Message at the end of meet robinsons

Meet the Robinsons probably has the best message of any disney movie. | IGN Boards

message at the end of meet robinsons

It just so happens that my favorite Disney films, “Meet the Robinsons,” has one of the humor, the characters, and of course, the lesson learned in the end all. Lots of discussions a bout Meet the Robinsons, and the quote at the end of the movie. Can someone remember what the quote is? I am so. Disney has always had it in them, and now with “Meet The Robinsons” they have finally returned to the .. It ended up having a good message at the end.

Mickey Mouse has made a lasting impression on my life. I watched the Mickey Mouse Club, with Annette not the glossy in color version of today, every day after school. I believe I chose art as my major in College because I truly believed Disney Studios would hand me a job painstakingly coloring animation cells right then and there.

message at the end of meet robinsons

Then Monsanto hosted a ride that would shrink you to the size smaller than a living cell …and you believed it! We sat in our seats with our kids, our spouses, dates, our grandkids and we took the journey Disney has always intended us to take.

A transformational journey of wonder and fascination.

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Lewis loves to invent things. Miss Mildred loves him and has cared for him since he was mysteriously dropped at her door as a baby. But, although she shows Lewis love and compassion, she knows he needs a family to nurture him and his need to invent. Note here that you may need to explain to your kids what adoption is and why many young mothers may choose to do this. As usual, pandemonium breaks out, but not all because of Lewis.

Keeping it Reel: Meet the Robinsons

There are two forces at work behind the scenes in the form of time travelers who have come to contact Lewis, both for two polar opposite reasons! Wilbur Robinson Wesley Singerman is a mysterious stranger not much older than Lewis, who has come to whisk Lewis away to his future. It seems that Lewis is the secret ingredient the future needs in order to save it! Lewis sees the future as we all would want it to be. Lewis is then surrounded by a group of people far more eccentric than he ever imagined himself to be.

Yet, he somehow feels drawn to them as there is a quirkiness about them that he definitely relates to. The Robinsons believe that if you have a dream, you should go for it no matter how outlandish it may seem.

message at the end of meet robinsons

That failure is needed for it leads to success in the future. We are a generation of people who want things done now and perfectly the first time.

Meet the Robinsons probably has the best message of any disney movie.

If something fails the first time, we usually give up on whatever it was that failed. Logically, we should give time to our failures since that is how we grow.

message at the end of meet robinsons

The film does an excellent job of promoting failure as a learning experience to children which is what failure should be. Not moving forward from failure or giving up totally on a project or a relationship is seen as the easiest solution. Maybe because we are hurt or tired we just want to fail, but Lewis learns from his future family to accept failure as a step towards something better.

Lewis had given up on finding a family that loved him and inventing something that worked.

message at the end of meet robinsons

He had to go to the future to learn that his life would be better than he imagined. Going to the future and the past to fix mistakes, Lewis and Wilbur indicate that there is always time to fix mistakes. I think that is an unrealistic ideal to teach children. Also to build character, people should understand that mistakes are imminent and to be learned from but not necessarily meant to be fixed.