot of firsts as she emerged beyond the glass ceiling. Those successes served as the springboard for her continued contribution in her service to the nation. Upon completion of her studies at Oxford University she transitioned to pilot training earning her wings as a C cargo pilot. That experience took her to all points of the world from Africa to the South Pacific to the Middle East as she flew transport and provided air refueling aircraft to assist global operations often with little notice and in places that would strike fear in the bravest of soldiers.

Johnson however she was embracing a cornucopia of life experiences while serving others throughout the world.

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She was an ambassador to the world and today she maintains that sense of duty and commitment to her country in her role as Superintendent to the U. Air Force Academy a role about which she is quite serious and for which she is highly suited. Johnson hailed from a roll up your sleeves and wipe the sweat off your brow farm girl mentality. As a young girl she scaled the rooftops of the Iowa farm buildings and looked out at the seemingly endless horizon pondering the possibilities for her future.

She instinctively knew there was a great big world out there and she had to grab hold of the courage to defy her presumed limitations and claim her stake in it.

It was a mighty task for such a young girl but from the beginning she was always up for a challenge. On one particular career day while in high school she heard a presentation from a liaison officer with the Air Force Academy that opened the first door to her dreams.

I realized that there are so many aspects of service and this man s presentation intrigued me because of the education one is provided at a service academy incorporating both liberal arts studies and STEM classes while at the same time equipping students to be leaders still earning her wings with respect to professional growth within this honored capacity.

I see myself as a work in progress she professed. Being a change agent takes determination and perseverance and as you move toward more of a senior position that is amplified. I have a tremendous leadership team to make this institution even greater. I am trying to grow as a leader by becoming less hands on and assuming more of a coaching role.

Johnson was no exception. I remember a professor of mine suggesting I should compete for the Rhodes Scholarship and at the time I thought that was a crazy idea but I did it anyway she noted. And the idea of my becoming a pilot was equally crazy. I mean I wear glasses but I did it. At service academies like this we expose people to things and give them a sense of responsibility and of something that is beyond their age or even their range of thinking.

Johnson certainly understood this when she first began her academic career at the Academy. I had to grow up quickly as a woman minority she recalled. When I entered there was a 12 percent cap of women who were admitted to the Academy. That alone is something that gives you an education on how people do or do not accept change. And while being a woman in a primarily In military service there are so many dimensions of what we can do.

Just being exposed to big operations helps you understand the country and how big organizations work. As such we must trust each other s competence and integrity. Under the uniform we are still Americans but with a different kind of respect for others and for ourselves.

colliepops meet the collie club

There is a strong sense of family and camaraderie here. I told him my story his reply was Only in America could something like that happen she mused. Outside of the Academy and in her civilian clothes Lt. Johnson enjoys spending time with her husband a retired Air Force pilot and their twin sons age 13 who were born when Lt.

Johnson was a base commander. Her husband a VMI grad and electrical engineer by trade retired after 20 years of service to become a stay-at-home dad. That s how we survive said Lt. Plus he s a better cook than I am. Johnson is on full throttle and continues to grow in her role while continuing to stretch herself beyond her comfort zone.

In leadership you sometimes have to learn when to let go she asserted. Her commitment to improving the Academy and creating future leaders is undeniable and she leaves no stone unturned when it comes to her duties. We have to be secure here but open she said. We have more than tourists a year and it s a significant burden to ensure everyone is safe.

We have to be creative mindful and flexible in a world where threats aren t always obvious. We have to use best practices by being wary but not grim. She also hopes to continue the legacy of giving women and men the best opportunities they can achieve through their years of military service.

The modern profession of arms has become a male-dominated arena was one of her initial challenges over the years she has seen that perspective evolve. Now the acceptance or lack thereof comes more from my specialty and not necessarily my gender or race or where I am from she explained. While many of her experiences accomplishments and accolades contain page-turning stories and anecdotes Lt. Johnson referred to a few with grace and humility.

