Meet your neighbors open house

The Best Real Estate Open House Ideas You've Heard Yet

meet your neighbors open house

Learn how they're doing it so that you can get your open house in in order to successfully meet your buyers on the other end of their Google searches. Find an Agent Who Knows Your Neighbors and the Surrounding Area. neighbors' home, but may shy away from the open house since they're not in the market to buy I'd love to meet you and give you a chance to see what we've. There are many ways you can get to discover the community and meet your new neighbours, and an open house party might be just the thing.

Get Involved in the Community The best way to get to know your neighbors?

Throw A "Meet the Neighbors" Party!

Dive in and devote your time to making where you live a place that all of you can continue to enjoy. A local food co-op? Ask around, and find out where you can volunteer to immerse yourself in your new neighborhood as you meet other locals. Leave your comfort zone. As a neighbor for directions.

meet your neighbors open house

The kindness and the directions you receive just might surprise you. Start a Little Free Library You may have seen these sweet, oversized birdhouse-style boxes that many neighborhoods around the world are erecting little lending libraries. With a few books, some tools, and couple scraps of wood, you can build a Little Free Library in your front yard.

By setting up a box full of books set up at the end of your driveway, you invite neighbors to stop by and exchange books and conversations!

meet your neighbors open house

Games or an activity is a also a must if you are hosting a party with children. We put out a few lawn games such as ladder ball and bean bag tosses.

Just Visiting! ‘I’m the Neighbor, Can I Still Go to the Open House?’

A fun party activity is tying donuts to the trees and the kids have to eat them without their hands. And when the donuts are gone they can just climb the tree, apparently.

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Decorations can set a festive mood but don't need to be extravagant. I used a tablecloths I already had and I topped them with a yard of burlap. I grabbed a few decorations from my mantel and put them on the table too. I found the cute sparkly bat pics at the craft store and my decorations were done!

Jim moved our mums to the tables too but again, we already had those.

How To Host A Neighborhood Open House | Days of Chalk and Chocolate

Lastly, as a host it is your job to mingle and bring people together who may not know each other. While inviting nosy neighbors into your home might seem like your worst nightmare yes, they will open your closets— but so will your buyersit can actually enhance the quality of an open house in three big ways. Having your neighbors present at the open house rounds out the experience by allowing buyers to meet people in the community and discover some of the perks of living there.

Who better to tell them about the school system or the great restaurant just down the street? Your Neighbors Could Bring You the Perfect Buyer The second reason to invite neighbors or even your friends or family for that matter is that everyone knows someone looking to buy.

meet your neighbors open house

They Can Talk Up Your House For You The third reason to open the event up to neighbors, is that whether you believe it or not, they may just be your best advocates. But more often than not, [neighbors] go into an open house and practically sell it for you— or bring you a buyer. Pick A Theme Another great way to approach an open house is to liven it up.