Maru and hana meet the parents

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maru and hana meet the parents

In reality, he is the nicest guy you could meet. On screen With a mentor like Maru, surely Hana is destined for Internet superstardom!!. Maru the kitten from Japan has already gained internet fame for his love of Hilarious video shows world-famous Japanese kitten Maru trying on wigs .. the new year with reboot 'pre-pre-production' meeting Great news for fans .. talks about his fears of fatherhood then enlists his parents for skit on CNN. See more. Maru & Hana Japanese Cat, Scottish Fold, Cat Names, Funny Cats, Sweet Maru with Hana Silly Cats, Funny Cats, Fat Cats, Cats And Kittens.

Well she was free for she recently left her fourth job at a clinic for she dislike the way the doctor running it operates. But the real reason she was hesitant to join her imouto's day out was she can't just disturb two lovers by including her in their day out plan.

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And she have no genuine reason to dismiss the offer too for she have no good friend she can spend time with. Her only two friends as far as she remember were Inuzuka Kiba 26 and Aburame Shino 26 who were on their business trips over different countries for few months.

Maru-kun must be waiting. We have to go.

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Hyuuga Hinata 25 was sure out of genuine excuses for she just can't lie to anyone. She was too kind for her own good sometimes it stuck her in bad situation.

This being one like that. It was a perfect hangout on edge of town near forest and river flowing nearby. They soon reach there and found a young man on the side table. She was hard to convience. Actually I have company of my nii-san who just leave. Also it's been only ten minutes over the time, so no harm done. But you sure should have met him. He's fun to hang out with. I surely would have loved meeting him. You always talk about him. Guess I have my nee-san to thank about it again. And don't feel bad for her words Hinata-nee.

She tends to do so always. The remaining conversation was light with some laugh and coffee until Konohamaru break it with some change in talk "So Hinata-nee I heard you recently left your job and was searching for a new one? Actually he was a rude person for a doctor. You know Naruto-nii is a doctor himself and he was searching for a good nurse for his clinic. I will give you the address and you can check up. He really is good man and you can count on him.

See you two later and… it was nice meeting you Konohamaru-kun.

maru and hana meet the parents

After taking nearly half hour she finally reaches outside a building surrounded by beautiful flowers and trees. It has a sign reading 'Uzumaki Clinic' and look nature friendly. She finally enters the building taking in all outer and inner views. Inside walls were painted with light blue and were as beautiful as outside. She was admiring the beauty and looking around when she was startled by a voice. Actually I was looking for Dr. In Supergirl RebirthSupergirl has a flashback in which her father Zor-El said he was proud of her compassion and hopefulness during a school excursion: The Kamnium in the lake petrified these animals ages ago.

They're not going anywhere. But If I holo-photo them all, then a little piece of them can escape with me. It's pretty strange, I know. Everyone else thought so. That's because no one else would ever see it that way, Kara. I would never say that's strange. That's what the crest we wear stands for. That's why I'm proud you're my daughter. Sally - The Exiled Leader", we learn that, in the rebooted universe, Princess Sally begged her father, King Acorn, to allow her to stay with the Freedom Fighters after he was rescued from the Special Zone.

He allows her to, openly admitted that he would be worried for her safety, but he would be so proud of what she has done for him and their kingdom. Jack Drake tells Tim he's proud of him as Tim heads out as Robin for the night. Shortly later that same night Jack's final words are: I love you Tim, just like your mother loved you.

What you do for all those people, it's worth it Tim. Odin is generally a terminal case of Cannot Spit It Outbut he did get to this point towards the God dess of Stories incarnation of Loki in issue 16 of Loki: Agent of Asgardgoing so far as saying that Loki is a worthier son than Thor they were on kind of bad terms those days The end must be nigh or something.

Comic Strips In Prickly Citywhen they admit to having just left him in prison, Kevin weeps Tears of Joy because they had learned so well from him. During Germany's, Italy's, and Japan's weddingGrandpa Rome came down from heaven because he was proud of his precious grandson getting married.

In Boys und Sensha-do! Shiho says this to Maho after Shiho reveals that she has known for some time that Maho was willing to be her heiress for her younger sister Miho's sake, hoping to free Miho from having to live up to the family's standards. Asuka says she is proud of Ryuko when her daughter stands up to her: Not even your father talks to me that way. He calls you out on your bullshit all the time. I'm not an idiot, mom; I see what's going on around me.

How the hell would I have the nerve to speak up otherwise?


I'm glad to see you take after your father in ways other than musical talent! Cut it out, mom!

maru and hana meet the parents

Jeez, you're embarrassing me! I'm proud of you, little girl. In chapter 10 Gendo manages to show he is proud of his son: Gendou looked like he was going to say more. Instead he smiled, a genuine smile that spoke of love and how proud he was of the fine young man his son had grown up to be. In the last chapter Yui and later Gendo tell Shinji that they are proud of him. In Neon Genesis Evangelion: After Shinji makes amends with Asuka, Misato tells that she's proud of him: He felt her move, heard the rustle of skin and cloth as she rose from the chair.

