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A giant – and the 40 people needed to pull his strings – is about to descend on Sea Odyssey: A Giant Spectacular – meet the 4 tonne postman . there will be an outdoor screening of the movie hit TITANIC at which is. A losing coach with an underdog football team faces their giants of fear and It has been a long time since a movie has touched me like "Facing the Giants" did. Too many characters spoil the movie. SINGAPORE — Tay Ping Hui makes his directorial debut with Meeting The Giant, a coming-of-age story.

It seems like a recipe for disaster.

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As it turns out, the resulting film is patchy but not a complete mess. When Chen Hang is picked to join an elite team of China-born players being groomed to play for Singapore, Junhui sits in for their training sessions.

MEETING THE GIANT 《再见巨人》 之 演员篇

Soon, Junhui gains a new appreciation for the sport that has plucked these boys out of their homes and brought them together in Singapore. The biggest problem with Meeting The Giant is, by far, its shambling story, dreamt up by Choo and entrusted to screenwriter Danny Yeo best known for his work as a radio deejay on Chinese boys come to Singapore to become better basketball players.

No explanation is ever given as to why training in Singapore is an attractive proposition: As it turns out, the narrative decision is financially motivated: Choo and his team want the film to have an appeal beyond our shores, and have brought in a Chinese production company to help defray costs. The China-Singapore angle makes it more marketable, or so the theory goes — and it also results in one of the more disconcerting elements of the film. As Junhui tags along for their training sessions, he witnesses firsthand the challenges faced by the foreign import players such as Xiaodi Ian Fang and Shaohua Michael Lee.

The giant of the title refers to the towering Chen Hang. When the China national joins a local basketball team, he is mockingly called Yao Ming, China's most famous basketballer who played for Houston Rockets in the United States from to His arrival ignites the jealousy of the other team members and leads to complaints from a parent about foreign imports squeezing out local talent.

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The script by first-time director Tay Ping Hui, producer Zhu Houren credited as Jack Choo and writer-host Danny Yeo takes inspiration from the debate that has been brewing in Singapore over the influx of immigrants.

But instead of being an "issues" film which wrestles with this one topic, Meeting The Giant is an empathetic sports drama which manages to sidestep the usual cliches of the genre. Rather than a hoary showdown competition, the climactic game is one in which the individual fates of the players are decided.

meet the giant movie

Admittedly, one problem with having an entire team of players is that there is not enough screen time for everyone to make an impression. Still, a few actors manage to make their characters stand out, from Goh's gentle giant Chen Hang to Lee's driven captain Shaohua to Fang's childish Xiaodi.

The film also points out the host of sacrifices and challenges they have to confront at their young age:

meet the giant movie