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American Girl: Kirsten Series by Janet Beeler Shaw

read meet kirsten online free

Mar 2, Pioneer Unit Study Core Reading- *Additional Reading & Videos for study- American Girl Kirsten Series, Book 1, “Meet Kirsten” .. While I try to keep everything in my units completely free online, near the very end of this. May 1, Instead, get a Girl of the Year, or a My American Girl who Looks Just Like You. Full disclosure: I never had an American Girl doll but I got the catalog every month, read it My parents offered to buy me Kirsten, the one who looked like me, She begins training her grandma's beautiful horse, Picasso, for his. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Turn on 1-Click ordering for this browser . Start reading Meet Kirsten (American Girls: Kirsten series Book 1) on your.

Once she was back together with her family, they left. To go on a train, when Kirsten had to say goodbye to her friend I thought it was really sad. I would be very sadend if I had to leave my friend on the train but then Kirsten tells her friend that even if they never see each other again they will always be looking at the same sun.

How cute is that? Anyway, when they do meet each other again it is really cute because they are so excited and you an tell their friendship was real. Their families even decided to stay together and when they got on the ship, Kirstens mom had a right to worry about the cholera. When Marta got sick with it, I was thinking they can't kill her but when they did, it made me realize how true it really was.

A lot of people traveling died even the ones closest to you. Tears might have even come to my eyes. Then when they got off the boat, Kirsten couldn't even look at it, like she missed her friend! They were amazing friends. And then when they had to leave all of their stuff in the trunks behind because they couldn't get a wagon. Kirsten had to leave her doll and that was like the only thing that reminded her of Marta, they had always played with their dolls together so it was very sad to know she had to leave it behind until they went back for it.

Once Kirsten was finally at uncle Olav's his "daughters" were so sweet and they really loved Kirsten. I thought this was really cute because they weren't mad they were getting a sort of sister. Kirsten drinks the whole cup and thanks her in Swedish. The woman sits next to her and smiles; Kirsten decides that she understands thank you, but doesn't know how she will tell her about her parents and how to get back.

She traces the dust at her feet.

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She then gets the idea that she can make a picture and traces out the shape of the Eagle before tugging on the woman's apron and pointing to it. The woman smiles, locks up her house, and motions for Kirsten to follow. Kirsten follows her back to the river and Battery Park, with the Eagle docked nearby. At the top of the path leading to the park, Mama and Papa are standing.

Kirsten calls for her parents and they turn to see her, and they Papa runs to her. Kirsten allows both her parents to hug her. Papa says that they were scared as they couldn't find her. Kirsten said she though they would leave without her. Mama says they never would and asks how she found her way back. Kirsten realizes the woman is gone and explains that she drew the boat and the lady led her back.

Papa says that Kirsten is very smart--and next time she should be smart enough to stay near.

Meet Kirsten: An American Girl by Janet Beeler Shaw

Kristen promises, meaning it with her heart. They're not sure how long the journey will be. At the park, Kirsten meets Marta and tells her that they are leaving that day and asks if her family is too. Marta tells Kirsten that they won't leave til tomorrow.

Kirsten is upset that they are not traveling together. Marta asks Kirsten if they are taking a boat; Kirsten says they are taking a train and asks what a train looks like. Marta describes it as loud with a lot of smoke and says that her family might be scared of them.

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Kirsten says the noise won't hurt them, and that a train is like many wagons traveling. She says that Marta might get on their train tomorrow. Marta says that they may never see each other again.

Kirsten reminds her that her family is going to Minnesota too and so they should meet again--or she hopes so. Marta says she will miss Kirsten. Kirsten and Marta greet in Chicago. Kirsten struggles with the goodbye, fighting tears. She tells Marta that her grandmother told her that when she is lonely, she should look at the sun as everyone sees the same sun. Marta asks her if she looks at the sun and thinks of her grandmother, and Kirsten says she does and prays for her.

Marta smiles a little and says she will look at the sun when she misses Kirsten. Kirsten says she will and pray "God Bless Marta". Marta says she will do the same and look for her everywhere. She feels that she will always be a Swedish girl away from home and wonders how America will ever be her home, then follows her parents to meet with the agent. When the train pulls up, Kirsten is more than a little scared, describing it as a black iron house on fire. She stays close to Mama, who squeezes her hand hard as they get aboard.

