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After Conan receives a warning about the mysterious BO agent Episodes . three Detective Boys, "don't go around telling people why Haibara's gone. . "I'm meeting with the fellow members of my society. "Our group only has six members," Matt Tenant, age 36, the man with the sword, said. There are a lot of manga chapters and anime episodes to recall, but I don't a high school detective that Kaitou had only met a couple times before, though he knew of the guy. Haibara just smirked at him, then walked away to go to the kitchen. . "So, you're just about open'n the 'welcome mat' for him. The tenth season of the Case Closed anime was directed by Kenji Kodama and Yasuichiro The episodes' plot follows Conan Edogawa's daily adventures. Mouri wins a trip to Matsue from a lottery drawing, and while there they meet and join .. Conan still cannot determine who is the culprit, but notices that Haibara is .

And I think their last run-in confirmed to Yoko that Haibara's just an ordinary girl. Such a person has got to be brilliant, or at least notably above average intelligence. So it's a man, then? He has a point, Conan thought, dismayed. They kept me out of the loop. Does that mean they don't trust me? Don't ask me how I know that, I've just got this ominous feeling.

Well, that's all I wanted to tell you. And whatever you do, keep your eyes peeled for suspicious characters. May good fortune be still on our side looking forward. Opening Cup of Trembling by B'z Each fresh breath of life is a fresh chance to start anew! Spaces previously thought safe are now penetrated by the forces of darkness! Teitan Elementary has a new teacher, but can he be trusted? Perceiving the one and only truth! With the body of a child but the mind of an adult, my name is Above all, I'm afraid of you seeing me like this The youthful vigor sapped from my bones Too afraid to proceed, too afraid to turn back A wretch, recoiling from my own shadow Wallowing in self-pity like a pig wallowing in its crap I can't check my phone, lest you might try to call I can't live at home, lest you might try to visit All I have left is the clothes on my back and That dreaded bottle, whose contents I dare not drink Oh I'm going nowhere, a pinwheel spinning in circles This Cup of Trembling I now raise to my lips and swallow So I may face the demons haunting my restless nights I can't show my face to you until I can call myself a man Until I've walked a full moon carrying my cross The Man From the Society!

They were outside, on the track field. In this instance, Conan could tell the three of them were totally confused. You wouldn't suppose that Haibara-san's parents are scientists? You knew about her break before these kids, some of her closest friends, did, after all. Maybe that's because the two of you are a lot alike? She wants to keep that a secret. The student body immediately broke out into confused whispers. I am his replacement. My name is Kanehiko Torishima. His most immediately striking feature was his big white beard.

He was wearing jogging clothes. One student raised his hand. The student lowered his hand. Then, I'll use the data obtained to calculate your BMI. People with a high BMI number have more body fat, usually.

A little bit of body fat is alright, but a lot of people have too much body fat. I can see that some of you here are visibly fat: Now, if you'll please follow me to the gym Genta turned and faced the boy. Pick some kind of outdoor thing or exercise that sounds fun to you, and I'll be your partner. Scene Transition "Friday night? Where are we-" Conan slammed the door open and stepped into the teacher's lounge. She bent down to Conan's level.

But apparently, effective two days ago he handed in his immediate resignation from his tenured position to come teach elementary schoolers here.

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Kind of doesn't make sense, huh? You look like there's something the matter. Scene Transition Nancy's phone vibrated. It was a message from Conan. She read it out loud: I wonder what it is this Then from a distance she saw it: Conan opened the door to a small vehicle and climbed in the back, closing the door behind him.

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And then he drove away, with Conan inside. Scene Transition This is bad, Conan realized. Just as he was inserting the tracker underneath the driver's seat, Kanehiko suddenly just came inside outta nowhere and started the car.

Now he couldn't get out. Conan crouched down behind the driver's seat. He was momentarily disoriented when Torishima suddenly pulled the front seat up.

