Pen pals finally meet someone

After 42 Years, Long-Distance Pen Pals Finally Meet

pen pals finally meet someone

After 42 Years, Pen Pals Meet Face-to-Face. A correspondence that After four decades, pen pals Lori Gertz and George Ghossn finally met. Pen Pals Finally Meet 38 Years After They Started Writing Letters to Each that spotlighted different cultures and people around the world. New York's George Ghossn, 56, and California's Lori Gertz, 54, finally met in 2 people who've been pen pals for 42 years meet for the 1st time - ABC News.

pen pals finally meet someone

Male requested one from Norway and one from Italy to learn more about her heritage. She was told there were no girls to write to her from Norway, but sent her a Swedish pen pal.

Male accepted and the friendship continued for 56 years. The friends saw each other through their teens, marriages, children and grandchildren over the years and across continents. Both of the women were fans of Elvis and the Beatles as teens.

They sent each other a gift and card every Christmas and a birthday card each year.

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Male saved all of the gifts and a majority of the letters. During the visit, the two women looked through the pile of cards and Male asked Gun-Britt to translate the Swedish cards to her.

pen pals finally meet someone

She marveled how the Swedish Santa Clause looked like one of Santa's helpers instead of the Santa that Americans associate with Christmas. While many countries teach English in elementary grades, Gun-Britt learned English later. Her husband started earlier and was fluent. He helped interpret when needed, although Male said the women usually figured it out on their own. At the end of every letter, Male extended an invitation to come to Minnesota and visit. Unfortunately, Hawken owned a large equipment mechanic shop and couldn't get away.

He encouraged his wife to visit by herself, but she declined. She was concerned her English was not good enough and she didn't want to fly alone. She recently retired from her job and he began semi-retirement. They discussed visiting the Males again. The women had begun emailing each other a few months earlier.

pen pals finally meet someone

While they sent letters every few months, sometimes it took Gun-Britt longer to respond. By the way, my name is Linda, and what a coincidence that our door number is also 23!

pen pals finally meet someone

In the town we have a castle in which King John died, it has a moat which is now the river bend. Well, this is my first letter to you. Well, cheerio, I hope we will have lots of fun in the future writing to each other.

Early New Year bus with after Christmas activities and then I start feeling sick. Due around Oct 30th. We are all well, Julia will be three on Sunday. He is much happier now. He has been working overtime lately so we can enjoy our holidays next month. I hope everything is better between the two of you. I understand how you two must have felt when you started getting your own business ideas in your head. Sometimes you have to go out on a limb. Hope you and Dave are well. Hope you had a good winter.

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Did you get away at all? We were fortunate to get away a few weekends. One weekend it was the coldest of the seasons — degrees.