Meet tommy emmanuel somewhere over the rainbow

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meet tommy emmanuel somewhere over the rainbow

Here's an amazing version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow you need to check out, played by Tommy Emmanuel. The guitar tabs are. The Guitar Mastery of Tommy Emmanuel collects fan-favorite tracks from Tommy's Somewhere Over The Rainbow; Tall Fiddler; Angelina; Endless Road . It should be noted that Tommy Emmanuel does not strictly limit himself to In Over the Rainbow, Emmanuel's use of vibrato, quickly executed.

There is no doubt about it- Tommy Emmanuel is indeed a man of many genres. The Thumb Pick I want to finish up by addressing a particular picking technique used by Emmanuel in some of his pieces- the integration of the thumb pick.

Enjoying the Ride - Voll-Damm Jazz Festival

Before I go on, take a look at Classical Gas: As you can see, the thumb pick is a small picking device that you attach to your thumb, which basically serves to amplify each stroke of your thumb while your other fingers perform as they usually would. I recently penned an article on Travis Picking, which you can take a look at here. The simplest way for me to explain how to get started with the thumb pick is to try using it while practising your Travis Picking technique.

Emmanuel is not strictly a finger style player.

5 Fingerstyle Guitar Players You Need To Hear - #3: Tommy Emmanuel

Occasionally he might use a hybrid picking style- which involves holding a pick as you usually would- between your thumb and your index finger WHILE also using the rest of your hands in a more traditional fingerpicking style. The lesson here is that there is no right way to pick. Often, your choice of picking method will be a stylistic choice.

Maybe the song sounds better with a thumb pick because it allows you to place more emphasis on the lower bass notes.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Lyrics

Are the standards a recent discovery? Is there an album of standards on the near or far horizon? I would love to make that happen, just not sure when. Audiences have come to expect showmanship and unparalleled technical virtuosity from you. Are you concerned that they will be less receptive to original material grounded in composition? I want my audience to go home happy, I want them to want to see me again.


After a while you get a feel of what moves an audience and my repertoire is diverse enough to usually accommodate them. For example, I know you can only play so many ballads before an audience begins to get restless.

meet tommy emmanuel somewhere over the rainbow

But my main concern is that the audience gets to hear what it wants to hear and I get to play what I love to play. What music are you listening to now?

What music do you keep returning to over, let's say, a 10 year period?

Over The Rainbow intro (harmonics) Tutorial - Tommy Emaunnuel Version - Bryan Rason

Chess masters claim they begin to lose their edge, their sharpness if they don't play for days? How many days can you go without playing before you begin to lose it? Forcing myself not to play is the more likely challenge.

You look like you look after yourself, your health, that your not comfortable in the fast lane. I respect life too much not to look after myself, and I learned quite early in life how to handle celebrity. Thank you, Tommy, and hope to see you back in Montreal soon.

meet tommy emmanuel somewhere over the rainbow