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meet the cast of glee project wiki

He was a runner-up on the first season of The Glee Project and is portraying Wade Adams (Unique) The cast member he was excited to meet is Lea Michele. Cameron departed The Glee Project after Sexuality, after struggling with his own video performance, Cameron chose instead to perform a duet, "Haven't Met. The Glee Project Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia for everything related to the Reality TV show on the Oxygen Network, the Glee Project. Here you can find.

Mark Salling played Noah "Puck" Puckermana football player and bully who later joined the club, while Dianna Agron portrayed Quinn FabrayFinn's girlfriend and captain of the cheerleading squad, who became pregnant with Puck's baby. Glee discography The show's musical performances proved to be a commercial success, with over seven million copies of Glee cast single releases purchased digitally. The Music, Volume 3 Showstoppers — both debuted at the number one position on the American and Canadian album charts.

This record was yet again beaten by Glee: The Music, Journey to Regionals also reached number one in Ireland. The website's consensus reads, "Entertaining, snarky, and full of heart, Glee is an addictive, toe-tapping musical dramedy that hits all the right notes. He noted that the series did have faults, but praised its ambition and Lynch's "gaspingly funny" performance as Sue. She described Glee as being about "a journey not just to college and career but to identity and conviction, the price of popularity, the compromises we must make between what we want and what we need.

Keep Holding On (All Glee Project Contenders)

The episode began with a 3. A new theme is introduced; Romanticality. The remaining contenders perform More Than Words for him in pairs.

Season Two

Blake is chosen as the homework winner for the first time. The music video is We Found Loveand the contenders will perform in pairs once more. Half of the contenders struggle, while other clearly show chemistry between them and their partner.

AylinBlakeand Shanna are in the bottom three. In the end, after performing only one last chance performance, Shanna is sent home. She sings Keep Holding On before she leaves. August 7, 0. Since the theme is Actabilitythe remaining contenders will sing Addicted To Love while Dianna holds up cards to tell them each which emotion to act as they take turns starting in on their parts.

Damian McGinty Jr.

Michael is chosen as the homework winner for the first time. This time, the music video is really a movie trailer for a movie called Perfect. The remaining contenders do sing the song Perfect by Pink for the background, but the main emphasis is on their acting in the trailer. Blake is particularly praised for his acting in the video, while Lily Mae can't seem to deliver the line to Ali.

meet the cast of glee project wiki

All five are asked to do last chance performances for the Glee writers. Ali sings Here's To Us. Blake sings I'm Still Standing.

In the end, it's a double elimination with both Michael and Lily Mae singing Keep Holding On together before they leave. It was the only season to have a double elimination First season to have a mash-up of multiple people's Keep Holding On's.

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This is further supported when Damian states that he was in the movie. Source Although it was portrayed on the show that Hannah had a secret crush on Damian, she revealed in an interview that he did admit to having feelings for her as well off-camera.

meet the cast of glee project wiki

These artists would be seen on his iPod: Damian has never eaten a banana. Has always wanted to go to Australia. His first concert was to see Lenny Kravitz.

Damian's favorite vacation spot is Marbella, Spain. Prior to the show, Damian has never had a singing lesson.

However, currently, he is enrolled at North Western Regional College majoring in theatre.

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He has had 4 solos on Glee to date. His first song was in the episode Pot of Gold, and was the song 'Bein' Green'.

meet the cast of glee project wiki

In this episode he also 'Take Care of Yourself'. His final solo was in the Valentine's episode Heart, where he sung 'Home'. Was subtitled in the show several times. This part was used because Damian had never tried peanut butter until after he got his role on Glee. Charlie Lubeck from season two is his second cousin. During his last chance performance 'I've Gotta Be Me' in Generosity, Ian Brenner said that he's like a little old man and is very grown up.

meet the cast of glee project wiki

He has performed five last chance performances, which puts him behind Alex who performed six in terms of who performed the most. His character on Glee, Rory Flanagan, was said not to be returning in the fall of Season 4. However, the reality of this situation was that he did not appear in the Thanksgiving episode, but the Season 4 Christmas episode.

Source He wanted Aylin to win.