Meet me by the water lyrics

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meet me by the water lyrics

Song List and Lyrics. 1. Lay Down by the Water MEET ME, MAMA Meet me, Mama, on the tightrope Meet me 'way up in the sky Sing and dance until we go. Meet Me By The Water Video Lyrics. Rachael Yamagata. Would you please meet me by the water, baby? Well have a really good time. Would you please meet. There are some variations between Cmaj7 and C G and Gsus4 Rachael Yamagata Meet Me By The Water Capo +5 Intro: Cmaj7 G (2x) Cmaj7 G Would you.

We're laughin' in the face of the blues. Laughin' at the noise And all the bad news. You're my very best friend, We got a hand full of wind And a heart full of endless youth.

Soakin' up All this mountain air. Walkin' 'round in circles Up in Harvard Square. I see my lady Everywhere. We'll take a back road To the far side of the moon.

meet me by the water lyrics

We'll be so cozy in my World-sized livin' room. On everything turning back on me!

meet me by the water lyrics

Burned clean through the roof. Your face is my beacon. Your hands are my guide. But my troubles are as legion As grains of ocean sand I feel like someone stricken by An unseen hand One day the clouds came over And blotted out the sun, My father took me walking But his mind had come undone.

So, help me, Dr. Simon Must I fail at all I try? Life is sad, life is a bust All you can do is do what you must. You do what you must do and you do it well.

meet me by the water lyrics

Who are these people? Why do they stare into the night? Quiet like children, waiting for sunrise To light up their faces and open their eyes.

Exploring the Influence of Other Texts | Paul Kelly - Stories of Me

This is no prison. There are no walls to keep you inside.

meet me by the water lyrics

No iron bars, no towers, no shackles. What is the hymn inviting you to feel? What is the song inviting you to feel? Both texts are strongly metaphorical. Which metaphor is your favourite in each text?

Exploring the Influence of Other Texts

How does intertextuality contribute to the effects of this contemporary song? What is the effect of the chorus and its frequent repetition? As a class, have a go at listening to, then singing this song with others. Experiment with different interpretations to understand how the personal delivery can influence the intent of the song. In representing the emotion and meaning of text and the story that often hides in the lyric of the song, different performers elicit different emotions as they sing.

Listen to the TWO contrasting representations of this song and create your own interpretation of the intent and meaning behind each performance.

Rachael Yamagata - Meet me by the water Lyrics

As you watch each performance, list any words that come to mind, trying to find similarities and differences in the quality of vocal delivery. You can open the pdf below to type into a table like this one. Paul Kelly Describe why the melody is so haunting yet memorable? Describe the way that pitch has been used to create such an effective song.

Megan Washington sings this live and unaccompanied at the link below.

meet me by the water lyrics

Go to this link and watch performance. Why does the song work so well unaccompanied? Interactive table pdf Is creativity only about doing something no one else has done or is it about taking a spark from somewhere else and changing it in an original way? On the other hand does borrowing lines, words or ideas mean that you breach copyright?

The exchange in the film about thieving may be delivered as a joke and it may be that we expect creative people to borrow but the reality is that plagiarism breaches copyright law. Was this a fair decision [2]?