The inside of the train is very hot and there is grit on the floor and cinders in the air. The windows are nailed shut. Papa and Lars stand near the door; Kirsten, Mama, and Peter are on a bench near the windows with trunks and bundles piled in front of them.

Kirsten likens it to being inside their trunk. Peter complains if they're there yet and Mama tells him to hush as they haven't even moved. Some of the older folks around are praying that the train won't catch on fire. The train starts moving with lurches and screeching, and Peter hides his face in Mama's lap.

The men are quiet, and Lars' eyes are wide. Kirsten can see houses and trees moving backwards and the train starts picking up speed. Lars says that they are moving faster than the fastest horse can move. Kirsten gets dizzy and closes her eyes; even though she can't see, she can feel how fast they are moving. The train travels for several days.

read meet kirsten online free

When they stop for water the door is opened for a few minutes but the air is still hot. Everyone is dazed into quiet. Mama occasionally opens the food trunk but no one is hungry, not even Lars.

When Kirsten catches his eyes he gives her a sad smile, as he is as uncomfortable being trapped inside as she is. When they get to Chicago, Kirsten does not care about the hot dusty wind as she is simply glad to be free to walk and run again. Papa has said that they will join a group traveling the Mississippi in wagons, but they will first rest at a boarding house. Kirsten feels it good to be in a house, though this house reminds her of the barn in Sweden with its wide openness and long, open sleeping room.

In the kitchen there are tubs to for Mama to wash their clothes in; when the laundry is done, Mama sends Kirsten and Peter out for sun. Kirsten ends up on a long porch with many children. She is used to smiling at other girls and wishing they spoke her language. She then hears someone call her name--it's Marta. Marta runs through the clothes drying and the two girls embrace, whirling and glad to see each other.

That evening, the two families sit together for a dinner of roast pork and potatoes. Marta's father says that the two families will travel together all the way to Minnesota. Kirsten and Marta hold hands under the table. Kirsten can't believe her luck, and feels America is becoming more like home--with good food, a bed to sleep in, and friends. A Sad Journey Marta lies in sick bay. Kirsten likes the Mississippi riverboat they will be traveling on, The Redwing, as soon as she sees it the boat resembles the red-winged blackbirds nearby.

read meet kirsten online free

Right away she wants to go to the wide upper deck, and she and Marta get under a rope and head up the stairs. Before they can get to the top a sailor stops them. They can't understand, but his gestures tell them enough--to go back down. During a supper of dried pork and bread, Kirsten asks why they can't go on the upper deck.

Papa explains that the deck is for rich people. Kirsten asks if they could pay more to go up there and Papa says they only have a little money left. Mama says the money has been managed well and snaps at Kirsten to stop asking for so much. Kirsten is surprised at her sudden crossness with so little of the journey left. She asks what's wrong and Mama says that she's worried; as they were boarding, the sailors were burying a person who died of cholera. Lars says not to worry as they are all healthy.

read meet kirsten online free

Kirsten thinks so as well; they are strong and tan. Mama doesn't smile, saying that cholera kills strong like weak and that they should pray they make it safely. Kirsten cries as Marta is buried. For two days Kirsten and Marta enjoy the trip, watching hawks and fish. On the third morning, however, Marta is not on the deck to meet Kirsten; her father is there alone staring at the river. Kirsten asks him what is wrong and he says that Marta is sick with cholera, gripping the railing tightly.

Kirsten is shocked; she and Marta had played right after dinner and she had been fine. She says as much to Marta's father. Marta's father says she doubled up with pain during the night and she aches and moans now; the captain has made her go to the sick bay. Kirsten asks to see her and Marta's father takes her wrist telling her not to go as she will get sick; her mother is there with her and that is all that can be done.

Kirsten feels she must go see, though; she runs below deck and to the sick bay. Marta is lying on a straw mat. She is doubled up and struggling to breathe, moaning and trembling when her mother tries to wipe her forehead. Kirsten whispers her name and tries to step forward, but Marta's mother tells her to stay back and go to her family as it's dangerous. She also says that Marta will get better. Kirsten stays near the sick bay anyways until Mama finds her there.

Mama says she has looked everywhere and that nothing can be done for Marta with cholera; she warns Kirsten to take care of herself and stay with her parents.