Then he felt her hand on his knee. Yet the depth of her caring was obvious and welcome. When he failed to react to her touch, she added, "It's been a bad day for everyone. Don't feel like you have to worry about homework tonight. You've earned a little break. Unexpectedly, Shinji gets praise from his father after telling he doesn't want to forget his mother, not matter how much it hurts: I miss her, and it hurts, but I won't forget.

Shinji stood his ground, even though he knew he sounded like a little boy who missed his mother. For better or worse, that was exactly what he was. Gendo could admonish him for it, but it was the truth, and he would rather live missing his mother than forget her because it hurt too much. His father had forgotten; to Shinji that was yet another sin. To his surprise, Gendo nodded.

After returning from the Red Sea Gendo asks what his son has been up. After hearing an account of it: Then, he proceeded to refuse the godhood I devoted my life to and the endless ecstasy of Instrumentality so he could return to the deserted wasteland we once called home, only to be beaten half to death by the deranged banshee he fell for saving mankind in the process. What's there not to be proud of? After the Final BattleFuyutsuki tells Shinji that his mother would be proud of him for what he had done.

I think I might be proud of you Rise of NarutoNaruto tells Sakura he's proud of the kunoichi she's become. Especially poignant because Naruto used to consider her nothing but a waste of space that'd be killed off eventually. Also Tear Jerker because he still fully intends to kill Sakura's mother for what she's done to him. In GuardianYuna is nervous when Lulu doesn't react much to her first full Sending dance on the water though without anyone to send.

Lulu assures her that yes, she is very proud of Yuna. But she's also very sad because she knows it means Yuna will die on a pilgrimage. When Gendo realizes how manipulative is Shinji, he actually weeps and says he's truly his son.

When Asuka feels her mother's presence beside her, Kyoko tells that she's proud of her: Several instances in Children of an Elder God: Before dying, Asuka's father told that he was proud of her because she had potential to pilot and Evangelion and save humanity. During her Mind RapeAsuka sees a vision of Aki, and they have a mother-daughter moment. Right after saying goodbye to her, someone touches her shoulder, and Asuka turns around and sees her mother Kyoko smiling down to her, and nodding approvingly.

When Yui is saying her final goodbye to Shinji, the narration states that she's proud of her son. Gendo's final thought toward Shinji having achieved happiness, upon which the story ends. But Gendo couldn't follow the discussion much longer.

The low chatter faded out and the veil before his eyes seemed to grow again, leaving the picture of this family lingering in his mind as the last one before sleep slowly consumed him again.

Unnoticeable to him, he smiled at that thought. That was what he had always wanted. He had almost forgotten it over the path he had taken in these past ten years, but Only with Yui gone, there had been a critical part missing that he couldn't see replaced by anyone else but her.

Without her, they couldn't have possibly been happy. Now Shinji had all he had ever wanted for himself. A life with people who loved him without question. People he could be happy with. Gendo felt envy toward his son for that.

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Once More with Feeling: Shinji was overjoyed when his father praised him after stopping Sahaquiel Once in his life, he would have leapt at the offer from his Grandfather, in the same pathetic way he had clung to his Father's praise after he had stopped the 10th Angel, letting those three worlds play over and over in his head.

So don't give a damn about those armchair Generals second guessing you either Asuka. You're a hell of a pilot - today was the toughest battle we've ever been in and you handled yourself incredibly well. Regardless of our motives going into this, you rose to the challenge today. I'm proud of you - and Rei of course.

Dragon Ball Z Abridged: In episode 51, Future Trunks finally stands up to Vegeta after enduring several episodes' worth of abuse from his alternate timeline father and blasts Vegeta over the horizon. As a result, Vegeta feels pride in someone else for the first time An idiot or not, Goku clearly felt a lot of pride in his son at that moment.

Sometimes, you just don't need a cape to feel like a superhero. Films — Animation Disney Animated Canon: Disney was going to have a song called "Proud of Your Boy" in Aladdinbut it got scrapped along with the character of Aladdin's mother. After all, Disney has a reputation to keep.

Disney gets another chance with So Proud of You with Mulan. The movie ends with Mulan coming home from the army.

She presents her father with the sword of the Mongolian general and a medal from the emperor. He tosses these trinkets aside, embraces his daughter and tells her how proud he is of her. The greatest gift and honor is having you for a daughter.

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In "The Origin of Stitch", a bonus short subject found on the Lilo And Stitch 2 Stitch Has A Glitch DVD, when Stitch enters Jumba's lab, he encounters a video on Jumba's computer showing how each part of his body consists of parts Jumba gathered from other alien monsters, and Stitch's potential for destructive capabilities.

Jumba then tells Stitch how he hoped to create a genetic experiment that would surpass all the others as his masterpiece of evil, and to Jumba's initial disappointment, all of that changed when Stitch found his one true place and a family, and Jumba tells Stitch "You are my greatest success, and I am very proud of you. In How to Train Your Dragonafter Stoick realizes his son, Hiccup, whom he earlier rejectedis incredibly wise and brave and about to fight a giant dragon in an apparent Heroic Sacrificehe tells him how proud he is to be his father.

This also includes an aversion of the earlier repeated line.

maru and hana meet the parents

You just have to be a little less You just pointed at all of me. We just needed a little more gestures at Hiccup this. The end of Recess: At the end of Despicable MeGru's mother tells him that he's so proud of him, that he's become a great parent, "just like me.