P we were in the midst of the air operations. E over Libya in August It was my job to brief NATO on what happened and it was an honor to be part of that effort. I could not imagine something like that sitting out on that barn roof when I was a child she reflected. Another memorable moment was when she attended a S. COM network of operations she emphasized.

In military service there are so many dimensions of what we can do. Having moved 19 times to date throughout her career from that farm house in Iowa to her post at the Academy Lt. Johnson has put many pins on the map but for now she seems to be right at home as she assists with the continued growth of this most revered military academy. HLM For more information on Lt.

COM 17 HERLIFE RECIPES Baked shrimp with tomatoes and feta Serves 4 Prep time 10 minutes Cook time 30 minutes ingredients 2 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil 1 small sweet onion finely diced 3 garlic cloves minced 1 tablespoon lemon juice 2 tablespoons white wine teaspoon dried oregano teaspoon ground black pepper cup frozen sweet peas defrosted 1 can 14 ounce diced tomatoes drained 1 pounds large shrimp peeled and deveined cup about 2 ounces crumbled feta cheese chopped fresh parsley French baguette sliced directions Preheat oven to degrees.

Coat a 3-quart baking dish with nonstick cooking spray. Heat oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high. Add in onion and saut for minutes until soft and translucent. Add in garlic cook for another 30 seconds while stirring. Add in lemon juice wine oregano pepper peas and tomatoes bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 5 minutes. Transfer mixture to the baking dish. Sprinkle the feta cheese evenly over the top.

Bake for 10 minutes or until shrimp are done and cheese has melted. Sprinkle with parsley and serve immediately with bread if desired. HLM recipes and p hot ogr ap hy by b elly full.

In a large bowl whisk eggs with 1 2 teaspoon salt. In a medium nonstick ovenproof skillet heat oil over medium. Add onion and jalape o cook stirring until tender and translucent about 3 minutes. Add zucchini and corn cook until tender about minutes. Pour eggs into skillet with the vegetables. Cook until sides just begin to set about minutes. Transfer skillet to oven broil until just set in the middle lightly golden and puffed on top minutes. Remove from oven careful handle will be hot Turn out onto a cutting board and cut into triangles.

Serve hot warm or cold for breakfast lunch or dinner HLM recipes and p hot ogr ap hy by b elly full. Higher-scoring wine may sell more in by me l i ssa haines lavin volume thus increasing the bottom line as a asting notes and descriptions of wine have existed from the beginning of winemaking history. When the vintage is selected result of marketing the coveted higher score.

Before the numerical rating systems consumers might have relied on publications such as Consumer Reports with reviews and ratings based on objective sets of classifications. But now that communication marketing and business move at the speed of light it s critical that wine producers strive for market share edging out competition.

Rating systems come in all shapes sizes and formats. But how can the judges tell a 95 from a 75 Just as we experienced a grading system of A through F in elementary school with set criteria for each grade wine judges and critics have guidelines and specific criteria when they embark on a wine tasting. The venue may determine more specific criteria but regardless of the credentials wine critics possess three basic guidelines are in place each time.

T bottled and available for sale or distribution the winemaker creates tasting notes as a guide to the buyer denoting the varietal blend vineyard location alcohol percentage nuances in oak fruit and complexity. Food pairing suggestions may even be included. These notes will always be helpful to wine enthusiasts regardless of the rating or score of the particular wine.

It became a little controversial when the rating systems evolved to a numerical scoring system that purists believe removed the individuality from the wine ratings creating an open road to globalizing wine rather than supporting the nuances of individual locality style and terroir. COM Look The judges use clear stemware on white linen tablecloths to better frame the color and appearance of the wine being judged.

All white wines are not the same colo and actually will have a golden green or tan hue whereas red wines can range from pink to deep purple or brown. This visual helps determine age. Smell As the glass is swirled the wine s aroma and body are opened up for the nose to take in the first impressions and display how much sugar may be in the wine as it clings to the glass.

Even after only a moment the trained nose can pick up where the vineyard may be located and what nuances are specific to the type of wine.

