How to meet carth onasi in kotor 2 characters

how to meet carth onasi in kotor 2 characters

Carth Onasi, voiced by Raphael Sbarge, is a soldier and expert Republic He met Revan while the two were fleeing the Endar Spire, following a Sith . IGN's Hilary Goldstein said that "Kreia offers some truly fantastic dialogue in KOTOR 2". See all 1 video» Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords ( Video Game ) . Carth Onasi (voice) Star Wars: KOTOR See more» There are two different endings, based on the choices your main character makes. Page 1 of 2 1 2 > · STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > General Discussion · LucasArts Bioware Electronic Arts. Terms Archive | Privacy.

how to meet carth onasi in kotor 2 characters

She turned to the dark side and put a taint on the Grove on Dantooine where she meditated. She believed that after what she did the Jedi Council would not accept her back and that the dark side held greater power. She's just utterly pointless" and that "she's almost a non-entity in the story. Her personality couldn't be more vanilla, her Jedi skills are inferior to others in your party Knights of the Old Republic. Jolee is an old hermit living on Kashyyyk and a former Jedi Padawan.

Bindo helped Revan get past shield generators that lead deeper into the shadowlands and remained with Revan's party. After the main character gains experience, Jolee will tell of how he was once a smugglerand through this met his wife.

Against the wishes of the Jedi Council he trained her in the Jedi ways. She was then seduced to the dark side by Exar Kunupon failing to convince Jolee to join Exar Kun as well, she drew her lightsaber on him. Jolee won the fight, but he was unable to bring himself to kill her. She escaped and went on to kill many Jedi. Jolee expected to be punished harshly for his mistakes, but the Council said he had learned his lessons the hard way, and even considered promoting him to knighthood.

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He originally fought with the Republicand when Revan won against the Mandalorians and became Darth Revan, Atton remained under his command and became a Jedi-hunter. He can become a Jedi Sentinel during the game. Smithand the Remote are characters in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: Bao-Dur is the inventor of the Mass Shadow Generator that ended the battle on Malachor V by completely obliterating the Mandalorian Armada and inadvertently killing many Republic soldiers on his own side of the battle, leading to a great deal of guilt later in his life.

The Exile who much later befriended Bao-Dur gave the command, which sent massive echoes in the Force throughout the galaxy. Bao-Dur is trainable as a Jedi Guardian. He is a soldier and force-adept that was refused for training because of the Mandalorian Wars. He eventually tells the player character that he wishes the player to be his master. He is a playable character that joins the player's party on Dantooine if your character is female.

The Disciple can be influenced by light side acts and can be trained as a Jedi Consular. Mira lost her family during the Mandalorian Wars. By the end of the wars, the Galactic Republic was flooding with refugees, and many of them, including Mira, ended up in the refugee sector of Nar Shaddaa.

how to meet carth onasi in kotor 2 characters

To survive in the hostile environment, she became a bounty hunter with the sole purpose of earning credits. A rival bounty hunter, the Wookiee Hanharrwas employed to hunt her by an unknown person. Mira will only join the light-sided player, and can become a Jedi Sentinel. Hanharr[ edit ] Hanharr is a Wookiee bounty hunter in The Sith Lords, and can play different roles within the game, depending on the alignment of the player character.

Hanharr is encountered on the planet Nar Shaddaa, as is Miraanother bounty hunter. One of these will join the party of the Jedi Exileas is determined by the personality of the player character.

how to meet carth onasi in kotor 2 characters

Light-side players are joined by Mira, dark-side players are joined by Hanharr. She initially does not reveal her name to the Exile; until she mentions her name late in the game, she is referred to as the Handmaiden.

Brianna joins the party after leaving Telos on the Ebon Hawk if the player's character is male.

Carth Onasi

Her training before joining the Exile's party makes her a skilled close quarter combatant and, after fulfilling certain combat and conversation requirements, she can be trained to become a Jedi Guardian or a Dark Jedi Guardian.

It is revealed by Kreia that Brianna takes up Atris' role as the historian of the jedi. Initially an apprentice of Darth Nihilusshe eventually joins the player's character's party.

how to meet carth onasi in kotor 2 characters

Visas Marr comes from the planet of Katarr, which was destroyed by Darth Nihilus when she was a child. While she is considered blind, she is able to see through the Force which allowed her to find the Jedi Exile. When she confronts the Exile, she loses and in turn becomes part of the Exile's party. Eventually the player confronts Nihilus with Visas, and fights him. The player may choose to have Visas sacrifice herself to weaken Nihilus. Brian Menze designed the character, and drew on ninjas, the look of previous Sith Lords, and G.

Joe character the Baroness in creating her concept art. As the character was mostly covered — only the lower half of her face is visible — Menze decided to make what was shown "as sexy as possible". Menze deviated from the usual black Sith Lords dressed in and instead added some color to soften her, based on the written description of the character. Voice directors Will Beckman and Darragh O'Farrell wanted someone "special" and "maybe a little sexy" to voice the part.

Built to oversee and aid in the planetary reconstruction of the planet Telos, its programming included two directives: Sadly, all options G0-T0 could think of to assist the Republic would involve breaking a Republic law. Following this, the droid 'broke'; it overrode the second directive, and set up the greatest smuggling organization in the galaxy.

