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#Celso Roberto #Coreon Du #Eric Santos #Grace Mendes #Jikulumessu recap # Lelis Twevekamba #Marta Faial #Maueza Monteiro #Maura. A normal everyday family strike it rich by winning the lottery. Top-Rated Episodes. Alison Braithwaite's lottery win is no longer a secret and the family have left the suburbs behind to live in a mansion in the country. Joel is now in New York city and he is lucky to have found a good friend in Marcelo who is really nice to also met Djamila though their.

Philippe also does not want Clydee to tell his mum Weza about his plan to go to Santa Agnes. William is upset about Mario's debt but Magharita is less concerned.

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Bruno couldn't hold it any longer and he kissed Nayr shortly before Gerson came around who was going to shop for his bike,Bruno volunteered to help as they set out together. There is no doubt something is going on with Carlos and Gerson ,the latter sent a text to the former who had to lie about the message when it came in but Bianca sure created suspicion when she mentioned Carlos frequent absence from work.

Plans are in place for the Karokee night at Bento's bar. Priscilla is really excited about it.


Pedro Kiala has been nominated to work in Angola but he does nit want to come and hopes they get a replacement for him. In fact, it could lead to more bickering than you ever imagined. Here's a look at what the cast have been doing ever since the bonkers show came to an end: Alison Braithwaite played by Amanda Redman She was the matriarch of the family Alison was struggling to keep her family together in the very first episode.

The matriarch initially tried to keep the money a secret but one by one her relatives found out about her windfall.

At one point she lost all the dough when it was discovered youngest daughter Charlotte had purchased the winning ticket. Luckily she managed to get it all back - along with all the problems money brings.

However there's a number of other roles you may recognise her from, including Mike Bassett: David Braithwaite played by Peter Davison He was a bit of scoundrel David was already up to no good when the series began. Doing the dirty on his wife Alison, he only realised the error of his ways when he discovered his missus was secretly loaded.

Eventually selfish David divorced Alison and claimed half the winnings even though she'd been using the money for charitable purposes. They managed to patch things up by the end of the series. UK from to Peter, 64, also has a string of successful theatre stints under his belt. He is devious, calculating and manipulative, yet intelligent and articulate which enables him to deceive others easily.

Series One[ edit ] In the first series of six episodes Alison decides, for the time being, to not tell her family about the lottery win as she worries it may have a negative effect on them.

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In an attempt to do something good with the money she starts a charity with the help of her good friend Marion, and an idealistic out-of-work accountantPauline. David begins to regret having started an affair. Virginia falls in love with their new next door neighbour, the selfish and manipulative Megan.

A group of journalists attempt to track down and reveal the identity of the mystery lottery winner. Sarah has her advances toward her drama teacher rejected, and she reacts by sleeping with Phil, the boy next door, and becomes pregnant. By the end of the series the truth comes out regarding Alison's lottery win and David's affair.

Series Two[ edit ] In the second series of eight episodes the Braithwaites have moved into a mansion in the countryside.

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Alison and David struggle to rebuild their marriage and end up separating. Alison then has a romance with David's brother, Graham, much to David's dismay, until she realises that Graham is still seeing his wife.

Sarah gives birth to a baby boy and gets married to Phil in secret. Charlotte starts getting bullied at school because of her family's newfound wealth. Virginia is going out with Tamsin, a kind and sensible girl, but is still obsessed with Megan. By the end of the series Alison and David decide to give their marriage another go. Series Three[ edit ] In the third series six episodesAlison discovers that she is pregnant with Graham's baby. David suggests that they pretend he is the father, until it comes out that Graham actually is.

Tamsin is also pregnant, as the result of a one night stand with a guy from university. She and Virginia decide to raise the child together, until Tamsin realises that Virginia is still infatuated with Megan. A newspaper prints a story saying that it was year-old Charlotte who purchased the winning lottery ticket, and the lottery company take the family to courtclaiming back all 38 million pounds. A heavily pregnant Alison cracks and confesses during the trial, forcing the Braithwaites back to their old home and their old lives.