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SEPT 1 – K-S AUTO STORE MONTHLY MORNING SWAP MEET & CRUISE (1st . SWAP MEET - Chautauqua County Fairgrounds, Dunkirk, NY. at EMPIRE DRAG WAY - Empire Dragway, New Rd, Leicester, NY. Estimated by eBay FAST 'N FREE On or before Wed. Dec. Item location: Dunkirk, New York, United States. Ships to: United States and many other countries. Massive cod fish tacos Photo of EBC West - Fredonia, NY, United States. Beer flight . 11/27/ Mary, I apologize that your visit didn't meet expectations.

They called the tanks to a halt just before they were within striking distance, about 20 miles from Dunkirk, preferring to slow the action down and take a more measured and conservative approach to the slaughter of the trapped Allies. Had they struck, probably only God could have stopped them. To the Allied command there appeared no hope for these trapped Allied forces but to evacuate them - to rescue these penned in soldiers via ships approaching near to the coast from sea.

But there appeared, additionally, to be no likely way to accomplish that in time. At stake, quite literally, was the probable outcome of the war. No one in the Allied Command was inclined to believe so. In those perilous days from May 26, to June 4, an evacuation was necessary, and it was undertaken, and it was counted as a 'do or die' situation.

But its success seemed very unlikely. We can only guess at the number of prayers which rose in those days to God and Jesus, begging for a miracle of deliverance. But the One who sees every sparrow fall is certainly aware of occurrences of such a magnitude as this; the outcome of this predicament that the Allies were in would affect the character and nature of the world's forseeable future.

Would a totalitarian governance prevail, or something much more like freedom? Would a Catholic affiliated leader named Adolph Hitler prevail, and allow the destruction of all of God's chosen people, the Jews? He would have approximately 6 million killed before this war ended.

If so, how could God fulfill His promise that the Jews would one day be regathered to the land of Israel? But you can see the danger as it appeared in that day and time. Great questions were to be determined in this war. And if this particular evacuation didn't go well, the war might just be about over. The Allies could muster a fair number of ships - large destroyers both French and British.

But large ships waiting to receive evacuees were a very stationary target. They could wreak havoc from the air while the evacuation was underway, and there was simply no one numerically capable of stopping them. Almost no one, that is to say. Towering clouds, pregnant with rain, formed and moved in upon the German airstrips, and the storm began. It was so heavy that their planes were largely grounded, unable to lift off and attack. This, and the reigning in of the tanks, gave the Allies some breathing space which they desperately needed.

It was called Operation Dynamo Allied Commanders met in a room where a 'dynamo', a type of electrical generator, was installedand ships were sent.

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And as the ships arrived, a dense and heavy fog moved in between Germans and Allies as well, through which the Germans would have to advance if they were to attack. Moving blindly into fog in which your desperate and cornered foe is waiting is no easy business, and the Germans again chose patience.

Meanwhile, on the beaches from which the evacuees would depart, an oddity was occurring. Over the next days, as bad as the weather was between the Germans and the stranded Allies, it was conversely that good at the beach itself.

The normally turbulent seas of the English Channel were extraordinarily calm. Reading descriptions by eye witnesses, you keep coming across phrases like 'glassy calm', or 'smooth as a mill pond'. There was no reason to expect good weather here! And there near the beach the skies were largely clear, and not bad for flying. The Allied planes could operate. Over the next nine days the evacuations went forward with all possible swiftness. The vast array of Allied military vehicles, weapons, and hardware had to be abandoned - a terribly hurtful blow to the Allies - but the soldiers themselves were being rescued.

By the hundreds of thousands the French and British soldiers were being saved. And this fortuitous weather held and held. Parts for ALL cars, trucks and bikes. Antiques, customs, rods and more.

This event is perfect for the Restorer, Hobbyist, or Collector. Be sure to visit the snack bar. Free Bulletin board to advertise your event or vehicle for sale! Let's get rid of some winter blues and enjoy some biker friends. Phone or It's a night you WON'T want to miss. Since reuniting in to celebrate a 30 year anniversary reunion concert, this three-guitar power house band, armed with all its original members, has been performing to sold-out shows wherever they set up shop.

The band also unselfishly donates their talent and time to worthy fund-raising events throughout Western New York. Special guest, The Jacks! For more info checkout Cyberspokes. Center of Progress Bldg.

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Dunkirk 49th. Annual Swap Meet and Flea Market

Live music with two bands! Food, drink, vendors, contest, raffles and more! Please join us for a great cause! Revolving video by Nova Popovich. TonawandaNew York Vendors, contests and much more! Retro Model Pinup Contest with cash awards! Contact Roger or Doug The motorcycle area will be featured on the Main Floor and we will be inviting some of the top bike builders from across the country to be part of the show.

Less than miles from WNY! Food and beverages available. Phone Lynn Smith Choppers, bobbers, old-school, customs, hot rods, late model, race, tuners, and much, much, more!

Also see the top pinstripers in the area as well as bands all weekend long. Food, beer and fun! Something for the whole family! Star Wars Characters and Superheros!


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