Taste Most critics look for balance in the wine with several sips in succession swirling the wine in the mouth and noting acid sweetness alcohol specific flavors to the wine and overall flavor compared to mouth feel. Did it linger on the palate or disappear after a flat entrance onto the tongue You ll find wines rated from participation in international wine competitions state fair wine competitions wine publications and retailer suggestions and even rated by the wine team at your local market.

In each case the wine that receives a favorable rating will be promoted accordingly. With so many rating scales to choose from how do consumers make sense of it all point scale Achieving 95 to qualifies the wine as classic great wine and this is the most common rating scale seen today on super- market shelves in tasting notes and on wine lists.

The point scale derived from Robert Parker s The Wine Advocate is similar to the educational grading system and is a much-sought-after recognition by many wine producers. For many of us even the low score of 75 would be a drinkable wine and would not stop me from buying or sharing a bottle of wine that resonated with me. Maynard Amerine of UC Davis Viticulture remains a highly respected authority in this area and Jancis Robinson is a current proponent of this system.

This rating system usually appears as stars or asterisks and has been very user friendly since its introduction in many wine guides notably John and Erica Platter s first South African wine guidebook. You are by far the best wine judge for your palate with the unique food and life pairings you enjoy. Develop your own rating system In truth some folks happily use the beauty and design of the label to decide their wine purchase that s a story for another day Enjoy your St.

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Perhaps some children are just born with the desire to see themselves work hard and do well. We want our offspring to be prosperous but unless they are just lucky they probably won t get very far with their looks and a ho-hum drive to succeed.

But why not give them a great base for future success both personally and for a future career by instilling a strong work ethic now Where do we start Lead by example Let s face it.

Kids have a lot of growing up to do Our model of behavior couldn t be more important especially when it comes to taking pride in our own accomplishments. Everything we do our kids see and soak in from how we approach deadlines on time or tardy to the way we talk about our work positively or negatively. By showing pride in our own accomplishments chances are very good that our daughter will too. If she has seen you working toward significant goals with a generally good spirit then that is what she knows.

Chances are she will grow into a fairly well-rounded individual who understands the rewards of hard work because you showed her what it s all about. Routine We all know it can be easier just to take out the trash ourselves. We don t have to ask someone to do it remind them repeatedly to get Instilling a strong work ethic in our kids The dreaded Ugh Mom echoes throughout the house on a busy Wednesday night.

Why do I have to empty the dishwasher I just did it six days ago. Sound familiar Most kids prefer to have their cake and eat it too. Why should they have to clean the dishes when they are finished by l i sa taranto butler it done and show them what to do when the garbage bag leaks. Knowing how to take care of ourselves and do it well provides us with self-esteem. With younger children the time commitment is even more in depth.

Showing them how to do a chore a few times and then working alongside them to make sure they understand may be time consuming but the habit is formed by the repetition. Just when you think your three-year-old has no idea how to clean up her toys she ends up surprising you by putting them all away and in almost the right place by doing even the not-so-great stuff such as making their bed or decluttering their closet.

The imbedded pride comes in accomplishing everyday tasks on a regular basis. Clear directions and direct consequences Along the same lines as habit giving clear instructions is important for a child to know not only when his job is finished correctly but also how he should get to that point. And just as directions are important so are the repercussions when the work is not complete. If work is missed then children need to know what the consequences will be for not doing it.

For example if the cat s litter box isn t cleaned something must happen. If mom has to clean the litter box then she won t have time to drive a certain someone to a friend s house. Kids are apt to remember that the next time kitty needs a cleanup. Hallelujah Valuable work For kids to appreciate the work they are doing they need to find it valuable. Children who are not required to perform daily tasks or who are regularly excused from completing their chores may not gain that sense of value.

Kids don t have to win the spelling bee or score a touchdown just to feel good about themselves. They gain great levels of confidence Yes we can praise our children We ve sacrificed with time and effort and while it may be easy to focus on the need to constantly point out improvement areas dwelling on what they do right will get them further in the long run. Encouragement and confirmation go a long way. Although it is often difficult aim to praise 90 percent more than you point out mistakes and missteps.