Eventually the droid would be destroyed, but not before the organization had helped countless systems achieve prosperity. Marn "Gryph" Hierogryph is a Snivvian smuggler.

Jarael is a young female Arkanian offshoot who also acts as Camper's bodyguard. Gorman "Camper" Vandrayk is an elderly Arkanian offshoot inventor and mechanic who fled Arkania with Jarael as he was being hunted by Adascorp, an Arkanian corporation. Elbee is one of the labor droids that was used on Taris' Jedi Academy. Rohlan Dyre is a Mandalorian soldier. Slyssk is a Trandoshan ship thief and an excellent cook.

how to meet carth onasi in kotor 2 characters

Darth Malak[ edit ] Darth Malak, voiced by Rafael Ferreris the old Sith apprentice of Revan and is the main antagonist of the first game. They fell to the dark side in pursuing the Mandalorians. Malak then betrays his master and usurps the title of Dark Lord of the Sith. However, Revan survives the attack, at the cost of his memory. Revan regains his power in the search for the Star Forge, and defeats Malak in the game's final battle. Her character received mixed reception since the game's publication, but is generally thought to be one of the most well developed backgrounds and characterizations.

IGN chose her as the 81st top Star Wars character [11] and Kreia, along with the other Sith Lords, was put as the 2nd top Star Wars villain that was left out of the original list by Jesse Scheedeen based on reader's comments.

She's also one of the few villains who still wants to kill the player's character even after an olive branch is extended Darth Traya trained both Sion and Nihilus, who in turn betray her. Karath was impressed with Onasi, not for returning Shad Camper, but for bringing him the fugitive Zayne Carrick.

Instead, Onasi attempted to contact a Jedi named Squintwhom Carrick said could prove his innocence. Despite being unable to make contact with Squint who was on a mission elsewhere, and so with his doubts as to Carrick's innocence, Onasi nevertheless believed his story of the vision of the destruction of the Stereb cities.

As such, Onasi contacted seventeen cities on the planets surface to set off tornado alarms—hoping to drive anyone into underground shelters. Sure enough, Carrick's vision came true when the Mandalorians launched nuclear missiles and killed billions on Serroco.

While the rest of the crew was ordered to evacuate, Onasi, Admiral Karath and other Republic forces made their stand on the vessel as Mandalorian shock troopers boarded it. Backed into the brig, Karath ordered for Zayne Carrick's cell to opened to acquire his lightsaberto cut into the cargo bays. However, his lightsaber was kept on board Onasi's ship, the Deadweight. Carrick had been prying out the bolts on the walls with the Force for several days and escaped, meeting Onasi aboard the ship.

Karath reluctantly took Carrick with them as they fled the Courageous on the Deadweight. Shortly after escaping from the Mandalorians, the Deadweight received a transmission from EejeeArkoh Adasca 's servant, requesting Karath's presence at a meeting aboard the Arkanian Legacy.

After being informed about the exogorthsKarath quickly redirected the ship to the Legacy. Onasi accompanied Karath, Morris, and Carrick onto Adasca's ship, and was just as shocked as his superiors at the arrival of Mandalore the Ultimateleader of the Mandalorians. Onasi returned his gear to Carrick when he discovered Lucien Draay and him standing about a piles of broken HK units.

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Carrick came up with a plan stop Adasca. The plan would trick Mandalore the Ultimate into thinking Adasca had lured him into a trap. Carrick, disguised as a Mandalorian, shoved Onasi upon their return to the observatory, creating a distraction for Carrick to get close enough to Mandalore and Adasca.

Lucien revealed himself and with the thought that Adasca betrayed him, Mandalore and his warriors opened fire on the Jedi and Adasca's HK units. During the brawlthe elderly scientistGorman Vandraykseized control of the exogorths and plunged them into the Arkanian Legacy observatory, killing Arkoh Adasca.

Onasi, Carrick and the Jedi managed to escape although Mandalore had also escaped to his shuttle. During the fight, Saul Karath was injured and needed to be carried back to the Deadweight, Morvis commanded Onasi to take Carrick.

However, Onasi did not view Carrick as an enemy and allowed him to go free, bidding him farewell. Karath, Onasi, and Morvis successfully escaped the crumbling ship in the Deadweight and later reported to the Republic on the events on the Legacy. He was reassigned to the Lance Squadronwhose Aurek fighters were preventing Carrick from reaching Coruscant several months later.

When Moomo Williwaw —the ship Carrick was on—entered Coruscant space, the squadron moved to intercept. Onasi demanded the ship to identify itself only to find that "Shad Camper" was indeed on board. Not being able to let Zayne escape again, he commanded the squadron to intercept the intruder. When they chased the Williwaw to the Swiftsure, Onasi's wingmate noticed that the Deadweight was flying away. He allowed his supply carrier to go, knowing that Zayne was on it. Onasi continued to serve with the Republic forces fighting alongside the Revanchists for the remainder of the war, which eventually began to turn in the Republic's favor.

The Republic and its Jedi allies eventually ended the conflict when Mandalore the Ultimate was slain and the majority of the Mandalorian forces were destroyed during the final battle of the war.

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While the Revanchists pursued the remaining Mandalorians into parts unknown, Onasi and the Republic forces returned home, hailed as heroes for their role in protecting the Republic.