Torishima looked through his rear-view mirror. The car in front hit a red light. Accordingly, Torishima pushed down on the breaks. Is someone back there?! Jodie interrupts the daydreaming Ran in class and asks her the meaning of X to which she is unable to answer correctly.

On the way home, they meet Jodie who takes them to the cafe in a department store to warn them about a serial groper. Conan notices a business man named Norihisa Kisugi making a suspicious phone call to a private detective named Katsunori Chuujou.

Chuujou demands Kisugi to pay four times the promised amount or he will not hand over the investigation documents concerning an unknown individual. Kisugi agrees and enters the department store only to be killed by the individual. The police understands the message to be a dying message, and using Chuujou's phone, allows them to locate the last caller, Kisugi.

Kisugi reveals that he hired the detective to search for an embezzler in the company. The documented that contained the embezzler's identity is missing from Chuujou's envelope and the police discern the embezzler must be the culprit. Kisugi then hands them Chuujou's list of fifty-eight suspects he had received. The police decrease the suspects down to thirty-one after investigating the alibis of the suspects.

Conan tells the police a line of blood is found on the edge of the envelope and explains part of Chuujou's dying message must be on the escalator. He drops hints for Joseph Meguire to deduce what the symbols are. He elaborates further, explaining the three symbols are missing the top portion since they were written past the envelope and onto the document. Kuniyoshi confesses explaining he wanted a better life for his poor family.

Ran, learning the meaning of X, sends a mail to Shinichi with Xs. Elsewhere, an unknown Black Organization member sends a message to Gin with X's in her message explaining they are a sign of feminine affection but can also be a sign of hate before throwing a dart at a picture of Shiho with an X through it.

The next day she doesn't show up to feed the cats, but the cat Bruce comes with the old lady's scarf around his neck. The scarf has a code and blood on it, and to find and save the lady Conan and the gang must solve the puzzle. When there one of the doctor's patients mentions that his apartment is haunted by a girl who was burned to death four years ago. Conan and Mouri decide to investigate. Once there they meet three other people who are living in that apartment.

Ran who is fearful of ghost tells her father they should leave at 7 pm. When the clock strikes Mouri and Conan wake up due to her screaming. Mouri tells Ran it was probably a dream and goes to the toilet.

After he's done the water turns red. Mouri backs away from the toilet and screams when he sees a ghostly image. One man does not believe in the ghost, one man is a horror movie filmer, and the other man just lives there. They are told that two suspects of the burning four years ago ran from the scene and one of them was identified. Conan finds out how the ghost trick was done.

He puts Mouri to sleep and tells them the reason those tricks were done. He reveals that the culprit is one of the two suspects and that he is hiding the other suspect too. He searches for it with the help of the Detective Boys. They then discover that the singer plans to murder his manager. The detective boys manage to bring Takagi to his apartment and save him before he is killed. The manager picked up Takagi's badge. Conan deduces that another Black Organization member must have been at the hotel party.

This is when he finally singles out Chris Vineyard as his suspect. Heiji came to Tokyo to help Conan out with the case. Heiji suspects Jodie-sensei of being a possible Black Organization member, and although Conan seems reluctant to this idea, they pay Jodie-sensei a visit at her apartment. They find out here that her full name is "Jodie Saintemillion".

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After Jodie agrees to go out for a while with Heiji and Conan, the man living next door to Jodie falls dead outside from over 30 stories, coincidentally as the three are outside. After the police arrive, it seems likely that the man committed suicide.

However, Conan and Heiji have a different idea. Searched the Crime Scene, Conan and Heiji reveal the truth by showing how the room was switched around. Discussing of Jodie's identification with Jodie herself, Heiji indicates that he noticed the odd habit of Jodie. When Conan and Heiji leave, they concur that Jodie is someone suspicious, but believe that she is innocuous. On the way back they see a very rude and loud supporter who has gotten kicked out of many stadiums for his crazy behavior.