The good jobs and attaboys not only inspire kids to continue working hard but make us as parents feel better too. A final tip here leave some space.

As you are putting items away don t feel as if you have to fill up every drawer bin cubby or shelf. Leave some space around objects for a nice clean and organized look. Take a peek at these ten ways to help de-clutter your children s rooms which includes having them help with the process. They will be learning good habits for the future benefit of your organized household.

Which items are really important Identify clothes toys and other items that are truly important to you and your kids. Take inventory of what toys they currently play with sincerely enjoy and honestly love.

Then it s time to ditch the rest of it. Start with one section creating a pile for keeps a pile for donating and a pile for trashing. Put the for keeps stuff back in its proper place then move on to the next section. A great time to take inventory of your children s room and get rid of the excess stuff is during Christmas and birthdays. These two occasions bring in tons of new toys clothes and accessories.

Make room for these new items by cleaning out the old stuff. COM Keep the kids messes restricted to their rooms. Do not let the chaos spread across the entire house. If they want to play with something in the living room let them choose one item and then require them to put it back before pulling out another toy. Try using bins and cubical storage to keep things organized. Bins with or without lids make it easy for kids to toss their stuff into without a lot of work or thought. Keep the process simple.

Add labels when possible. A picture on the front will help young kids relate to what is supposed to go in that bin. These bins are great for small pieces necessary to be happy. Bonus less stuff to rummage through allows your kids to find the things they want to play with easily. Tip Choose quality over quantity so that you have less broken plastic pieces that get discarded to the junk pile. Designate short clean up routines. Instead of letting messes pile up learn to clean as you go.

When you make a mess clean it up. Same goes for your kids. That way the house does not turn into a wreck. Also designate a few minutes each day for quick clean-ups.

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Many people utilize the time right before bed to get a few things picked up off the floor. It will make for a pleasant morning. When it s time to thoroughly clean the house designate tasks to all family members and then set a timer. See if everyone can get their designated task completed within the allotted time frame. The faster the chores get done the more time you have to relax and have a family fun day.

Cubbies and cubical storage allow for vertical organization for games puzzles and stuffed animals. Yes a new mess will occur sooner rather than later but at least the kids are helping out. Plus these good habits will increase as they get older. Create a space for school papers. The plethora of incoming school papers especially if you have multiple kids can get disorganized and important dates and field trip release forms can get lost quickly. Create an inbox for all incoming papers a second box for current matters that need attention and then file the rest away.

Keep one or two folders so that you do not have to search for papers if you need them at a later time. Designate a location for every toy. A great organizing solution is to make sure everything has a particular place of storage. Try keeping similar items together to make it easy for children to remember which items go where. Think balls in one bin and beach toys in another. Try painting a dresser in chalkboard paint and writing and or drawing pictures on the drawers to label socks underwear T-shirts etc.

It s okay to let your children make messes. Recognize that messes are unavoidable and it is okay as long as it gets cleaned up.

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Don t punish them for making the mess. That is not the issue. Cleaning up after the mess is the important step. Accept that no child is perfect at cleaning up. A minimal life doesn t exist when you have kids. Learn to accept that the rest of the household may not be great at cleaning up and that harping on every little thing is not nearly as fun as enjoying family time.

colliepops meet the collie club

Teach your children to clean up after themselves. Children can learn to clean up after themselves at a young age. So instead of constantly running around and picking up after everyone 7. As a parent you need to learn how to resist buying your kids every little thing that is cute or engaging. Our designers have the power to simplify how people achieve comfort style and value in their homes and businesses. Some buyers may be required to make as much as a 25 percent down payment lenders prefer lower loan-to-value or LTV ratios on condo loans.

For example if the buyer makes a 25 percent down payment the LTV would be 75 percent. In addition the condo association must qualify for the mortgage to be approved and the buyer has no control over these factors. For example Fannie Mae requires that more than 50 percent of the units be owner occupied no one investor can own more than 10 percent of the units 30 percent or fewer of the units secure FHA loans and 15 percent or fewer of the owners may be late on monthly dues.

