Hay days swap meet minnesota 2014

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hay days swap meet minnesota 2014

Chisago County Press | Lindstrom, MN 9/4/ PM Hay Days snowmobile grass drag races and motorsports swap meet; with its many thousands. The 51th anniversary of Hay Days is coming to North Branch – September 9 and Hay Days is everything snowmobiles, racing, swap meet and vendors Snobarons Hay Days, Taylors Falls Minnesota, where to stay for hay days, wine tasting. This entry was posted on July 21, , in Event, Things to do and tagged. Hay Days Snowmobile Grass Drags. NEWSLETTER · Haydays September 7,8 7AM-5pm, 53rd Year · Oriole Ave, North Branch, MN

It's the cost of Haydays, the parking at Haydays, The news choppers covering the traffic Saturday morning, the not taking new members Only snowmobile club ever not to want lots of members they have ever heard of.

I'm not a Snobarrons member and have never looked into trying to become one or if it's even possible. I keep trying to defend them because of the money they put back into the sport and for hosting one of the largest snowmobile events in the world but I'm finding it harder every year when the cost keeps going up and the quality in the swap meet keeps going down.

At what point does it get too much at the gate? But maybe I'm in the minority on this and people will just keep paying no matter what they charge. Well there is my mini rant on the subject. Either way I will be there again this year as it's a nice way to touch base with all the friends and businesses from out of state that I don't get to see everyday.

I'm going to try and take a camera this year to be able to share some pics with those on Snowest that can't make it. Getting a littly spendy to attend. Especially as the kids get over 12 and want to go on Saturday just so I have this straight.

Much vintage racing, and many other classes. D Professional digital high speed finish line camera photo finish results. Hey, this system is super coolused by many professional sport events, and besides it cost a bundle. You will like it.: Thats "two-one thousandths of a second". Pre registration and much more info here: LOL My average weekend cost to go riding Sure we spend big money to head west a couple times a season but I'm not really sure how you can compare walking around a hay field dreaming of riding to actually going riding.

But hay pun intended it's their event and they can do whatever they see fit with the prices. Has Outlaws ever had a Sunday?

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I thought they have always been Friday and Saturday only for years? And I guess the Sno Barrons plan worked for our group as I got a message this morning saying that my group wanted to go Sunday morning instead of Saturday morning.

Whether cost, crowds, or weather they chose that option and since I need nothing from the swap area its fine by me. I don't mind the cost because I know all the cash they toss back at the sport in grants to clubs. I get some are making a nice stipend but they deserve it a lot of work to put on a event of that size NorthMNSledder I get some are making a nice stipend but they deserve it a lot of work to put on a event of that size I love your money guesses on things.

LOL Why not a k cabin or a k cabin? What if it's been in the family for generations I suppose I would have to count upkeep costs then and figure out how many days a year we use it and then divide that cost out.

Do you want me to figure the tax value in that too or are we good just dropping this topic? But at least it's not the high cost of being in their swap meet area right? A person could always go to Princeton But to some that's just a "training camp" for Haydays anyway Are you a member now?

Because your tune about the event has kind of changed over the years Did I just reduce my chances of winning?

Or go to Haydays. For those who have never been there. Saturday is very busy compared to Sunday. If you go on Saturday, I prefer the afternoon. Things normally have calmed down by then. I like Sundays best. Nice to walk around have a beer and a hotdog and kick some tires and my favorite thing to do on either day is talk with resort owners. Especially the ones out west. I will probably make both days being that most of my friends and relatives will be there on Saturday.

Got to spend a lot of time today with lots of vendors and it was a very mixed opinion on traffic. Lots said it was lighter on Saturday then the past couple years which seems strange because this was the best Haydays weather we have had in the past 10 years I bet.

A couple felt like the numbers were inline with last year so who really knows. To my knowledge they do not release the admission totals so we might not really know. I have never been out there on Sunday before but it seemed like pretty good crowds in the main areas but like others have said lots of swapper's already packed up by noon. Alright enough of the negative The show was great as always and it was much nicer to be out there today when you could get a bit more time from the vendors.

And once inside the gates the Sno Barrons did do a bunch of improvements around the grounds and not just a new beer barn like was posted on their Facebook page. Sure gets a person fired up for the new season!! I feel bad for the big family that wants to go. The improvements were nice and the attendance seemed about normal but people did stick around a lot later than in the past. Sunday was busier than normal this year.

I ended up going both days because they forced us to buy both days. I always make a point to stop and talk to those guys. I just went Saturday.

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No one was there to help me put on my wrist band when I came in so I walked around all day with out one on. This was my first Sunday but when we left at 2pm the place was still very busy so it seemed like a good crowd.

I just think the numbers would be cool to see as there is an insane amount of people at this event every year and they have to be high. I stayed really late on saturday myself left at never seen it that busy so late in the day.

Swappers starting packing up at around 12 on sunday. Was disappointed a few of the food places they used to have were gone: Passed up on a super deal i should not have but i really didnt need it.

I actually didnt buy much myself. Got a a klim agressor shirt and pants for cheap and some klim socks.

hay days swap meet minnesota 2014

Thought the event was better than ever, some good improvements. Loved the showers, and the addition of some pavement in different places was nice, betting we will see more and more each year.

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Weather was great, and they must have had a fairly wet fall up until this point, definitely the least dusty I have seen it. Got some killer deals on some gear. All around good year of it. In addition to the huge Swap Meetthere are hundreds of dealers specializing in all things motorsports; from performance clutch setups to new snowmobiles to trailers to mountain extreme riding videos, and everything in-between! Other enjoyable events that are available include remote controlled car racing and near the Baron Parkland Rest area is a sandbox and play area where tots can run off some energy while adults rest and relax.

More than acres of parking is available for free or minimal cost. Handicap parking as well as motorcycle parking is available free of charge. Please note, handicap persons wishing to use a golf cart, ATV, etc may do so, but arrangements need to be made in advance. Please see the handicap info page for requirements. Traveling from a distance? There are several camping sites within walking distance of the grounds.

Be sure to check out the Map for all pertinent info.

hay days swap meet minnesota 2014

There is also a variety of hotels, motels, and bed and breakfast options in the area. Gates open at 7 a. And keep in mind admission is FREE for kids 12 and under. Sunday is Military Appreciation Day where all active military are admitted free with a valid military I. Share this post on social media: Leave a Reply Commenting Policy - We encourage open expression of your thoughts and ideas.