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The people who made mockumentaries Twenty Twelve and W1A, about the Olympics and the BBC respectively, have done another. Meet The. Douglas MacArthur and High Commissioner Paul V. McNutt supporting him, and in the elections . for setting a trap for the assassination because he did not meet Luna despite his signed telegram calling . videokeman mp3. The opening scenes of last night's Meet the Police Commissioner (Channel 4), a fly-on-the-wall documentary about Kent police's inaugural.

Meet the Police Commissioner, review: 'farcical'

De Menezes family call for Cressida Dick to be barred from leading Met Read more Dick also becomes first commissioner of the Met in the modern era to get the job despite never having led a police force previously. She had applied and failed to get the top job with the Police Service of Northern Irelandeventually landing a role as a director general in the Foreign Office.

The incoming commissioner faces a budget crisis, with the Met having to save hundreds of millions of pounds whilst contending with political and public pressure to maintain officer numbers on the streets and amid findings from the official police inspectorate that it is struggling to deal with regular crimes.

Dick is regarded within policing as being one of the best of her generationoperationally, with a strong sense of ethics. Dick will have to be resworn in as a police officer, a legal requirement of being commissioner. Hogan-Howe formally steps down next week after five-and-a half years in charge, and his deputy Craig Mackey may fill the vacancy until Dick can start work. But Dick has also been associated with one of the biggest disasters in policing, when in she commanded an operation that saw an innocent man, Jean Charles de Menezesmistaken by officers for a wanted terrorist and shot to death.

His family immediately criticised the appointment. A jury at a criminal trial in had exonerated her of any personal blame but some thought her role in the incident could block her becoming leader of the Met. The challenges ahead include protecting the most vulnerable, including victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence.

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Khan had early on identified Dick as his chosen candidate to be Met commissioner. O my effing G, frankly. Possibly a little cruel; has poor Ann been made to look like a fool?

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Certainly Miles Blayden-Ryallthe real filmmaker must have enjoyed himself in the edit. But then she did say it, and it was a stupid thing to say given her wheels of choice, as well as funny.

Of course he's going to put it in. And it's not just the stupid things that go in. We see Ann taking her chief constable to task for chasing targets and not recording every crime reported.

We see her appointing a new chief constable when that one retires. And her ongoing battle to provide what people want more visible community policing in the face of government cuts. The former headteacher may be a touch gaffe-prone, but she also comes across as dedicated, open, fair, likeable, doing her best for her adopted county.

A lot of the comedy comes from the lack of clarity in her job description, that blank flipchart, and the onion … all right, and from her, mainly. Come on though, it's a public office, paid for by us, it merits the scrutiny, the layers of that onion peeled back if only anyone knew what they meant. Plus it's not as if she didn't ask for it.

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She must have agreed to allow Miles and his wobbly camera in. It's amazing they — Miles and co — still find targets. That's the real lesson here. If anyone from Channel 4 or anywhere else asks if they can make a film about you at work, show people what it is you do, don't let vanity get the better of you. The answer is no. And if you're not the boss and you find they're making a film about where you work, you demand to be pixelated.