Inter iit sports meet 2012 roorkee results of michigan

48th INTER IIT SPORTS MEET , Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

inter iit sports meet 2012 roorkee results of michigan

one day faculty development programme was organized on ADecember to understand the outcome based education IIT Roorkee confers Lifetime Achievement . Sports Minister, Haryana, Shri Anil Vij on 23 December , in Bruce E Seely, Dean, College of Science and Arts, Michigan. Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, USA A. Instructor-in-charge at IIT Roorkee, Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India Feb July . A Novel Approach for Assessing the LOS for Two-Lane Intercity . Technology and Engineering Students Academic Meet , January , Bengal Engineering . Innovative Mini Project results – orientation Program .. participated in the 48th Inter-IIth sports Meet that was held at IIt roorkee on december negative Prostate Cancer, dr bushra ateeq, Michigan.

SU-8 MNs are fabricated by direct laser writing by aligning them on the silicon substrate with microfluidic ports pre-etched by wet chemical etching.

inter iit sports meet 2012 roorkee results of michigan

Each process step was optimized after a parametric study. The MNs have been characterized for mechanical strength and biological insertion tests for their effectiveness in puncturing the skin without breaking.

inter iit sports meet 2012 roorkee results of michigan

The maximum compressive force and bending forces for the MNs are 0. The microfluidic characterizations show the development of hollow MN lumen with a flowrate of around 0. Further, the SU-8 polymer films can be turned into a fracture-resistant, glassy form of carbon that holds immense promise for drug delivery.

Heat treatments in an oxygen-free oven sharpened the microstructures into microneedles composed almost exclusively of randomly ordered carbon atoms. Characterizations revealed the glassy carbon structure could exert forces strong enough to pierce human skin with minimal risk of breakage.

They promise novel manufacturing techniques such as printed electronics, roll-to-roll fabrication; applications such as wearable electronics for health diagnostics; flexible sensors and actuator arrays such as displays and image sensors etc. However, these advantages are followed by a host of reliability issues in devices and interconnect. Interconnects on flex experience open circuit fault during operation due to mechanical flexing, differential thermal expansion, electro static discharge, electro migration and environmental degradation.

To improve the reliability of the interconnect to open failures several passive approaches such as stretchable conductive materials, meandered and helical geometries, the use of spongy substrates etc have been investigated.

These approaches however are passive and only improve the reliability of the interconnect to mechanical causes of failures. We describe an active approach where in open faults in interconnects are automatically detected and repaired in real time during operation. The self healing mechanism is achieved using a dispersion of conductive particles in an insulating fluid that is packaged over the interconnect.

Upon the occurrence of a fault in a current carrying interconnect, the field developed across the gap polarizes the particles in the dispersion. The polarized particles then experience dipole-dipole attractive forces and form a bridge across the gap thereby healing the fault. In this talk, we present the physics and results pertaining to the stability of the heal, the time taken to heal and the stretchability of the heal. He is also the founder and director of openwater.

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Sub Committees - Welcome to 4th ICEE

Concentrate on your CAT preparation. Madhurima Kar on July 27, at 3: Reply Team CL on July 28, at 9: Reply Pratosh Kumar Jha on July 26, at 7: A but did not do class XII.

inter iit sports meet 2012 roorkee results of michigan

I took lateral entry in the 2nd year of engineering after completing 3 years Diploma. Reply Team CL on August 1, at Focus on scoring well in the entrance exams. Reply AnkiT on August 15, at 5: Abhinash panda on July 14, at 4: Reply Arjun on June 25, at 6: I have cleared CWA foundation currently appeared for Intermediate. Just now started Articleship. Reply Team CL on July 24, at 7: Do not worry about your past academic records and focus on your CAT preparation as many B-Schools do not give heavy weightage to past academic records.

The first ever full fledged two day extravaganza hosted by the Cultural Section of IIT Mandi, exuberance was a phenomenon.

How a ‘pathetic’ student made it to IIM-B

It started in high spirits and continued to influence the students through two beautiful evenings. The auditorium witnessed the scintillating performances of dramatic, music and choreography sections. Versant was launched as the first official magazine of IIT Mandi.

An outlet for the literary geniuses and creative hands, the magazine rolled out its first issue last semester. A quiz was organized during the odd semester of to provide the students with this feeling. Its grand finale was a cherishing experience for everyone the teams, the audience and the student organizers.

The questions tested the knowledge of current affairs, general knowledge, logic and reasoning etc.

inter iit sports meet 2012 roorkee results of michigan

Inter-IIT tournament brings out the talent in sports like football, swimming, table tennis, lawn tennis, cricket, basketball, volleyball and much more. This tournament is for highly skilled sportsmen. The main objective of this tournament is to bring out the competitive yet fair sportsman spirit in each IITian.

inter iit sports meet 2012 roorkee results of michigan