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Mike is the son of the King and Queen of Glendragon and is determined to follow in his father's Meet the Characters. /de/cache/shows/5/zolyblog.info Mike. I'm a knight! I ride my speedy horse Galahad all over the kingdom on adventures!. See more ideas about Knight party, Mike the knight and Birthday ideas. coloring page Mike the Knight - Galahad Cool Coloring Pages, Free Printable Coloring. Galahad is the horse Mike rides. Note: from the web site, does not actually speak in the series.

mike the knight meet galahad king

Mike's Bravest Mission Ryan R. Film Critic, age 11 I like that Mike is very brave and confident. I like how Mike doesn't cheat and always plays fair. That is a great lesson that Mike shows you throughout the film. Meet Mike, voiced by Trek Buccino, a knight in training who dreams of being a brave knight like his father when he grows up. His father, the King, is a knight who is away exploring other lands.

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Looking up to his father, Mike wants to learn to become a knight too. However, he is still in training. With his two dragon friends, Sparkie and Squirt, his sister, Evie, who is a witch-in-training and his horse, Galahad, Mike tries to be the bravest knight of all.

When his mom and dad think he's prepared, they put him on a quest to solve the "Knight's Puzzle" to see if he is ready to be a knight. Mike goes along on this journey with his friend, Richard to complete his mission.

Can Mike complete the quest? My favorite characters are Mike and Evie.

mike the knight meet galahad king

Evie is one of my favorites because, unfortunately for her, her magic always goes wrong and it leads to disastrous but hilarious effects. Even though her spells go wrong she keeps persisting and never gives up.

Mike is another one of my favorites because he also never gives up on the idea of becoming a knight. You see his persistence throughout the entire film which is a great message for kids to see - If you want to accomplish something, never give up and keep trying. What I didn't like about this show is that it has very little humor.

mike the knight meet galahad king

Also, this show wasn't very entertaining for me as an year-old. But, keep in mind that this movie is perfect for little kids.

Introducing Mike the Knight

I recommend it for ages 5 to 8 and give it 4 out of 5 stars. I also recommend it to people who like action, adventure, family and kids films. It also offers bonus features where you can meet the characters or do karaoke to the theme song. That's sort of fun! Mike's Bravest Mission Morgan B. Film Critic, Age 11 Knights, wizards, kings, dragons and more will put a smile on your face!

The planes make me want to jump in and take a ride.

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The animation is colorful and has great details. The many action adventure scenes are spot on and flawless. The animation is so detailed that it is just mind-blowing. All of our voice artists have to use their imagination to help bring each of the characters to life. What's Mike the Knight all about? Mike the Knight is about a young boy called Mike who is a knight in training.

mike the knight meet galahad king

His father, the King, is away visiting far-off lands. Mike helps his mum, Queen Martha, look after the kingdom of Glendragon, which leads Mike on lots of adventures. And who else do we meet?

We meet his dragon friends, Sparkie and Squirt and his horse, Galahad.

mike the knight meet galahad king

Mike has a mission in every episode and while he's always keen to do his best, he is still learning and often gets help from his enthusiastic sister Evie, a trainee wizard who loves to use magic whenever she can, but just like her brother she is still in training so, more often than not, her magic goes a bit wrong.

But things turn out right in the end? Mike has a rallying cry "Be a Knight do it Right" and with a little help from his friends, Mike manages to rise to the challenge of each of his missions. Where did the idea come from?

Mike The Knight - Journey To Dragon Mountain - DVD Preview

It's an original idea that we saw in sent in by Alexander Bar who created Lunar Jim, which we immediately thought had great potential as a medieval show for pre-schoolers with knights, trolls, Vikings and dragons had never been made before.

Did it change much in the planning process? We introduced new characters and locations and also lost some - originally Mike had 4 dragon friends - that's a lot of characters to keep busy all the time!

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