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A fan's account of his serendipity with Sachin Tendulkar. Tendulkar has always been an integral part of the set-up and was often seen cheering the team from the stands in home and away games. Latest News on Rajini-fans-meet. Read breaking stories and opinion articles on Rajini Fans Meet at Firstpost.


So why did he agree to enter this mad world of films and promotions? Why a biopic if he is so fiercely protective about his personal life? Today we are concentrating so much on the glamour of sports, that I think the real thing is taking a backseat. I want kids to think differently. Do it for the right reason.

Sachin Tendulkar met his fan Raju Das

It is not about how much money you earn or how many endorsements you have. For me, cricket was and will always be about passion.

A meeting with Sachin Tendulkar - The day I met the God of Cricket

I have always been very guarded about my life but I thought people, especially youngsters, should know what went behind what I am today. I travelled in public transport. I did what I thought would add value to my game, because that is the only thing that mattered to me. I have given access to footage that only my family has seen. I am comfortable with my people around me, my family, my friends. The rest was just paraphernalia, which I chose to avoid.

Maybe it would have been different if Sachin was a part of the Instagram generation. Does he ever feel like swapping places with his two teenagers, Sara and Arjun? It is part of life and it is fun. I tell Sara and Arjun this too. Value whatever you have got. Each one has his own share.

Rajinikanth likely to meet PM Modi, asks fans to prepare for war - Livemint

God fixes a quota of things for everyone. It is important to make the most of what is allotted to you. I have enjoyed every stage of my life. I am happy where I am, and thankful to god for blessing me with so much.

But while he was breaking and making records on field, did he miss being with his family, especially the kids? And how does it feel to finally have time for them at a stage when they are busy with their own lives?

Today they are not home always, but that was also the case with me. If he does join politics, as he hinted recently, Tamil Nadu politics may see a new alignment. Known for its galaxy of actor-turned-politicians, Tamil Nadu seems to be getting ready to welcome more star power. His remarks are also well-timed, coming in the midst of a political vacuum created by the death of J Jayalalithaa and the absence in the public domain of the ailing nonagenarian DMK supremo M.

Known for his crisp punchlines and inimitable dialogue delivery style, Rajinikanth delivered at the meet what could virtually be a box office hit in real life, with a spate of statements on politics. He also asserted his Tamil identity, the bedrock of Dravidian politics. Rajini at the session with fans had also asked them to prepare the ground for a war, saying they would have to assemble when the battle was fought.

In the olden days, he said, kings seldom maintained standing armies but the men turned up when duty called, he said. I have a profession, work, duty and so do you. Go to your places, do your duty, take care of your vocation.

And when the actor, who enjoys a demi-God status among his fans, brought up the sensitive topic of his linguistic identity, he more or less sounded the war bugle. A man of Marathi roots originally from Karnataka, Rajinikanth proclaimed himself as a true-blue Tamilian.

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I am a pure Tamil now. It was often asked if Rajinikanth was Tamil, he said, and then provided his fans — and the state — with the answer.