Strange places to meet someone

15 Unusual Places to Meet People

strange places to meet someone

They say you can't choose when or how you meet someone you fall for. But we beg to differ. You should at the very least be able to alter how. 11 people reveal the strange places they met their partner Because if this lot are anything to go by, you'll probably meet your partner when. 11 people share the weirdest places they met a fling. author image . Bibi never leaves the flat – so she will never meet anyone. Read more.

strange places to meet someone

He came back in the morning to pick up the Frenchman to take him to the airport — and took my number. We ended up dating for a year and he gave me a car. So it was beneficial, translating a threesome into a VW Golf!

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He did — and we dated for about eight months. I only said it as a tactic to get him into work we had targets! But after a messy break-up I found myself living back home again at I went out with some Oxford University pals and my mate mentioned an heiress to a publishing empire — polo ponies and yachts.

strange places to meet someone

She said this friend needed her bathroom floor doing. I met her in her bathroom when our mutual friend took me round.

strange places to meet someone

I sized up the job pensively, then, while she was away for a few days, I got my mate Gary to come and do it. I poured some sawdust down myself and three days later she comes back to a completed floor and exclaims: Yeah, basically I met a woman in her bathroom. EK, 44, from Aldershot Pizzaland — if you remember that restaurant.

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Was in there so much as a student that I got a date with the assistant manager. Did I keep going back?

strange places to meet someone

On the tube, in the supermarket, on the street, at a bus stop. Made many mistakes and ready for more. CY, 28, from Felixstowe On the motorway.

  • 11 people share the weirdest places they met a fling

Was on my way back to uni with my friend many years ago — so had all paper and pens nearby. Got stuck in traffic, noticed a tasty chap, so started writing messages. So no matter how cute, how intelligent or how personal that Missed Connections ad is that is clearly directed at you, do not respond.

And on that note, what are you doing on there? They are feeling less than stable right now, and that means they will be extra clingy to a partner.

The Absolute Most Awkward Places To Meet Your Next Man

A funeral Anybody connected to the deceased will think it was highly disrespectful of the two of you to be flirting at a funeral, or even to be in high enough spirits to think about picking somebody up.

The day when they both give up and move out of their shared home, she wants support from her girlfriends, and he wants support from his guy friends. But one of his friends is really cute and has been so sweet throughout this whole process, making everyone laugh and smoothing things over…stop right there! You risk losing your friend if you go out with a friend of her new ex!

You know nothing about this guy. On another date Sitting at the bar with your blind date, you notice how handsome the guy on the other side of you is. You casually include him on your conversation.

Are you both always on the look out for something better?

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Jury Duty If you meet on Jury Duty, you can never really tell the story of how you met! You have to have them keep this a secret for the rest of your lives, should you end up marrying and having kids with your, um, partner from that night.

Planned Parenthood So you had an unprotected sexual encounter with someone, and then a few weeks later felt a little burning, so you took yourself to Planned Parenthood and there, looking adorable walking out of his STD test, stood…Oops!