Skylanders trap team meet the villains gulper fish

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skylanders trap team meet the villains gulper fish

Skylanders trap team meet the villains sheep creep Large Ham Kaos. The Last Two games later the Skylanders halt Gulper rampage soda festival by duping him into drinking remarkably similar BottomFeeding Suction Eel. That was when he met Ka-Boom, the leader of the island's local militia to . The Trap Master placed everything back into his armor as he followed Grim Creeper. .. "We are going to tag-team Skylander and Villain from this time on. . the Gulper into drinking the eel stuff, it might just bring him down to size. 'Bumblebee' Review: FINALLY, A Great Transformers Movie · Aquaman Review. ' Aquaman' Review: Fish Gordon Approaching · 3Below Season 1 Review.

It should be revealed at a later date. On the west left side of this area is an Undead Elemental Gate. Use an Undead Trap Master to open this gate. Each time you step on a square, it may fire off a cannon from the front or right sides.

Stepping on a square may also bring up a large block to protect you from cannon fire. Quickly cross over to the northeast side of the area to find a Treasure Chest. If you get injured by the cannons, you can pick up some food on the right.

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Before leaving, cross over to the north side of the area and walk up a ramp. At the top is a gift box with a Magical Hat inside. With that taken care, of, return to Steel Fin Balcony and enter the small house.

Before you can obtain the key, you must beat the pirate at a game of Skystones Smash. After defeating him, you will be able to access the key and a Story Scroll.

Exit back out to Steel Fin Balcony and prepare for a fight. Defeat them quickly to bring out a brand new Villain, Masker Mind. Masker Mind's main power is to possess other enemies. All you need to do is defeat Bomb Shell one more time, then go after Masker Mind.

skylanders trap team meet the villains gulper fish

If you have an Undead Trap, you can capture Masker Mind after defeating it. Now that the villains are taken care of, unlock the gate and continue on to the next area. Fish Eyed Walk[ edit ] Follow this path until you meet up with Mags.

She will tell you to enter the building nearby. Switch to a captured villain to deal extra damage in this area. Clear out the enemies on the main platform and up the ramp to open the gate. Once the gate is lowered, step on the large green button to lower the gate outside.

The Gulper

Fish Eyed Walk Continued [ edit ] Continue walking up the spiral path until you meet up with Mags yet again. She will tell you to use the crane to grab the villains and drop them in the water. Simply hover the crane over a villain when they stop moving and grab them with the claw. Once they're held, move the crane over to the sea and drop them. Once all the enemies are taken out, pick up Mags with the crane's claw and move her to the same platform.

skylanders trap team meet the villains gulper fish

She will extend a bridge out to you. Clam Tower[ edit ] Before continuing on with the quest, jump down a level and step on the bounce pad to reach the top of the tower. Grab the bomb and enter the door on the side of the building.

Submarine Pen[ edit ] While holding the bomb, quickly run towards the wooden gate on the left.

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  • Skylanders Trap Team Gulper Villain

Launch the bomb at this gate to blow it open, giving you access to a Treasure Chest. Head to the back of the area to find a pirate that will play Skystones Smash with you. Further back is Persephone, the fairy that will upgrade your Skylanders.

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She will be surrounded by a few more enemies. Near Persephone is a pirate standing on a submarine. Bring Brawlrus to this pirate to complete his Villain Quest and open up a new area. Like always, a Magical Hat is inside this box. With that taken care of head back to Clam Tower. Clam Tower Continued [ edit ] Use the bounce pad to reach the top of the tower once again. Grab the bomb, jump down, and interact with the controls on the north side of this area to extend a bridge. Quickly cross the bridge and launch the bomb at the wall to destroy it.

At a young age, he won first place in the annual Deep-Fried Triple-Cheeseburger eating contest — and has proudly worn the Crown of Gluttony ever since. But it was his particular affinity for soda, which causes him to grow to colossal proportions and go on rampages, that first caught the eye of the Golden Queen.

skylanders trap team meet the villains gulper fish

She was looking for special types of people — or creatures — to join her Doom Raider gang that was bent on unleashing total mayhem. It was also her desire to recruit someone who was incredibly dim-witted, so that if they were ever captured, the Skylanders would not be able to extract any useful information. The Gulper fit these requirements to a tee! The more soda The Gulper drank, the bigger he became, allowing him to rampage through the village.

Eventually the Skylanders and the Trap Masters arrived and stopped The Gulper by tricking him into drinking a vat full of bottom-feeding, suction-eel flavored soda. This caused him to shrink back down to his normal size, allowing the Skylanders to capture The Gulper with ease. She explained to the heroes that she had an idea for Gulper to make up for his previous behavior at Soda Springs; give all the Mabu children balloons to help them cheer up.

skylanders trap team meet the villains gulper fish

After completing this task, he was awarded with Mags' thanks and a new outfit. When their equipment was set, they took off their disguises and immediately laid seige over the school, scaring away any attendees.