All lenders will look for signs of good financial health for the condo association and will verify the presence of adequate insurance and budget reserves pending litigation and future assessments.

Conventional financing or up-front cash purchase may be the simplest road to take for the upscale condo purchaser. Experts advise working with a Realtor who is knowledgeable about the area s condo market lenders and their requirements. Investigate the neighborhood Visit the area at times around the clock if by ma r i lyn is aminger possible and ask the same questions you would if you were purchasing a single-family home or moving into an apartment. Will early-morning garbage pickup disturb your sleep Is traffic noise a detriment Is the street one that s used for the marathon in your city and will the crowds that gather be a source of entertainment or aggravation for you If you re downsizing from a detached dwelling will the lack of privacy cramp Financing Stricter standards enacted due to the economic and credit crises of the last decade have made it more difficult to obtain a mortgage on a condominium unit.

Plus loan costs may be higher than for other types of real estate. Some lenders even make a point of rejecting condo loans completely due to previous high losses from that real estate sector. COM your lifestyle or create a more sociable space for you Various websites can provide data on security concerns some are neighborhoodscout. Sookie takes a look at the red dress that was white earlier in the evening as she mops up any leftover Longshadow from her cleavage. Pam comes into the bathroom behind Sookie, and gives her some super hip PVC clothes to wear.

Pam points out that Sookie missed a bit of Longshadow between her boobs, and says that Bill and Eric are still going to be talking for a while. Ginger walks in and ruins the moment, and with her mind mostly erased, asks who Sookie is. Meanwhile, Jason and Amy unload poor Eddie down in the basement, making a last minute attempt to Martha Stewart a room to hold and syphon blood from a vampire.

The psychotic Amy wastes very little time in sticking a needle in Eddie, and getting a thimbleful of blood. Eddie tries to appeal to Jason, but between his own tiny conscience screaming at him, Amy acting like a junkie psycho from Hell, and the pleading of the vampire, the poor kid is getting a little stressed out.

Amy drinks her little thimble full of Eddie, and like a Jenny Craig-ite who sees someone having ice cream, Jason eventually breaks down. While Eddie begs him not to, Jason coldly tells him not to talk to him, and drinks the last few drops. God, what a couple of assholes. Miss Jeanette asks her why she came then.

colliepops meet the collie club

Miss Jeanette tells her to think about it, as well as the loneliness she has to deal with, and to really consider how hard it is just living with herself the way she is now. Tara concedes despite some hesitation.

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Poor Eddie has to sit there while they screw, and swim around through the trees and flowers, totally ignoring the suffering vampire, who cries miserably while tied to a lawn chair. Sookie argues of course, and eventually tricks Bill into letting her take the blame; as if any man alive or dead would fight for the right to be blamed for something by a woman? Apparently V also kills brain cells, and turns you into a flaky nature type that craves all raw foods.

Unfortunately, this all cycles around to more hippie platitudes about love, and Jason has pretty much been officially brainwashed. I love you too. But her mama walks in, to tell her that masturbation is a sin, that Sam Merlotte is at the door and awww, he brought flowers. Uh oh, pissy female alert! On the job out by the road, Jason stares up into the trees, enjoying the sounds of them laughing no doubt, while Lafayette spits out a mayo covered hamburger, while Hoyt stands by claiming he likes it with mayo.

Just as Rene takes a jackhammer to the tree roots under a slab of sidewalk, Jason flips out, runs over, and tackles Rene. If only all men took their families that seriously. Good god, what a dick. And Hoyt is like, the biggest sweety. Sookie, who was already pissed off to start with, waits on him.

Which in this restaurant, is code for reaming him for not having found the killer yet, and telling him what happened to her poor Tina. She tells Sookie that Jason misses her, and loves her, and helps cheer her up. Jason drives back to his house with much tire squealing before returning home, clicking on the TV, and grabbing a beer. Jason hurts his own back in the process of lifting him.