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T - English - Adventure - Chapters: They are meant to stay in your mind for a short while then be forgotten. They are not meant to be real entities with their own sick, twisted desires. One such nightmare exists within young Naruto.

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It has a goal and Naruto just so happens to have suddenly become a apart of it. Every once in a while among those who are known to be ruthless, deadly and cruel, there will be one who defies reputation.

An alternate story in which one change causes many - The hybrid Dalek Sec survives being betrayed by the Cult of Skaro, finding new friendship with the Doctor and Martha. Doctor Who - Rated: The mob rushed through the streets. The men and women were frenzied; their mouths hung open, their eyes wide and bulging. They tore at each other, or rather, the mob attacked anyone who screamed. The attackers were ravenous, barely human.

Villains wanting to capture Bakugou set their sights on Tokoyami, and the connection these two have had since fighting in the Sport's Festival will decide what'll happen to them after being brought over by Tomura's League of Villains, with devastating consequences for Tokoyami.

Luckily for him, pro hero Uravity comes across him and decides to help. What happens is something no one could've expected. Karma in Retrograde by ohmytheon reviews When Dabi is hit by a de-aging quirk, he's turned back to a 16 year-old U. Gen Studies student with self-esteem and parent issues, a destructive quirk, and no memory of the last five years.

To help the Dabi of the past, present, and future, he is placed with Class 1-A. There, they must all face the question of whether he can change or if his destiny is already set in stone.

Some time has passed and the presence of humans in the city of Zootopia has faded a bit from the headlines. Well Mah boyfriend just dumped and tah make matters worse there's somekind of chemistry between meh and mah rivals new boyfriend.

The QmPu War by ShadowPhoenix reviews A mysterious disease turns a quarter of the quirk bearing population into mindless, psychotic killers with enhanced quirk powers. Five years later, the survivors, gifted with the powers of the Plus Ultra Transformation, battle with the creatures in an endless, bloody war for the survival of humanity.

Engineer teaches him a lesson. Team Fortress 2 - Rated: Three weeks later, he awakes in a house alone with the windows blacked out and the doors barricaded from the outside. After breaking out, he finds a world completely changed as the dead walk among the living and now Naruto is on a quest to find his team and return to Konoha. DartzxKitty and a few other odd pairings X-Men: His head pounded from pain, he loses his way, and instead finds a hidden door with a red spiral in an alleyway. Stunned, he sought shelter in there, and discovers a hidden workshop.

There, he inherits the Toymaker's legacy, a man who sought to make the Shinobi World pay for their sins with his creations What follows is a story of discovery, friendship, and mankind's darkest instincts. Even as more people get roped into his problem in an effort to help, things keep getting worse. The longer the blackouts last, the less of him there seems to be. Devil May Cry - Rated: How would All for one react to this change in Shigaraki's plan?

Dark Shadow will do what ever it takes to protect his host as Tokoyami has to deal with the trauma of being captured by the League of Villains. But instead of letting his fears overtake him and drag him back down to the darkness where they think he belongs, he finds friendship in the most unusual of places and with his new friends' help, they will claw their way into the light where they truly belong.

With nowhere else to turn, she's forced to enlist the help of a shady pair of vampires with a hand in all of London's shady affairs. Lord knows this could only end up well. Don't Be Afraid of the Dark - When Money's Worth More Than Life Itself by Warrior-of-Darkness reviews After his unfortunate accident concerning the destruction of Kakuzu's money, Bane is given a proposition that the Bounty Hunter will be damned before he allows him to pass up, can he survive working for the ruthless Bounty Hunter that clearly doesn't care if he dies when a psychopath is determined to devour him?

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When he finds the boy still breathing, he decides to take him back to Capable. Over the course of their journey back to the Citadel, a friendship blossoms between the two opposites, as they realize they have more in common than they think- both two tortured souls, looking for some kind of redemption.

Mad Max - Rated: Whether this is his quirk or if he is an eldritch abomination from beyond space is debatable. Despite being a nightmare made flesh he has the drive to be a hero. Even if his classmates are trying to banish him to the outer realms, or worship him as a god, or whatever Aoyama is trying to do.

I guess beggars can't be choosers when there is no one left to choose from. Guardian by vildtiger Still new to the job, Scout is not doing well and seek cover from a bad hit he took from the enemy Soldier.

There's some things you're never gonna help by James Firecat reviews G'Henna is a land of religious zeal, and hunger. Visit her Well Fed: Food for Humans and her latest, Ready or Not! Her love of ethnic food and fearlessness when it comes to combining bold textures and flavors, will make her recipes instant staples. Here Madras Chicken Salad is equal parts sweet, smoky, crunchy—and all parts awesome.

Need a bit of spice for breakfast? She believes in big, bold flavors—a product, she writes, of being a proud Texan. These simple Marinated Red Onions will become a staple in your refrigerator.

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Her innovative approaches to quick, portable food such as using collard green leaves as a stand-in for a tortilla wrap will save plenty of time when it comes to Whole30 lunches. Her entire family eats Whole30 when she does a round, which means that most of her recipes are kid-approved, too. For a dinner high in tastiness and low on kitchen time, check out these Jerk Burgers.

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His Paleo take on traditional comfort dishes Boeuf Bourguignon and Spaghetti and Meatballs, to name a few make the Whole30 seem less daunting. Got your own favorite Whole30 recipes?