They all get on a train to go home, but as they are exiting to change trains they see the rude supporter fall on the floor with a knife in his stomach. The train was packed so it could have been anybody and no one saw the crime happen, but Conan is able to reduce the suspects down to 3 soccer supporters.

Kaitou burst into laughter. Agasa came back into the room with two more cups of tea, and a couple bowls of cereal on a tray. A moment later, Haibara walked by and went back through the door she had come out of without a word. Kaitou didn't feel very hungry, but he was still grateful that he received porridge instead of cereal. I'm not that hungry, though…" "Eat," Conan all but demanded. Your body is weak from the injuries and fever.

Conan stared at the Osakan detective a moment with a boggled look, then just shook his head and muttered something about bottomless pits. Heiji gave him a 'who, me? He was irked at being ordered around by the shrunken detective, but did as he was told and started to eat, since there was a ring of truth in the words.

Heiji and Conan exchanged a look, then both sighed. Agasa left to go fill the antibiotic prescription for Kaitou now that Conan and Heiji were awake and could handle it if Kaitou's fever got worse or the wound opened up again. But, you've got to spill the details on your end, too.

Also…" Conan was interrupted by Kaitou. However, don't tell me to stay out of it afterwards just cause Kid was targeted. If those guys are working with Snake, then they could also be responsible for my father's death.

I want to see them brought down. I vote 'in' for him. We're gonna tell the FBI what we've discovered, anyway…" "Yea, I guess so…it's all moving towards a showdown…" Conan frowned slightly. You know who I am, and I know who you are…we have a common enemy, so we can join up!

If I have to work with that Hakuba guy, I'll…" What he said next involved aforementioned detective, human anatomy, and a very creative way to use a shinai.

Conan shook his head wryly, though he did pause to glance at Kaitou, who had suddenly burst out in uncontrollable laughter. The two had deciphered the codes and locations before they had fallen asleep, so all that was left was contacting others and setting a plan into motion in order to capture the Organization. Of course, they'd run into trouble if not all of the members were at that location, which was why Shuuichi stayed in contact with Conan while he spied on them.

Of course, he didn't contact the others in the FBI for a couple reasons…in case he was targeted again, and because they all figured he had amnesia. It was for the CIA member's safety. Though, that was the current problem. Which means that neither can act as long as they keep it up," Kaitou summed it up.

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If we called the police on the location, those guys in black would just move, and we'd be back where we started…" Heiji mused. They can secure the area after we've gone in.

The only one that's actively encountered them is you and that tiny neechan…" "Right. So, I'll fill you in, then. Heiji and Conan were seated closer to the table, on the ground, but didn't let Kaitou join them since he still had to recover.

Which was another problem. You might have to sit out on it, Kuroba…" Conan glanced at the teen. If I just send a note to Nakamori-keibu about a heist and keep it quiet…yea, it's not my usual, but I play 'tag' with the Taskforce often enough.

At that point, if they run, they'll be caught by the guys look'n for Kid…" Heiji nodded. Kaitou gave him a thumbs-up. All I have to do is get them to chase me. Plus, we'll all be wearing bullet-proof vests for this, right?

It would be suicide to go into the base of such an organization without protection and backup. Then again…he had fun using me as bait last time…" Conan chuckled. This time, the only one out there that's looking is Akai. I told Akai not to watch for him amongst the group they're looking to be together when we go in, though.

Conan looked up at them seriously. You two are aware of that, right? Well, the Organization would have two main targets outside their usual dealings at this point.

The traitor, Sherry, and Akai Shuuichi. That guy's been living next door long enough that he probably gathered some Intel into the former. If what Jodie said is true, then he's mostly information gathering…though, he can certainly fight. I only saw him once, but he moved quickly back at Ikkaku rock.

Conan glanced over to make sure that the door to the lab was closed. She freaks out easily over this stuff.