Kirsten does so, but her thoughts are with Marta. She thinks--and says--that she must get better. That night Kirsten is barely able to eat and is sure she will not sleep, but does so.

She wakes up with a start later, wondering what is wrong for a moment before remembering Marta. She runs to the sick bay and sees Marta is not there. She assumes Marta is better and goes to the deck to find her. It is morning and the boat has anchored at a beach; the gangplank is down and some sailors are carrying a wooden box on their shoulders.

Marta's father is on deck as well with his arm around Marta's mother. Kirsten asks him where Marta is, and he says that Marta died last night and the sailors are burying her; her soul is in heaven. He then covers his face.

Meet Kirsten

Kirsten cries that Marta can't be dead, feeling like her heart has been ripped out. She begins to sob miserably, unable to say even Marta's name. Mama wraps her arms around Kirsten and Papa pats her shoulder. Papa tells Kirsten to stop crying, but Mama cradles her and says to let Kirsten have her tears. Home at Last Kirsten leaves Sari behind. It is raining when the Larsons disembark The Redwing. Kirsten does not watch the boat pull away; she never wants to see the boat again because Marta died there.

She's lonely and there is no sun for her to look up at make a prayer. Instead, she looks at the town of Riverton and says a prayer for Marta. Mama touches her cheek and tells her to cheer up as Papa and the boys will soon be back with a wagon, making it a short trip to the rest of the farm.

However, Papa returns with a frown; they do not have enough money for a horse and wagon. Mama asks what they will do and Papa says they must walk to the farm and leave the trunks. Mama looks at the two trunks and says everything they own is in the trunks and how will they manage.

read meet kirsten online free

Papa says they will carry what they can and get the trunks later. He begins to take out blankets and tools from inside the larger trunk. Mama pauses and says it can't be helped and they will send for the trunks soon.

People are more important than things; they have all made it and are well. She makes a bundle of the remaining food and closes the food trunk. Papa tells Kirsten she will be needed to carry things and will have to leave Sari in the trunk. Kirsten doesn't argue and places Sari on top of the sweaters and linens. She kisses the doll's cheek and says she'll be back soon before Papa locks the trunks and takes them to the warehouse. The family heads down the road along the river, each carrying a bundle.

The walk is long and muddy, and Kirsten is soaked all the way to her petticoat. She occasionally hears a cow, but there are long stretches of prairie between farms. Even Lars is tired with his long hair plastered to his neck. The rain stops by afternoon; the sky is blue and birds and flying around the flowered fields.

They stop to eat lunch and Papa says that Olav wrote the truth; the soil here is good and life will be better. Kirsten picks a daisy for Mama to wear at her collar before they go on. Papa begins to ask the way to go at the farms they pass, and finally says that Olav's farm will be the next one.

Kirsten sees a house, a barn, a cabin, and cows heading towards the barn. Lars and Peter begin to run through the puddles, shouting that they have arrived.

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A man that smiles like Papa comes out of the house as well as two girls and a woman. They call hello back and are glad to see the Larsons. Kirsten suddenly becomes shy and hides behind Mama.

She then hears her own name being called. The taller girl, Lisbeth, takes the bundle from her and says that they have watched for her every day. The little girl, Anna, says she watched too. Everyone is hugging; Aunt Inger is trying to hug all the children at once.

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Papa and Olav pound shoulders; Olav then grabs Lars and swings Peter off his feet. Mama and Inger cry and there is more hugging. Olav says to come see the barn, and Inger says that they will not as they will have supper first as the Larsons are tired and hungry and have come halfway around the world to get here. Peter pipes up that they had to walk. Aunt Inger hugs him again and tells Mama and Papa they can get settled in the cabin after supper; tomorrow, the men can look at the barn while the women talk.

Kirsten, Anna, and Lisbeth in the tree. Kirsten sees delicious food inside the house, and her mouth waters. Aunt Inger says not to worry about the mud when the Larsons start taking off their boots. She does notice they are soaked through, though, and says they need dry things.

She goes to a trunk like the one that was left behind and gets out pants and shirts for the men, a blue cotton dress for Mama, and a matching one for Kirsten. The dress was Lisbeth's but she has outgrown it.

read meet kirsten online free

Kirsten follows Lisbeth and Anna up to the loft and Anna gives a part of a worn quilt to dry off with.