Ford 351m cam swap meet

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ford 351m cam swap meet

We show you how to build a low buck Ford engine using a The M/ engine is nothing like a Windsor. Less is more in port size, as long as the ports can flow enough to meet the demands of engine speed up to 5, rpm. What follows is Poole's combination, updated with camshaft. Any C camshaft will work, so a mild hydraulic cam, new timing set The engines were designed in a hasty stop-gap measure to meet. For Kick's truck and driving conditions, no cam swap needed or desirable need custom piston's of higher compression height to get.

Less is more in port size, as long as the ports can flow enough to meet the demands of engine speed up to 5, rpm. If emissions or class restrictions dictate, then a two-barrel that flows cfm will suffice.

We came up with the M combination after our conversation with Barrie Poole.

How To Install 302/351 Mustang Camshaft & Timing Chain (79-95)

Our nest egg was a ,mile wheezer worthy of 65 rear-wheel horsepower at 5, rpm. The mechanics laughed as the cuber developed less power than the weakest under We smiled, knowing that the retest would be a different story.

ford 351m cam swap meet

Now Get To It Start with the inch engine. Either way, to displace cubic inches you need the 4. Work with two-barrel heads exclusively. The ports in the four-barrel castings are far too large to run on the street-it would take a blower to fill them up and maintain port velocity.

Along with their open-chamber design, the two-barrel heads-like those of a Chevy rat-have far larger ports than most small-block Chevrolets.

good 351m cam choice?

We selected high-quality, low-cost Silv-O-Lite cast pistons that were 0. The combination of the reverse-dome pistons, stock cylinder heads that were shaved 0. This engine should stay together for at least 50, miles without your having to lay a finger on it. The most critical area of the thumper is the camshaft. We needed one with about degrees of duration at 0.

It had to open the valves quickly, raise them high, and then close them quickly without slamming the valve on the seat too hard. See specification comparison elsewhere in this article. The degree camshaft fills the cylinders fast and lets them build pressure as if the engine had If passing the smog test is important, this type of camshaft will also be clean when it comes to the sniffer.

The Comp Cams kit comes complete with a timing set, lifters, springs, retainers, locks, and the camshaft. They also cleaned and inspected the block and heads prior to machine work. Then we got the damage report: The oil rings were locked solid in the piston grooves, five cam lobes were flat, and several guides were worn to death.

Reasons enough why the engine mustered only 65 wounded ponies on the dyno.

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On the positive side, the block was perfectly sound and would clean up with the 0. Sheldust measured the block from the center of the main bearing saddles to the outside corners of the deck and discovered a 0.

That required decking both sides of the block at the head-mounting surface. Sheldust bored the block 0. Next, we got into the act with a die grinder, abrasive rolls, and a couple of carbide burrs to match the gaskets to the intake and exhaust ports, as well as the intake manifold.

We also cleaned up the combustion chambers and relieved a little of the rough casting behind the exhaust valve. While none of this delivers a dump-truck-load of torque, it does help promote a broader torque curve.

Instead of using tube headers that would have been too easywe spent more than 16 hours opening up the stock exhaust manifolds. If we were going to use headers, we would have selected a tri-Y design known for making torque. Moreover, cast-iron guides are best for the street with unleaded fuel and are far less costly. A three-angle valve job is simple to implement and yields excellent results. More on the springs later.

What are We Working With? Despite the free breathing upgrades, other than better drivability over stock, most were moot due to the impotent factory cam and timing chain set. Oil pressure is always an issue with high mileage M motors and ours is no different.

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At idle the M motor is pumping about 10 psi and when warm at freeway speeds, this old V8 is showing no more than 35 psi. Regardless, we've heard worse from other Cleveland owners, so we forged ahead with the cam swap despite an urge to yank the whole motor. Before we got started on our cam swap, it was time to get a baseline in the heavyweight F We used an Autometer Cobalt D-Pic aka g-force gauge to record times until we were sure the results were both consistent and optimum.

We felt a quarter mile test was not safe for any public road, so we stuck with the feature on the D-Pic. It took us six runs confirm the baseline results. See times in the table below. Connect the D-Pic to 12V key-on and you're ready to record, and quarter mile times. Don't bother trying to figure out how it works, it just does.

ford 351m cam swap meet