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Hi im a prot war looking to get into the last two parts of LFR Throne of thunder which are: Halls of flesh shaping, and pinnacle of storms. When I try to s . The Throne of Thunder raid was released with patch , and each wing of this Raid Finder - Pinnacle of Storms Now Open. LFR. April 16th by Daxxarri . Zug EARTHEN RING @Raltee: Why is it that 95% of people I meet can not spell of Anarchy SKULLCRUSHER Lei shen defiantly needs a nerf in LFR many wipes. The Throne of Thunder is a sprawling citadel housing 12 raid LFR opened on 2 April, and "Pinnacle of Storms" LFR opened on 16 April.

Be sure you've picked talents and glyphs. Check out your abilities and figure out a good rotation -- training dummies, proving grounds, or even just getting into combat while doing daily quests can be good practice for learning your stuff. If you're at more of a loss than that, check out Icy Veins' class guideswhich will help you figure out a good level 90 build with talents and glyphs as well as walk you through ideal rotations. Once you've figured out what you're doing, you should make sure your gear is up to the task.

Throne of Thunder: Pinnacle of Storms Raid Finder bosses in 5 seconds

You'll need to meet a certain item level -- and, for multi-part raids, have done previous parts -- before you can enter different raids, but just meeting that level doesn't necessarily mean you're ready to do your best.

Take a hard look at your gear and be sure you've got the stats -- like meeting hit and expertise caps -- that you need to perform your best. Whether you're struggling to meet an item level requirement or just trying to improve your gear, Timeless Isle is one-stop shopping for level epic gear -- and you should definitely make a pass through the isle grabbing chests to improve your gear before you first head into LFR.

If you're a PvP fan you can also get some very nice gear with honor -- and if you aren't a PvP fan, you can collect honor at level 90 through quests that don't make you PvP at all. When you have your gear, you'll want to look into reforging, enchanting, and gemming it to make the most of what you've got. Since you're likely to replace some -- or all -- of it quickly, you probably don't want to dump a lot of gold into this process, but even cheaper enchants and gems can make a big difference in your raid game.

It can be an annoying process, but check out these addons which will make it easier. You can queue for multiple raids at once by selecting a different raid and clicking Find Group for it as well. When enough players of the right roles have queued, a notification will pop up and you'll be teleported directly to the raid -- or you may also be pulled into a raid in progress that needs additional players. Queue times will vary, but you can see the average wait time by mousing over the Dungeon Finder icon by your mini map.

While you can run these raids as much as you'd like, you can only loot each boss once a week. Here are the Mists of Pandaria raids and their requirements: Guardians of Mogu'shan and The Vault of Mysteries. Requires ilvlwhich boosted characters already have and other characters can get easily enough by visiting Timeless Isle or running heroics. Drops ilvl gear, so you won't find ilvl upgrades, but you may find gear with better allocated stats than what you're wearing.

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Also, you can pick up tier gear for looks as well as gold and valor. To get up to speed on the fights, check Ten Ton Hammer's guidewhich includes handy macros to get everyone up to speed on the fights.

Terrace of Endless Spring Requires ilvlwhich boosted characters already have and other characters can get by running Mogu'shan and visiting Timeless Isle. Each tank pick up a boss when both spawn, and go back to surviving normal boss abilities when one dies. One player should be in charge of choosing a spirit from around the room and tracing the corresponding constellation that shows up on their screen.

Watch the conduit and move onto the next once it has leveled three times. Taunt when the tank is affected by Decapitate. The affected tank needs to run away from the boss immediately.

Throne of Thunder

Each conduit has an ability the raid needs to deal with. Stack for Static Shock blue arrow ; East: Spread for Diffusion Chain ; South: Stack on the giant player to avoid the Overcharged stun; West: Stand in the swirl to avoid spawning adds with Bouncing Bolt.

Run away from Thunderstruckthe large lightning circle on the ground, anytime it's cast. Tank and kill any adds that are spawned during the encounter. During intermission, spread out between the sections and deal with the above abilities, being sure to absorb Bouncing Bolts.

Avoid the electrified section of the platform after. During phase two, tank swap for Fusion Slash face your back away from the edgestack for Summon Ball Lightningand move out of the Lightning Whip.

ToT LFR Tank Guide: Pinnacle of Storms. Tank POV

During phase three, stack for the balls, move out of the whip, don't get pushed off of the platform by winds, and tank swap for Overwhelming Power stacks if needed. In search of detailed guides? Check out our complete Pinnacle of Storms encounter write-ups!